Ashley's in trouble... - Shortly after Eve has followed Nameless and infiltrated Taiyo high, Ashley (Eve's undercover name) gets called to the principal office. What trouble did she get herself into? Ashley certainly had no idea... - created on 17:20:03 10/29/2014 by Eve and last modified on 21:53:23 10/29/2014. Cast: Igniz and Eve.

Monster Truck! Enough Said. Read it. - A casual school day in Taiyo when suddenly... A wild monster truck appears! Edge, undercover as 'officer Idun Givashit', comes to question some students in Taiyo about the panties thief. Poor Eve, undercover as 'Ashley', has a hard time dealing with him. Thankfully, Hinata arrives barely in time to save the day. - created on 12:55:11 11/06/2014 by Eve and last modified on 07:31:09 11/07/2014. Cast: Hinata, Edge, and Eve.

Thunderstruck - Ashley (Eve) is spending her day at the mall with her cheerleader friends when she stumbles upon a demonstration stand set up by Benimaru. What she sees there leaves her literally spellbound. - created on 16:49:54 11/15/2014 by Eve and last modified on 09:44:40 11/16/2014. Cast: Benimaru and Eve.

A badger's new friend - After Taiyo got a badger in its halls, Ashley shows some interest in it and tries to find a way to befriend it / tame it during her schooltime. - created on 16:38:02 11/25/2014 by Eve and last modified on 15:32:50 11/26/2014. Cast: Ibuki and Eve.

Girl Fight in the Boy's Locker Room - After snooping around too much, Ashley decides that Namie deserves to finally get a taste of what she's been looking for! After a clever trap that leads Namie in the empty boy's locker room, Ashley shows her her true nature in an electrifying battle. - created on 11:13:57 01/12/2015 by Eve and last modified on 19:39:30 01/12/2015. Cast: Eve and Namie.

After school special training - On Principal Brown's demand, Eve meets up with her new trainer, Hayato, as her alter ego Ashley. Certain that this is some kind of evaluation of her skills after she's been out of the field for so long, Eve intends to excel in any tasks given to her by Hayato, no matter the cost. - created on 19:18:39 01/13/2015 by Eve and last modified on 07:29:15 01/14/2015. Cast: Hayato and Eve.

The pirate and the thunderstorm - Targer acquired : another fighter from the Inter-school tournament has refused to go through the medical scanning and tests. Have no fear, Eve is on the hunt for them. This time, the pirate girl May is her target. - created on 12:22:22 01/14/2015 by Eve and last modified on 15:28:42 01/14/2015. Cast: Eve and May.

God blessed - With every passing mission, Eve has been getting worse and worse fever, aches and dizziness. She has to be taken to the Atelier Group, where she learns dire news, but also receives an incredible blessing - created on 18:49:01 01/14/2015 by Eve and last modified on 18:55:23 01/14/2015. Cast: Igniz and Eve.

Another One Bites The Snow - Another Target acquired for data harvesting. This time, Eve lurks in Gorin High, waiting for the good moment to defeat one of its hockey player, Brett. The mysterious blonde girl makes another victims, giving the evil organisation more data... Will someone be able to end her rampage one day!? - created on 11:13:47 01/16/2015 by Eve and last modified on 15:42:07 01/16/2015. Cast: Brett and Eve.

Another electrified encounter - Yet another mission that brings Eve into the vicinity of Gedo High to harvest one of their prodige. Will Kazuki finally be able to put an end to all of Eve's student beating? - created on 20:05:47 01/25/2015 by Eve and last modified on 09:08:36 01/27/2015. Cast: Kazuki and Eve.

An Angel in the Infirmary - After the encounter with Shadaloo, Eve has been resting in the infirmary in one of NESTs' base across the globe. Having been told to recover and stay there, she did... And waited, and waited, until an Angel comes see her with great news. - created on 18:29:39 01/29/2015 by Eve and last modified on 07:02:22 01/30/2015. Cast: Angel and Eve.

Big Trouble In Little China - Chasing after another student for data harvesting, a mysterious man interfers with Eve's cruel hunt. The savior of the student proclaims himself to be the God of thunder, and despite his warnings, Eve's desire to complete her mission for her to clash against him. - created on 08:44:26 02/01/2015 by Eve and last modified on 13:54:30 02/01/2015. Cast: Eve and Raiden.

Beach Time Fun - Failed attempt at sand castle building turns into water sports as Eve enjoys some of her freedom with Angel on Zack's leisure island. Angel attempts to teach a few things about real life and discovers they don't teach those lab kids much. - created on 18:11:24 02/01/2015 by Eve and last modified on 16:16:39 02/03/2015. Cast: Angel and Eve.

A normal day at school... Or is it? - A chance encounter at school between Koto and Eve... Yet neither of them seems to recognize another from their previous hostile encounter. - created on 19:14:05 12/10/2018 by Eve and last modified on 21:03:32 12/10/2018. Cast: Eve and Koto.

NESTs Mission : capturing the fugitive - The NESTs cartel has managed to locate one of its fugitive : the cyborg Maxima. They sent a dozens of soldiers, along with one of their super soldier, Eve, to try and retrieve him. - created on 10:10:30 01/07/2019 by Eve and last modified on 12:55:10 01/09/2019. Cast: Maxima and Eve.

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