Cheeseburger in Paradise - Hayley Bretherton has a chance encounter with the greatest of her childhood heroes...Lightning Spangles! Or at least the woman who was once Lighting Spangles. Hayley's enthusiasm rekindles an old flame in Jezebel, but just who might get burned? Or perhaps...grilled? Trigger warning: scene contains high quality burgers. Those with heart conditions should use caution. - created on 17:01:45 09/06/2017 by Hayley and last modified on 22:39:17 09/21/2017. Cast: Jezebel and Hayley.

Bad Company - Hayley Bretherton comes back to the bungalow where she's been staying to find an unexpected guest. This mysterious ninja is on the hunt for Jezebel but seems willing to test Hayley in her absence. - created on 11:14:29 12/23/2017 by Hayley and last modified on 21:57:55 12/23/2017. Cast: Tremor and Hayley.

Cereberus & Dingo - During downtime for Golden Angel, Hayley Bretherton encounters Clio St. Jeanne by the pool. Of course, both being fighters means it doesn't take long for a unofficial match to start... - created on 23:30:26 01/17/2018 by Hayley and last modified on 00:19:16 01/19/2018. Cast: Hayley and Clio.

Rescued from Yourself - Hayley wakes up in the custody of the Ikari Warriors and with little memory of what happened in Mexico. Leona Heidern aims to set the record straight, and in so doing, they may both learn something. - created on 00:15:28 10/30/2018 by Hayley and last modified on 23:38:56 11/04/2018. Cast: Hayley and Leona.

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