Erron Black

An Army of Two - The conquering of Earthrealm has been a slow, scattered affair, lacking any sort of unity. But all of that is about to change. Kotal, once worshipped as a god of the Aztecs, has returned from Outworld to spearhead the anti resistance effort. At his side is the wandering mercenary Erron Black. What do they have in store for Earthrealm? Find out inside. - created on 19:11:10 07/19/2016 by Erron Black and last modified on 13:49:09 07/20/2016. Cast: Kotal and Erron Black.

It Has Begun - Erron Black, The Outworld cowboy, has been tasked with delivering a package for the elusive sorcerer Shang Tsung. His journey takes him deep beneath the earth, to the heart of a dormant volcano, where a forgotten relic may hold the key to Outworld's triumph over Earthrealm's resistance. - created on 17:29:20 08/07/2016 by Erron Black and last modified on 01:18:14 08/08/2016. Cast: Erron Black.

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