Return On Investment - It was a clean, simple job. Rob the Metro City's First National Bank. There should be no loose ends, no big issues. But there was a mistake made. A man had a certain number of assets waiting for transfer from the bank. A powerful man, with powerful connections. And when he learned about how one Geoff Steintz was involve, Duke was going to find him, and bring hell with him... - created on 17:43:43 12/22/2015 by Duke and last modified on 22:39:59 12/22/2015. Cast: Duke and Stray.

Ninja Ninja Ninja - Sometimes, it is best to outsource your work. Duke has a project; it's name is revenge. But Duke is a hammer, not a toolkit, and he has run fresh out of nails. He needs a professional to get his revenge. And nothing is more professional than a Ninja.... in theory. - created on 23:18:41 01/14/2016 by Duke and last modified on 18:31:37 01/17/2016. Cast: Duke and Nagase.

The Changing Of The Guard - The Yamaguchi-gumi has found itself torn to ribbons; its future is bleak. With the gang losing members faster and faster, an unlikely benefactor comes in the form of Duke of the Southtown Syndicate. The crime boss seems content to absorb the gang within the syndicate without a hitch, save for a single, troublesome figure within the organization.... - created on 13:42:01 03/11/2016 by Duke and last modified on 21:03:56 03/12/2016. Cast: Duke and Honoka.

Syndicate Team - After Actions - The time of judgement has come. Duke, after his humiliation in both the KOF and before Hein, now has only one more loose end to deal with. Nagase has failed, and left them a second place finish in the King of Fighters. It is time for the ninja to come, and face her judgement from the crime boss... before he ruthlessly throws her to the dogs. - created on 11:58:40 01/30/2018 by Duke and last modified on 19:08:09 02/02/2018. Cast: Duke and Nagase.

Hands Of FATE - After his brief stint into kidnapping went wrong, Johnny Wong finds himself afoul in the attention of the Southtown Syndicate. A mysterious savior steps in to rescue him, but Johnny finds himself out of the frying pan, and straight into the fires of FATE. - created on 11:30:21 03/09/2020 by Duke and last modified on 09:36:56 03/11/2020. Cast: Duke and Alba.

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