Golden Angel 2018

The wonderous chemical named "Golden Angel" was pitched as a "swimsuit in a bottle:" Not only does it provide UV protection for the perfect summer tan, but it would also -- it would rapidly shift colors and configuration until it matched the thoughts and desires of its wearer! This chemical-based swimsuit would hold its form intact in salt water, and cleanup was simple; just add fresh water to break the chemical bonds and dissolve.

This brand new chemical was the star of the new Golden Angel Waterpark, introduced on the shore of Southtown as the location for the Golden Angel tournament, open to up-and-coming stars of the fighting world. Though, as with nearly any tournament hosted in the world capital of fighting, there's something a little funny going on behind the scenes with the the tournament's host, the Oudoukou Chemical Concern...

Golden Angel R1 - Hitomi vs Faust - Only the first round and already one fight for the Golden Angel was put in jeopardy with Hitomi being injured. Thankfully the young lady was facing the eccentric yet skilled Faust. With his medical knowhow he manages to fix up Hitomi and the fight goes on as planned. And while Faust proves to be a good doctor perhaps he did too good of work. He may have created a monster that will be unleashed on the Golden Angel tournament! (Winner: Hitomi) - created on 16:55:48 01/09/2018 by Faust and last modified on 02:31:22 01/14/2018. Cast: Hitomi and Faust.

Golden Angel R1 - Quon vs Alexis - As part of the Golden Angel tournament Alexis and Quon are set to square off. Each opt to not wear the sunscreen for different reasons. This brutal showdown to determine who has the most potential star power. [Winner: Alexis] - created on 18:58:42 01/11/2018 by Quon and last modified on 13:37:43 01/16/2018. Cast: Quon, Alexis, and Quan Chi.

Golden Angel R1 - Mantisman vs Jezebel - The one and only Lightning Spangles takes on the one and only Mantisman. The fight is about as Hollywood as it can get, but the reality of the situation cuts past everything. (Winner: Jezebel) - created on 23:26:23 01/12/2018 by Mantisman and last modified on 18:28:24 01/28/2018. Cast: Jezebel and Mantisman.

Golden Angel R1 - Kazuki vs Grand - Kazuki Kirigana and Hunter Grand duke it out in a restaurant. - created on 15:10:36 01/13/2018 by Kazuki and last modified on 12:50:20 01/14/2018. Cast: Kazuki and Grand.

Golden Angel R1 Party - Keijo???????? - The new Golden Angel Waterpark hosts a grand celebration of its opening that features a whole new style of competition: extreme high-impact butt battling. The full power of fighters will be unleashed by those who volunteer for the challenge, to the awe and admiration of those who kick back to spectate and relax. - created on 17:05:04 01/13/2018 by Krizalid and last modified on 10:59:33 01/22/2018. Cast: Alma, Angel, Aya, Marduk, Bob, Mint, Faust, Sylvie, Clio, and Haruna.

Golden Angel R1 - Hayley vs Hotaru - A clash of kung fu styles on a precarious perch. Will it be the wild or the mild who is sent splashing to the water below? (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 17:23:51 01/13/2018 by Hotaru and last modified on 02:34:21 01/14/2018. Cast: Hotaru and Hayley.

Golden Angel R1 - Haruna vs Haru - [extremely "Too Hot for TV" voice] This log has been rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America. (Winner: Haru) - created on 20:45:28 01/14/2018 by Haru and last modified on 00:13:25 01/16/2018. Cast: Haru and Haruna.

Golden Angel R1 - Fio vs Bulleta - In the midst of Golden Angel Waterpark's central island pool is the match between Fiolina Germi and the mysterious Bulleta Hood! Things get a bit more explosive than anyone intended! (Result: DKO) - created on 21:55:12 01/18/2018 by Fio and last modified on 20:54:37 01/20/2018. Cast: Fio and Bulleta.

Golden Angel R1 - Felicia vs Sasquatch - Bikini Battle and Chill in the Golden Angel Waterpark's restaurant, when Felicia stops Sasquatch in the midst of a rampaging buffet! (Result: DKO) - created on 16:33:26 01/19/2018 by Sasquatch and last modified on 22:10:42 01/19/2018. Cast: Sasquatch and Felicia.

Golden Angel R1 - Makoto Nanaya vs Clio - In a battle between friends, who will win? NOBODY. (Result: DKO) - created on 17:06:05 01/20/2018 by Makoto Nanaya and last modified on 23:24:30 01/20/2018. Cast: Clio and Makoto Nanaya.

Golden Angel R1 - Daisy vs Iincyo - In a dynamic showdown between vacationing Interpol agent Daisy and the studious Taiyo High chairperson, things get a little hectic as their duel rages across a constantly changing battlefield. Waterslides! Pool toys! Keijo?! Tune in for all of this and more! (Winner: Daisy) - created on 20:56:47 01/21/2018 by Daisy and last modified on 23:55:12 01/22/2018. Cast: Iincyo and Daisy.

Golden Angel R2 - Sakura vs Makoto - A battle in the gift shop, with GUTS. And SPIRIT. And MORE GUTS, followed by ice cream. What? Everyone loves ice cream. (Winner: Makoto Nanaya, eventually) - created on 19:53:23 01/25/2018 by Makoto Nanaya and last modified on 23:32:17 02/02/2018. Cast: Sakura and Makoto Nanaya.

Golden Angel R2 - Quon vs Daisy - In the second round of the Golden Angel, Quon Chen and Daisy Mallone fight in the gift shop. But what kind of chaos can happen when two individuals with unusual levels of luck are gathered in a small space to fight? [Winner: Quon] - created on 12:05:35 01/26/2018 by Quon and last modified on 18:39:48 01/28/2018. Cast: Quon and Daisy.

Golden Angel R2 - Haruna vs Pukai - HARUNA ABE faces the immense challenge of her life in the form of a cheerful aquatic girl who has the power to summon watery tendrils from Hell. In the end, PUKAI prevails, while also rubbing a hippo. This is probably not a Pop Team Epic episode. - created on 20:16:16 01/26/2018 by Haruna and last modified on 19:21:54 02/02/2018. Cast: Pukai and Haruna.

Golden Angel R2 - Birdie vs Kazuki - Kazuki Kirigana and Birdie through down in one of the cafes in the Golden Angel Amusement Park. Property damage ensues. - created on 20:30:26 01/27/2018 by Kazuki and last modified on 18:35:30 01/28/2018. Cast: Kazuki and Birdie.

Golden Angel R2 Party - Fashion Week? - For the second round of the Golden Angel tournament, the weekly party is... a fashion show? With contestants asked to create unique swimsuit designs using nothing but Golden Angel(tm), everyone's gathered to see the results. But it looks like there s a slightly rough evening ahead for everyone involved... and some suspicious activity all around! - created on 20:39:08 01/27/2018 by Frei and last modified on 20:57:46 02/10/2018. Cast: Frei, Duo Lon, Kang, Mint, and Jack-O'.

Golden Angel R2 - Clio vs Carl - Two NOL Academy alumni (and one creepy robot sister in a bikini) meet in the waterpark's Cafe for Round Two of the Golden Angel tournament. Many tables are ruined in the process. (Winner: Clio) - created on 23:26:59 01/29/2018 by Carl and last modified on 00:52:47 01/31/2018. Cast: Clio and Carl.

Golden Angel R2 - Jezebel vs Sally Swagger - Undercover as the Swag One, NESTS agent Whip comes face to scarred-and-broken face with her childhood heroine, the one and only Lightning Spangles. What could be ridiculous or heartbreaking turns out to be a little from column A, and a little from column B, with a sexy surprise sandwiched somewhere in the middle. This must be heaven... - created on 11:14:32 02/02/2018 by Whip and last modified on 19:14:09 02/02/2018. Cast: Jezebel and Whip.

Golden Angel R2 - Kelly vs Hayley - Sorry, Hayley, but merely EVOKING animals wasn't enough to get you in the gift shop. Instead, she is matched up against Kelly Mason on the big stage! Winner: Haley - created on 19:10:21 02/02/2018 by Kelly and last modified on 23:33:09 02/02/2018. Cast: Kelly and Hayley.

Golden Angel R2 - Haru vs Hotaru - Two up and coming hopefuls treat the Golden Angel audiences to a fight surprisingly shy on hijinks, but incredibly full of heart. Giving it their all, the two martial artists who shared their first public match together come together once more and, through a protracted battle, take the chance to reflect on just how far they've come. - created on 15:23:28 02/03/2018 by Hotaru and last modified on 00:26:01 02/06/2018. Cast: Hotaru and Haru.

Golden Angel: Bathing Suit REQUIREMENT Fulfilled! - In the Golden Angel Gift Shop, KRIZALID takes to the stage in a surprise replacement of Dr. Faust, who wandered through the wrong door, to battle the mysterious SHR1KE. Thankfully, there are absolutely no ulterior motives here and what occurs is merely an epic battle which causes a hilarious amount of property destruction! Of course, you follow Sally Swagger's twitter feed so you know all this already! - created on 12:16:26 02/04/2018 by Shr1ke and last modified on 16:54:13 02/04/2018. Cast: Krizalid, Shr1ke, and Whip.

Golden Angel R3 - Carl vs Jezebel - Carl Clover has finally found his chance to meet his life-long hero, Lightning Spangles. Sure, she is scarred, and broken, and it's a Golden Angel tournament match where their swimsuits melt when sprayed with the right kind of water. But when you have the chance to meet your heroes, you'll take it no matter what? But something seems wrong in how Jezebel and Carl remember their first, magical meeting... - created on 12:12:00 02/14/2018 by Jezebel and last modified on 10:48:54 07/19/2021. Cast: Jezebel and Carl.

Golden Angel R3 - Kelly vs Quon - A pair of rising stars clash in the Heavens for a chance to shine on the big stage! Though neither of them have much experience, they both have a lot of heart! Now it's time to see which one has the determination to show what they're made of and truly stand out among the crowd! - created on 14:34:50 02/15/2018 by Quon and last modified on 09:10:45 02/20/2018. Cast: Aranha, Quon, and Kelly.

Golden Angel R3 - Haruna vs Hayley - In which Hayley works face and Haruna yells at her, with a shocking and abrupt conclusion. - created on 20:27:19 02/16/2018 by Haruna and last modified on 20:17:03 02/28/2018. Cast: Hayley and Haruna.

Golden Angel R3 - Mint vs Clio - The third round of the Golden Angel Tournament! The daring match between NOL Lieutenant Clio St. Jeanne and The U.S. Marine's own Corporal Minal Paresh splashes in with a, well, splash. How well received is the twist to the Golden Angel Tournament? Tune in to find out. (Winner: Mint) - created on 10:44:28 02/18/2018 by Clio and last modified on 12:09:40 02/19/2018. Cast: Mint and Clio.

Golden Angel R3 - Pukai vs Kang - Entering the Golden Angel tournament only to find himself armed with a water gun did not excite Kang, but to get a real fight from Pukai was another matter. The strange woman gave him dreams of a unique actress only to find she is perhaps unatainable - created on 20:29:56 02/24/2018 by Kang and last modified on 22:50:20 02/24/2018. Cast: Kang and Pukai.

Golden Angel Finals - Nensei Sentai Gooranger - Five teenagers with attitude receive a golden ticket, their invitation to the Golden Angel finals as the highest-scoring participants. However, rather than their promised chance to get a wish granted, our heroes are instead made privy to the dark secrets behind the tournament! Faced with a terrifying horror wrought by science, can they prevail? Just who was Kintoki Aho, anyway? And did they ever get that shower they asked for?! - created on 18:27:36 03/17/2018 by Frei and last modified on 11:06:35 03/19/2018. Cast: Hotaru, Kazuki, Clio, Makoto Nanaya, and Pukai.

Golden Angel Finals Gaiden - The Higher Ground - The Grand Finale of the Golden Angel Tournament had some pretty exciting stuff going on! But in the midst of it, one observer preferred to watch the proceedings from a safer distance. Which gives her a unique opportunity to speak with one of the controversial tournament's sponsors... - created on 23:00:03 03/17/2018 by Honoka and last modified on 11:12:22 03/19/2018. Cast: Frei and Honoka.

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