Fightfest 2023

Petty in Pink - The International Fighting Festival is kicking off in Southtown, and so are two pink-clad celebrity fighters! A signing scheduling fiasco has the feline pop idol throwing a hissy fit, and soon the sparkle princess is seeing stars! Will Lucky Chloe dethrone Lyraelle, or is it the Sparkle Princess' lucky day? - created on 17:15:56 03/24/2023 by Lyraelle and last modified on 13:13:11 03/28/2023. Cast: Lucky Chloe and Lyraelle.

Seeds Of Faith - Have faith in God; God has faith in you. - Edwin Louis Cole - created on 01:39:41 03/27/2023 by Raiden and last modified on 19:01:37 05/30/2023. Cast: Ayame and Raiden.

Round 1: Ichika vs Djamila - The vivacious blind stripper Djamila faces off against the impressionably young Ichika in a battle that parent's groups have called "unsuitable for broadcast" and "completely without merit". See who emerges victorious in this classic clash of pole and katana. Is that really a classic? Uh... - created on 12:19:07 04/09/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 18:14:03 04/09/2023. Cast: Ichika and Djamila.

Round 1: Hawksley vs John Doe - The first round of Fightfest goes off with a bang as the Irish boxer Hawksley comes up against a shining star of the Silver Screen. Gentleman's rules go right out the window as these two handsome hunks throw down, as only one can advance to the next round. Hearts and faces will be broken, rivalries will be born. This, Is, Fightfest! - created on 13:52:48 04/10/2023 by John Doe and last modified on 18:56:39 04/11/2023. Cast: John Doe and Hawksley.

Round 1: Ayala vs Coco - With the first round of fights drawn, two female fighters find themselves facing off in what one commentator describes as 'a competition to see who can kick the highest.' In a clash of survivalist's sensibilities and modern morals, life experience and youthful naivete, which lovely lady will stand tall? - created on 14:23:43 04/10/2023 by Coco and last modified on 20:52:09 04/10/2023. Cast: Ayala and Coco.

Round 1: Nixie vs Buford - IN round one of the fighter fest, the hexed goblin Nixie faces off against the self-proclaimed swordsman Buford in a battle between beauty and the beast. Which one is which, is up to the reader of this fierce and frightening battle. - created on 11:05:11 04/11/2023 by Buford and last modified on 18:55:43 04/11/2023. Cast: Nixie and Buford.

Round 1: Genie vs Kenzo - In an early round of the FightFest, Kenzo Kuroiwa and his gadgets are matched up against Guinevere Bouvier and her psionic abilities to see who will go on to the next round. The action is fast and furious. - created on 18:44:26 04/11/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 08:43:50 04/12/2023. Cast: Kenzo and Genie.

After Fight Drinks - An Irishman, a schoolgirl, an influencer, a farmer and a movie star walk into a bar. It goes about as well as could be expected. Youthful ideals are shattered, rivalries formed and legendary pick-up lines tested in the fires of drinks and socialising. - created on 10:31:12 04/12/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 06:39:38 04/13/2023. Cast: Ichika, John Doe, Coco, Hawksley, and Chevy.

Round 1: Chevy vs Tamaki - The first-round Fightfest match between Tamaki and Chevy! There's slipping and sliding! There's more buckets than you can shake a pole at! There's a wet T-shirt! What's not to love? - created on 17:51:31 04/12/2023 by Tamaki and last modified on 05:28:53 04/15/2023. Cast: Tamaki and Chevy.

One For The Road - The night after 'After Fight Drinks,' Hawksley finds his future opponent Coco drinking alone in the hotel bar and decides to join her. They discuss their upcoming match over a few drinks. - created on 18:26:30 04/13/2023 by Coco and last modified on 12:45:20 04/15/2023. Cast: Coco and Hawksley.

Round 1: Sayuri vs Sarah - In a match fraught with controversy, DJ Supernova steps in to take the place of an unwilling Amber Riley against Nurse Sayuri, building up to a shocking finale. - created on 17:20:04 04/15/2023 by Sayuri and last modified on 21:36:50 04/15/2023. Cast: Sayuri and Sarah.

Round 2: Hawksley vs Coco - After victories against John Doe and Ayala respectively in the first round, Hawksley and Coco face off in the second round. Both may like to party, but one is a little more Andrew W.K. and the other is more Dua Lipa. Will Coco levitate her way up the bracket, or will Hawksley prove too hard-partying for Coco to keep up? - created on 12:08:38 04/17/2023 by Coco and last modified on 10:42:55 04/19/2023. Cast: Coco and Hawksley.

Round 2 Bonus Stage: Buford and Ichika - Two followers of the path of the sword work together to dismantle a car. That, however, is only the beginning. When the wreckage is done neither feels satisfied. There can of course only be one outcome. Marvel at the clash of East meets West that commentators have called "Absolutely shocking" "Needlessly personal" and "Unscheduled and unsanctioned combat." - created on 10:12:43 04/18/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 12:34:53 04/19/2023. Cast: Ichika and Buford.

Round 2 Bonus Stage: John Doe and Chevy - John Doe's been sleeping like the dead lately. But will he sleep right through the bonus round of the NFG FightFest, while his partner Chevy Beaumont is chatting up some random cameraman in the lower depths of the parking garage? Would we really keep you waiting like that?! - created on 10:38:03 04/18/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 07:29:35 04/25/2023. Cast: John Doe and Chevy.

Round 2 Bonus Stage: Ayala and Kenzo - Kenzo and Ayala having been eliminated from the FightFest tournament and were brought together to destroy a Nissan with a hideous paint job. While one is a man of science and the other a woman of the wild, each walk a away with mutual respect. - created on 12:10:58 04/20/2023 by Kenzo and last modified on 14:30:34 04/21/2023. Cast: Kenzo and Ayala.

No Talking During Yoga Class - Feeling the need to recenter after a disappointing loss in the FightFest '23 tournament, Coco and Captain Morgan decide to take the afternoon off for a yoga class with a certain famous yogi. Djamila soon joins, along with the object of Coco's fickle ire, who seems more intent on observation and commentary than participation - leading to a rather rowdy session of meditative stretching. - created on 10:44:20 04/21/2023 by Coco and last modified on 17:47:31 04/21/2023. Cast: Coco, Hawksley, and Djamila.

Round 2: Sarah vs Djamila - A DJ and a Stripper. That's the start of a great party. But only one will be standing in the end. - created on 17:27:55 04/21/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 03:26:28 04/22/2023. Cast: Djamila and Sarah.

Round 2: Nixie vs Brian Storm - In the second round of the tournament, babyface Brian Storm comes up against classic heel Nixie Greene, settling their NFG match in the squared circle. Can you smell what's brewin'? - created on 18:50:05 04/22/2023 by Brian Storm and last modified on 23:10:13 04/22/2023. Cast: Brian Storm and Nixie.

Round 2: Tamaki vs Genie - The second round of the tournament pits lazy drunken master against energetic rich kid. In this battle of natural magic and natural psychic potential, who will come out on top? - created on 17:55:43 04/23/2023 by Tamaki and last modified on 15:16:41 04/29/2023. Cast: Genie and Tamaki.

Adventures of Cavewoman and Gadget Man - Kenzo joins Ayala Feldspar for drinks at the NFG hotel's bar. Communication is difficult at first, but they open up after a few drinks. Well, Ayala does, anyway. - created on 20:01:53 04/23/2023 by Ayala and last modified on 18:01:02 04/25/2023. Cast: Kenzo and Ayala.

Working Out the Truth - With Chevy and Ichika both using the Hotel Southtown's gym facilities to work out their various frustrations, it's only a matter of time before the pair run into one another. Ichika is very happy for the opportunity to try and make a better second impression than first, and she's surprised to find that Chevy also seems to want to reach out and treat her as an equal. A heart to heart about what fighting means to them leads to a practical demonstration, one which reignites the joy of fighting in the hearts of both women! - created on 08:32:49 04/30/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 16:14:51 05/02/2023. Cast: Ichika and Chevy.

Team Frost - Cold Open - In the conference room of Hotel Southtown, a team gathers. One, a monster who has slipped her leash. Another, a giant who is trying to turn his life around. And the last, the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America. Thrown together by fate and a whimsical organisational schedule, the trio discuss what opportunities have brought them together ... and more importantly, the ground rules that might let them function as any kind of team. Also, there's pizza. - created on 02:11:08 05/01/2023 by Juri and last modified on 05:09:05 05/18/2023. Cast: Juri, Abigail, and Goldlewis.

Round 3: Hawksley vs Djamila - A Stripper and a Barman. They are not in a bar, so it's not the start of a joke. It's the start of an awesome fight. - created on 10:59:36 05/01/2023 by Djamila and last modified on 16:15:51 05/02/2023. Cast: Coco, Hawksley, and Djamila.

Round 3 Bonus Stage: Coco vs Kenzo vs Ichika - On the most famous pod racing track in the world a dramatic showdown between a Muay TIE Fighter, a Mandalorian (not a Storm Trooper) and a Jedi takes place. Thrill to family drama! Marvel at people waving sharp objects at each other! Admire the cranium-preserving power of helmet technology! And see who emerges victorious in a battle that critics are calling "scandalously revealing in places" and "in need of a higher special effects budget". - created on 16:47:01 05/02/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 16:15:52 05/05/2023. Cast: Kenzo, Ichika, Coco, and Hawksley.

Round 3 Bonus Stage: Sarah vs Buford vs Chevy - The Battle Of Three Generations Take Place In The Docking Bay of the Death Star. Sarah as 'Rey' Skywalker of the latest trilogy of Star Wars faces off against Chevy as Princess Leia of the Original Trilogy. But instead of an Anakin facing off against those two on behalf of the Prequels, Buford brings the now uncanon Kyle Katarn in a battle for the fate and future of Star Wars. - created on 15:15:28 05/03/2023 by Buford and last modified on 04:19:26 05/25/2023. Cast: Chevy, Buford, and Sarah.

Round 3: Tamaki vs Nixie - The battle of the Darkstalkers comes to a conclusion! Or at least a battle. - created on 16:45:21 05/04/2023 by Tamaki and last modified on 17:50:02 05/10/2023. Cast: Tamaki and Nixie.

Minal Panesh: Career Advisor - In the lobby of Hotel Southtown, a chance meeting between Ichika - literally weighed down under the expectations of Justice High - and the outgoing Corporal Mint results in a heart to heart. Bonded by their mutual admiration for each other's failures, Mint has some wise words for how the young Kasumoto 'heir' should view her current frivolity. - created on 14:14:11 05/06/2023 by Ichika and last modified on 17:50:55 05/10/2023. Cast: Mint and Ichika.

Drinking With The Enemy - With the Southtown Hotel still crawling with Star Wars fans in costume, Hawk Solo and Scout Trooper Coco find each other in the bar and settle in for a few fresh cocktails between battles. Things start to move in a new direction, and the pair make plans for future training together. Guest starring Morgie the Ewok! - created on 17:50:02 05/06/2023 by Coco and last modified on 20:29:30 05/07/2023. Cast: Coco and Hawksley.

Team Metal - Shared Interests - Team Metal meets in person - but how much do their interests actually align? - created on 15:49:38 05/08/2023 by Mint and last modified on 04:13:29 05/15/2023. Cast: Mint, Moondyne, and Zel.

Final Match: Hawksley vs Nixie - It's finally here! The climax of the NFG opening tournament has arrived and it sees Irish Inferno, Hawksley take on the might of The Green Goblin, Nixie. Who will secure victory in the scorching Southtown sun? - created on 18:01:00 05/15/2023 by Hawksley and last modified on 07:32:16 05/23/2023. Cast: Mint, Coco, Hawksley, Djamila, Tamaki, and Nixie.

Shop Talk - Curious as to what Kenzo's been up to, Mint sets up a meeting. Time for two engineers to share their work with one another! - created on 14:38:39 05/18/2023 by Mint and last modified on 05:39:54 05/23/2023. Cast: Mint and Kenzo.

Third Place Match: Tamaki vs Djamila - The bronze medal match between Djamila and Tamaki! Who will come out on top? - created on 11:48:31 05/19/2023 by Tamaki and last modified on 10:09:56 05/20/2023. Cast: Djamila and Tamaki.

NFG Inaugural Tournament Afterparty - The after-party for the inaugural New Fighting Generation tournament of FightFest 2023, featuring appearances from CYS and the commentary team of Tom and Lou to reveal the next step for the New Fighting Generation. - created on 04:30:23 05/25/2023 by Pringer X and last modified on 03:38:48 05/31/2023. Cast: Chris, Shermie, Yashiro, Edenlith, Abigail, Lyraelle, Kenzo, Ichika, John Doe, Coco, Hawksley, Djamila, Tamaki, Chevy, Nixie, Buford, Ariastra, Sarah, and Buck.

From First Principals - Suffering from a sudden bout of manic purpose, Ichika's visit with the principal of Justice High takes an odd turn for the better. How easy it is to forget that the first step to solving a problem, is determining whether or not there is a problem to be solved. - created on 13:21:23 05/30/2023 by Raizo and last modified on 19:03:00 05/30/2023. Cast: Raizo and Ichika.

The Inaugural NFG Draft - The first draft of the New Fighting Generation sees sparks fly and fists fly - even before the season has begun! In the end, Team Metal, Team Thunder, Team Blaze, and Team Frost all have their rosters completed and ready to face off in the New Fighting Generation's first season! - created on 09:44:56 05/31/2023 by Lyraelle and last modified on 15:38:43 06/02/2023. Cast: Juri, Raiden, Mint, Moondyne, Abigail, Mitsuru, Lyraelle, Goldlewis, Kenzo, Ichika, Brian Storm, John Doe, Coco, Hawksley, Djamila, Tamaki, Chevy, Buford, Ariastra, and Buck.

Boba Tea Overdrive, or The Shepard Exit Stratagem - The last question mark in the character select screen is finally revealed, as Iris Osterlund, a jetsetting traveler from Cambridge, makes her debut at the Hotel Southtown, just a day before the draft! But not only will she have to compete with the NFG -- btu also an ignorant clerk at the check-in counter, and some country bumpkin from rural America! - created on 20:37:43 06/05/2023 by Chevy and last modified on 12:14:40 06/12/2023. Cast: Chevy and Iris.

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