Dark dealings - Gabriel Kai has put out an ad to get some associates for a task she has in mind for the future. Two show up and a dark partnership begins amongst those of questionable morals. - created on 18:32:35 11/06/2014 by Gabriel and last modified on 22:36:48 11/06/2014. Cast: Gabriel, Dyre, and Mr.Burr.

Old Frienemies - Old friends meet up but something is off and it's just the smell of dog. Find out what happens with the Stray of Southtown meets up with the Crusader of light! - created on 11:31:12 11/20/2014 by Gabriel and last modified on 15:27:43 11/20/2014. Cast: Gabriel and Mimiru.

Cafe Echo NoL - A meeting in a cafe for discussions about what should happen next. The main dish is the NoL, or will be once the chefs cook up the delicious diversion. After a brief talk it is off to the races. - created on 11:40:43 06/18/2019 by Gabriel and last modified on 11:22:31 07/17/2019. Cast: Gabriel and Echo.

The Salem NoL Trials - The more the merrier when you're embarking on an NoL adventure. Gabriel tries to get the Salem to come along, but she is skittish. Failure is always an option. - created on 10:29:06 06/19/2019 by Gabriel and last modified on 11:24:52 07/17/2019. Cast: Gabriel and Salem.

NoL and a Date - Gabriel is determined to get into the NoL somehow, but her advances maybe a little too aggressive. Echo is determined to play wingman, but she cannot calm the crusaders passion. Renka is -really- confused. - created on 20:49:09 06/23/2019 by Gabriel and last modified on 11:48:04 07/17/2019. Cast: Gabriel, Renka, and Echo.

NOL's Kitchen - Everyone wants in the NOL vault, Gabriel maybe just wants to escape too, but mostly to get into the Vault. Amandine just wants some decent kitchen help and Sol? Well Sol is just a badguy. Echo shows up to try and bring some sanity to the situation and in the end nothing really matters. - created on 14:10:58 07/18/2019 by Gabriel and last modified on 22:19:05 07/29/2019. Cast: Gabriel, Sol Badguy, Amandine, and Echo.

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