Cold Cuts - An experiment in social interaction goes poorly when Yun's severe sensei decides to leverage a visiting NESTS operative as an object lesson. - created on 23:24:56 11/24/2014 by Gen and last modified on 12:47:09 12/11/2014. Cast: Kula, Gen, and Yun.

In Memorium - Chun-li follows a trail of clues that she expects to lead to an underworld contact of her father's, and instead finds... Grandpa Gen?!? The old chef provides a glimpse of deadly kung-fu more brutal than any he shared with Chun-li in her youth... and warns her in blunt and certain tones about the lethality of her personal crusade against Shadaloo. - created on 20:27:08 02/19/2015 by Gen and last modified on 23:22:02 02/24/2015. Cast: Gen and Chun-Li.

A Dish Best Served Cold - The lure of a far-off flute brings the being that was Hanzo Hasashi to a secluded shrine, compelled to meet with an aged master who promises him the path to Sub-Zero-- assuming Scorpion agrees to abide by an ironclad set of terms. This time, it's not the summoned demon manipulating the terms of a bargain... - created on 16:41:57 07/13/2016 by Gen and last modified on 15:43:29 08/05/2016. Cast: Gen and Scorpion.

Youkai Noodle Dandy - A vampire and a youkai walk into a restaurant owned by a master assassin, and... have you heard this one? No? Well... it goes like this. - created on 00:05:18 05/25/2020 by Gen and last modified on 00:10:15 07/01/2020. Cast: Gen, Slayer, and Kongou.

Entry Level - Tsugumi, desperate for an income, wanders into a Chinatown eatery asking for work. What she finds is either much, much better; or so much worse. - created on 19:40:10 08/17/2021 by Gen and last modified on 19:36:17 08/20/2021. Cast: Gen and Tsugumi Sendo.

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