Dudley's Exhibition Expedition vol. 1 - With a world on the brink, one man steps up to see to it the morale of the people is not lost. He will do this with the greatest power known to all of mankind; spirited competition. Join Dudley, British Boxing Noble, as he travels the world with his butler, Mr. Gotch, seeking out the finest of competitors around the fair globe. His first stop finds him in Brazil, where he takes on an electrifying young competitor in the stunning Laura. - created on 15:56:57 12/16/2017 by Dudley and last modified on 00:38:43 12/17/2017. Cast: Dudley and Laura.

A Saucer With Milk - In his search for a favorite family painting, Dudley comes to the home of Herr Sabrewulf, where he has an interesting chat with the eccentric aristocrat. - created on 20:22:10 11/16/2018 by Dudley and last modified on 01:59:37 11/17/2018. Cast: Sabrewulf and Dudley.

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