All I wanted was some Curry Udon! - Everyone knows that eating curry udon can be messy, so join us in viewing what happens when one devours the best curry udon in town, made by the best curry chef, Jam. - created on 22:38:49 11/23/2014 by Ibuki and last modified on 15:38:51 11/24/2014. Cast: Ibuki and Jam.

Being Yun is Pretty Rad. It can also be Suffering. - While trying to prank Yun in the prelude to being Yun's challenge of the day, Ibuki learns she's not the greatest prankster ever. Who will win in this duel with the stakes being a free meal and impressing their respective authority figures? - created on 03:06:24 12/03/2014 by Ibuki and last modified on 06:30:34 12/11/2014. Cast: Ibuki and Yun.

Casualty of the Shadow War - A lone ninja hunts. A kunoichi gets in over her head. Ideologies clash over the concept of fate. - created on 18:41:02 12/20/2014 by Ibuki and last modified on 02:12:44 12/22/2014. Cast: Ibuki and Seishirou.

Naivete and Idealism - A certain hunter has a pleasant chat with a kunoichi. A kunoichi learns that idealism isn't always 'pretty'. - created on 19:20:30 12/29/2014 by Ibuki and last modified on 20:48:47 01/02/2015. Cast: Ibuki and Seishirou.

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