Rebirth of a Hero - Times are changing. The arrival of gears and other forces onto the global stage has thrown the world into chaos, casting a deep shadow onto the certainty of the future. Such chaos can not be allowed to run rampant. If Kokonoe, brilliant scientist of Sector Seven, wants to maintain any control on the world, she is going to have to enforce a little Order. - created on 15:08:44 11/30/2017 by Hakumen and last modified on 16:31:19 12/01/2017. Cast: Hakumen and Kokonoe.

Blind Justice and Hate - The threads of fate weave ever onward as two heroes cross paths. Both seek justice, yet neither can truly understand the other. - created on 02:38:06 07/05/2018 by Hakumen and last modified on 14:31:15 07/06/2018. Cast: Ryo and Hakumen.

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