Flight of the Soaring Spirit

[FSS:Week 1] Welcoming Feast - The small town of Pueblo Thunderfoot opens its arms to all of its new visitors with a feast before the Flight of the Soaring Spirit begins. As the hungry travellers dig into a homecooked meal, they are welcomed by the town's mayor, Fausto Mendoza, as well as the unnaturally calm shaman Little Eagle and BFW's head honcho, Vernon Cross, while a rivalry begins to form among some of the competitors. - created on 20:33:20 06/19/2015 by Noembelu and last modified on 01:23:41 06/20/2015. Cast: Vyle, Noembelu, Sven, and Mint.

[FSS:Week 1] THE MIND VS THE MOONCHILD - Ever since the earliest days of the industrial revolution we've been forced to wonder, just how does the human body stack up to technology. The iron horse replaced the wagon train as railroad tracks drew lines between all the greatest cities, but it was the strength and dedication of the human body that built the rails. Mint "The Mind" Panesh is a genius of our times, graced with brilliance and the dedication to come back from horrific injury with the power of steel. Meanwhile The Moonchild has the passion of Mexican wrestling flowing back through her family tree, and is more than willing to make a deal with the devil to reach the top. Which earn the favor of the spirits, maniacal metal or malevolent muscle? (Winner: Aracely) - created on 21:22:01 06/19/2015 by Mint and last modified on 10:44:34 06/20/2015. Cast: Aracely and Mint.

[FSS:Week 1] THE WOLF VS THE MOUNTAIN - The battle in Mexico begins, with Gan facing off against Sven! But will the wolf who howls or the mountain beneath him come out victorious!? - created on 19:05:34 06/23/2015 by Gan and last modified on 22:13:28 06/24/2015. Cast: Gan, Sven, and Mint.

[FSS:Week 1] THE MAIN MAN VS RAINBOWMANIA - Natural ability or Hard Work? Which is superior? Which is the path to victory? Can one who has molded and chiseled themselves from nothing beat one who started as a masterpiece in their own mind? Is a prodigal warrior more powerful than one forged in the fire the training grounds? "The Main Man" Hunter Grand, a man possessing natural gifts beyond measure, will find his prodigious talents tested by Rainbowmania itself, as Rainbow Mika, the grassroots phenomenon herself, seeks to prove that hard work trumps all! The Spirit of the Gods will prove which Virtue trumps all! - created on 12:36:40 06/25/2015 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 14:12:11 06/27/2015. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Grand.

[FSS:Week 2] BLOODLINES - After years of searching, Thunder Hawk has finally managed to locate his missing sister, Little Eagle, at the center of a mockery of the Thunderfoot's traditions. It's obvious that she is being held against her will, so the giant Native American sneaks in to the festivities to find his sister and help her escape, but when he gets there, Little Eagle puts up a fight while possessed by a familiar Power. - created on 21:26:26 06/26/2015 by Noembelu and last modified on 18:09:43 07/07/2015. Cast: T. Hawk and Noembelu.

[FSS:Week 2] INFERNO IN THE RING - Normally when a wrestler steps into the ring, they main threat to their safety is whether or not they're able to pin their opponent; in Hardcore wrestling, the ring is often a threat in itself. For this brutal battle, the moment BFW's own Snakebite enters the ring to face down with the Spanish bruiser Mila, the heat will be turned on full blast as the edge of the ring is set ablaze for an Inferno Match! A pin isn't good enough, the only way to win this match is to put your opponent out of the ring through the flames! - created on 19:19:14 06/27/2015 by Chloe and last modified on 12:29:59 07/02/2015. Cast: Chloe and Mila.

[FSS:Week 2] SPIRIT WALK: ARACELY - Deep within the womb of time... the creature shall be born. The Spirit Walk occurs, and Aracely finds it within herself to suplex a giant bull. (Winner: Aracely. Loser: /crime/) - created on 20:15:03 06/27/2015 by Aracely and last modified on 19:56:02 06/30/2015. Cast: Vyle and Aracely.

[FSS:Week 2] SPIRIT WALK: MINT - Sometimes, the best way to learn about a culture is total immersion: eat their food, sleep under their roof, and experience life the way they do. The problem with this formula is -- Cpl Panesh didn't ever see anyone else drinking from the bowl she just did. Maybe they all did it as kids or something, who knows?! The point is, MINT GETS TO DO SOMETHING SUPER AWESOME. It's pretty wild! - created on 17:27:20 06/28/2015 by Mint and last modified on 19:55:03 06/30/2015. Cast: Zach Glenn and Mint.

[FSS:Week 2] DANGER ZONE (Lita/Mint vs. Guile) - A Military Rumble in the Jun--er, the town square. "Stacy Jones" is supposed to team up with the WarWolf to take on the American Eagle, Guile, of the USAF--but a missing Sven means that someone -else- has to step up... - created on 19:28:33 06/28/2015 by Guile and last modified on 18:11:12 07/07/2015. Cast: Guile, Lita, and Mint.

[FSS:Week 3] Calm Before The Storm - When Zach and Mint last met they were halfway across the world, but now they find a common bond has brought them together -- protecting the peaceful village of Pueblo Thunderfoot from the Cortejo Znebre. But for the moment, the stormclouds are kept at bay long enough for a friendly conversation. - created on 20:18:19 07/11/2015 by Mint and last modified on 19:09:15 07/13/2015. Cast: Zach Glenn and Mint.

[FSS:Week 3] SEMPER FI, WATCHFUL EYE - When normal people are in danger, there are those that immediately hear the call to arms to stand and fight. The United States Marine Corps has dedicated itself going anywhere in the world where they are needed to stamp out threats, and so the moment it was discovered that Cortejo Znebre had set their sights on Pueblo Thunderfoot, Minal "Mint" Panesh volunteered to protect the peace. While Zach Glenn has resigned his commission, he's no less dedicated to protecting the weak in his new position as part of a private security company. On a night patrol, the two protectors stumble upon a strange sight, a small group of black-clad figures setting up a bomb on the edge of town. Radios are suddenly down, no backup is on the way; do they have the strength to protect the peaceful Mexican town? - created on 15:47:42 07/12/2015 by Mint and last modified on 19:23:29 07/13/2015. Cast: Vyle, Zach Glenn, and Mint.

[FSS:Week 3] MOONLIGHT RAINBOW - The sun has set, the moon holds watch over the night's sky, and a demon has been unleashed into this world. The Moonchild has proven to be one of the most dedicated and dangerous competitors in the tournament so far, even going so far as to risk her life alone in the desert to gain the power of the spirits. Rainbow Mika is one of the biggest names in professional fighting right now, having exploded onto the scene from nothing less than a year ago to control the Neo League only to find herself beaten down in a brutal match with The Main Man Hunter Grand early in the tournament. Can the people's champ drag herself back into the fight or will she find that Rainbows can't survive when the sun goes down and demons come out to play? (Turns out they can. WINNAH IS MIKA) - created on 21:02:52 07/12/2015 by Aracely and last modified on 19:31:53 07/13/2015. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Aracely.

[FSS:Week 4] BRUTAL CHAMPIONSHIP? - A brutal battle for the BRUTAL DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP ends up in a BRUTAL fight, that goes BRUTALLY. Aracely, aka The Moonchild, comes out on top with a top rope leg drop, winning a contract -- and a belt?? (Title, we call them titles, maggle!) - created on 20:47:10 07/19/2015 by Aracely and last modified on 06:34:48 08/07/2015. Cast: Mila and Aracely.

[FSS:Week 4] Mind's Eye View - As Zach and Mint grow suspicious about the goings on in Pueblo Thunderfoot, they launch an investigation at the location of the attack they stopped by the Cortejo attackers only to discover a military grade bunker hidden under the town. Just what's going on beneath the feet of this event, and who is pulling the strings on the Mexican border? - created on 21:05:34 07/19/2015 by Noembelu and last modified on 19:09:31 08/02/2015. Cast: Vega, Zach Glenn, Noembelu, and Mint.

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