Dark Temptations - In the wake of all manner of disasters, not limited to mountains of paperwork and having his office cleaned without warning, Kagura is pleasantly surprised to have a visit with a subordinate that doesn't drop more problems in his lap for once. - created on 00:47:03 06/10/2019 by Franziska and last modified on 08:16:44 06/10/2019. Cast: Franziska and Kagura.

An Unexpected Bargain - Once again, Kagura is up to his womanizing ways! After an unfortunate surprise cleaning of his office by his 'faithful' assistant, the commander found himself presented with an opportunity to spend some time getting to know one of the newer recruits to the NOL a bit more intimately. And what could be more intimate than a romantic dinner at one of Southtown's finest establishments? - created on 02:45:32 02/13/2021 by Franziska and last modified on 21:28:04 02/16/2021. Cast: Franziska and Kagura.

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