Duo Lon

So Confuse! - Duo Lon makes a miscalculation and ends up having to chase a target. He runs into Tiger Mask! In the end, Duo Lon ends up waiting for a better opportunity, and Tiger Mask ends up offering some tips and buying him tea. ...Wait a minute, who's the bad guy again...? - created on 23:55:22 02/21/2015 by Duo Lon and last modified on 08:50:56 02/22/2015. Cast: Duo Lon and Miki.

Blood in Alleys - Duo's finding it harder to locate places in Southtown to do his job. Case in point, Ash and Shenwoo manage to spoil an assassination when their walk takes them through an alley Duo's "working" in. Shenwoo beats Duo up a little, and Ash is a douche-- typical of them both, right? But it leaves Duo with enough of a reason to hunt Ash down again... - created on 23:26:19 02/25/2015 by Duo Lon and last modified on 15:23:59 03/07/2015. Cast: Shenwoo, Ash, and Duo Lon.

Hurricane Theater! - Revenue's gotta come in, hurricane or not. So of course the casino would still be doing business on Zack Island. Tina Armstrong meets a fellow who might have a secret he's not telling her. A low-key conversation about uncles and the inability to follow one's own path happens! - created on 14:28:46 03/12/2015 by Duo Lon and last modified on 16:57:30 03/12/2015. Cast: Duo Lon and Tina.

Who Is the Hunter, Who the Prey? - Duo Lon has caused a little bit of trouble in Metro City for the Mad Gear Gang. And now its leader, Katana, seeks to take down the assassin in an honorable combat duel. So how does he accomplish it? By setting a trap for Duo Lon, of course... - created on 19:55:19 03/12/2015 by Duo Lon and last modified on 02:32:18 03/13/2015. Cast: Duo Lon and Katana.

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