No Time To Bleed - On her way to the hospital after her close call with Skarlet, Hugin takes a wrong turn and runs into the Southtown Syndicate! This day sure is turning out to be great, and wouldn't you know it, Hugin gets her third brush with death! Maybe on the fourth one she can get a free slushie or something. - created on 20:26:21 01/08/2015 by Hugin and last modified on 00:48:50 01/09/2015. Cast: Duke and Hugin.

Hugin and Munin - The lost Arshe sisters finally meet again. Now let the world tremble and despair!! - created on 21:49:10 03/12/2015 by Hugin and last modified on 00:37:28 03/13/2015. Cast: Munin and Hugin.

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