On Leathern Wings - Arriving in Metro City, Echo runs into Sophia, the lecturing lamia and a little confusion is had. - created on 13:20:34 12/14/2018 by Echo and last modified on 15:21:57 12/14/2018. Cast: Sophia and Echo.

Spiderman Clone Saga - Echo returns to the Shadaloo base, running into Sabbath and Vega. - created on 07:12:33 12/15/2018 by Echo and last modified on 09:43:00 12/15/2018. Cast: Vega, Sabbath, and Echo.

Making a Splash - After attending to some Shadaloo business in downtown LA, Echo runs into La Huesuda for a battle between a necromancer and death's patron! - created on 19:46:17 12/16/2018 by Echo and last modified on 22:47:11 12/16/2018. Cast: Echo and La Huesuda.

Lakeview Cabin IV - Koto runs into an Echo at a cabin by the lake--it's not quite the camping trip he imagined! - created on 16:03:41 12/17/2018 by Echo and last modified on 18:32:31 12/17/2018. Cast: Echo and Koto.

Into the Toybox - An exchange ensues between Echo and Potemkin when the latter comes to investigate the recent LA office building fire. - created on 20:12:18 12/21/2018 by Echo and last modified on 16:58:41 12/22/2018. Cast: Potemkin and Echo.

Dead Trouble in Little China - Echo encounters Koto the Sentai Hero in Chinatown for a battle of light against dark! - created on 16:26:17 12/26/2018 by Echo and last modified on 20:32:33 12/26/2018. Cast: Echo and Koto.

Prowling Around - Kiyomi finally tracks down Echo for a business proposal. Guest starring: 2 stupid teenagers making out in a car! - created on 14:24:22 12/29/2018 by Echo and last modified on 21:28:41 12/29/2018. Cast: Kiyomi and Echo.

A little Dimestore Magic - Ragna the Bloodedge seeks out Echo in Metro City... for a curse? But for whom? - created on 18:14:32 12/31/2018 by Echo and last modified on 20:39:05 12/31/2018. Cast: Ragna and Echo.

Bat Control - When Ralf shows up in Las Vegas, Echo gives him a hand against some NOL operatives. - created on 02:12:17 01/11/2019 by Echo and last modified on 04:59:11 01/12/2019. Cast: Ralf and Echo.

Through a Slab Darkly - After taking a beating from Ayane, Michael winds up in a desolate cemetery at night... However Echo is also there. - created on 23:39:57 04/24/2019 by Echo and last modified on 03:52:39 04/29/2019. Cast: Michael and Echo.

Nightmare on Metro Street - Echo takes a trip to upstate Metro City after escaping from NOL with Gabriel for a routine haunting/exorcism job. However things do not go to plan. - created on 22:37:08 07/27/2019 by Echo and last modified on 02:39:26 07/28/2019. Cast: Lotus and Echo.

unDivination - Sol Badguy visits Echo at her occult shop in Metro for a little divination into his head. The one in his dufflebag, that is. - created on 20:24:54 09/07/2019 by Echo and last modified on 04:44:29 09/08/2019. Cast: Sol Badguy and Echo.

Something British This Way Comes - Steve, the British Boxer and caretaker of one banchou girl, stumbles into the occult shop of a certain Darkstalker Necromancer. Things are bound to get spooky when Steve asks her to try to look into his past. - created on 11:46:26 02/27/2020 by Echo and last modified on 14:19:30 02/28/2020. Cast: Steve and Echo.

Uninvited - When Echo tries to take care of a little Shadaloo business with a local crimeboss in Metro City, Jax intervenes. Can the bionic man survive the dark necromancy of the darkstalker bat lady? Find out. - created on 19:20:02 04/14/2020 by Echo and last modified on 18:19:01 04/16/2020. Cast: Jax and Echo.

The Bat & The Pendulum - Searching for leads to his kidnapped sister, Tairyu stumbles into the Southtown occult shop of none other than Echo, vampire bat necromancer and sleazy mercenary. - created on 21:07:12 06/09/2020 by Echo and last modified on 01:07:08 06/10/2020. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

Southtown Confidential - Tairyu visits Echo at her shop in Southtown to give her some grave news. Get it? Grave News? Necromancy? Ahhh, forget it, you're a good kid. Don't worry about it. - created on 14:37:49 06/24/2020 by Echo and last modified on 00:53:31 06/29/2020. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

How to Train your Minotaur - Seeking revenge on Lyraelle, Echo hunts the succubus down to a love hotel in downtown Southtown which she has taken over an entire floor of with her minions. The sorceress's quest for blackmail material takes a strange turn. - created on 05:52:05 07/01/2020 by Echo and last modified on 18:39:33 07/01/2020. Cast: Echo and Lyraelle.

Hotel Transylvania - Tairyu stops by Echo's Southtown occult shop with a request and finds... Dennis rooming in the upstairs apartment? After some discussion, they decide to set off on a war against the ones who are holding Tairyu's sister hostage. - created on 18:55:46 07/23/2020 by Echo and last modified on 23:54:43 07/23/2020. Cast: Echo, Tairyu, and Dennis.

Bat 52 Where Are You - Echo returns to her shop in Southtown late at night after a hard evening of rolling thugs for information--when Tairyu shows up. - created on 18:57:03 07/28/2020 by Echo and last modified on 14:01:04 07/29/2020. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

Spooky Sleepovers - Tairyu brings back his sister that he's just recently rescued from organized crime thugs to... Echo's place in Chinatown? Here's hoping the poor girl isn't scared off by the morbid matron's gothic comforts before it's safe to move her! - created on 20:30:34 11/05/2020 by Echo and last modified on 17:59:47 11/06/2020. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

Moving out - Tairyu returns for his sister, though it would seem Echo has been giving the girl some... interesting lessons. - created on 15:00:08 11/27/2020 by Echo and last modified on 17:38:27 11/28/2020. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

Reborn Cybernetics - Echo uses some contacts to take a tour of some of Ultratech's newest product lines, and gets a very special surprise. - created on 10:23:03 01/17/2021 by Echo and last modified on 16:18:22 01/17/2021. Cast: Fulgore and Echo.

A disturbance in the force - Tairyu comes to seek Echo's help in discerning his MYSTERIOUS CHI RELATED PROBLEM. - created on 19:29:27 02/05/2021 by Echo and last modified on 23:38:29 02/05/2021. Cast: Echo and Tairyu.

Batty for Rafferty - Rafferty runs into Echo Lacroix in Southtown's Chinatown district. Braving the bat lady's charms, Rafferty decides to hit a club with her... - created on 15:52:23 06/08/2021 by Echo and last modified on 17:06:18 06/09/2021. Cast: Echo and Rafferty.

Queen of Pain - Chanel runs into Echo Lacroix, necromancer and bat lady of Makai, but which is the more fearsome--the necromancess, or the Goddess of Sweet Chains?! - created on 19:18:37 07/29/2021 by Echo and last modified on 23:10:15 07/29/2021. Cast: Echo and Chanel.

Faster Food - Chris runs into Echo chasing some fast food as he celebrates his recent victory in Kansas City. - created on 18:13:54 05/31/2022 by Echo and last modified on 10:51:17 06/01/2022. Cast: Chris and Echo.

Restless Knights - Echo goes looking for leads on an old target in Southtown, the field trip heads down the rabbit hole with a surprise visit from Alice Nonomura, instead. - created on 22:31:50 07/07/2022 by Echo and last modified on 17:08:50 07/09/2022. Cast: Echo and Alice Nonomura.

Backyard Summoning - Kongou is accidentally summoned (AGAIN) by Echo as she does a little prep work for upcoming projects! - created on 20:26:12 05/29/2023 by Echo and last modified on 16:30:34 05/30/2023. Cast: Echo and Kongou.

Dead Factory - Shadaloo protects it's 'interests' of drug trafficking in the Western Seaboard of North America by sending Echo to bust up a rival distributor--little do they know that Liu Kang has sensed the necromantic powers at work and appears to shut that down. - created on 20:58:07 08/13/2023 by Echo and last modified on 21:59:19 08/14/2023. Cast: Liu Kang and Echo.

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