The Road: Journey's Start - Every fighter's journey has to start somewhere. For Hotaru Futaba, years of practice and preparation have brought her to this bout - a small-font lead-in fight to much greater fighters, facing off against fellow rookie Haru Sakuraba. Experience is not the arbiter of spirit, however, and both fighters demonstrate they have plenty of that to give. - created on 22:17:59 11/12/2014 by Hotaru and last modified on 04:57:37 11/14/2014. Cast: Hotaru and Haru.

The Road: Roadside Assistance - On her own for years, trying to recreate her mother's style that she only remembers in flashes of recollection, Hotaru Futaba finally receives a helping hand from one who's life has brought him to the other end of the road they travel. - created on 00:27:26 01/19/2015 by Hotaru and last modified on 20:14:24 01/24/2015. Cast: Hotaru and Chao Liu.

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