Brave New Home - Dizzy, having been 'captured' by the Sacred Order, has reached the last legs of her long journey into the Vatican City. Held inside a dark cage, she is being transported incognito. Restless and wanting out, Ky Kiske has to join her in the cage, and sooth her troubled heart the only way he can. - created on 20:47:24 01/06/2018 by Dizzy and last modified on 12:21:41 01/16/2018. Cast: Ky Kiske and Dizzy.

New Arrivals - Dizzy finally arrives at the Sacred Order headquarters, with fanfare and warning. The adepts and acolytes, unable to contain their curiosity, come to see the strange Command Gear. To their surprise, they not only meet the monster... but meet each other, forging the beginning of friendships, something more, and something far less... - created on 19:37:44 01/17/2018 by Dizzy and last modified on 14:35:50 01/18/2018. Cast: Dizzy, Pukai, Biyu, and Haruna.

Doing The Right Thing - Wracked by horrible nightmares, Dizzy senses Darkstalkers in danger within the city of Rome. Leaving the safety of the sanctum, she flies to discover Zach Glenn apprehending dangerous criminals... who happen to be Darkstalkers. A matter of justice and righteous comes down, between the innocent Command Gear and the noble Monster Hunter. - created on 12:28:50 01/29/2018 by Dizzy and last modified on 14:06:09 01/30/2018. Cast: Zach Glenn and Dizzy.

Clocktower Friends - Pukai does her dutiful work at the Vatican grounds, she uncovers a trail of feathers. She quickly finds a distraught Dizzy, hiding from the rest of the Sacred Order, trying to change herself into fitting in with her human companions. The gentle jellyfish girl works to calm down the upset Command Gear, and teaches her that she is not alone. - created on 19:25:01 02/12/2018 by Dizzy and last modified on 00:45:04 02/13/2018. Cast: Dizzy and Pukai.

Tabula Rasa - In her new disguise as 'Edith,' Dizzy finally comes to Biyu to thank her for the inspiration on picking up the Italian language. There, Dizzy uncovers what Biyu has been studying, as well as the name of the forgotten land: Illyria - created on 21:03:05 02/17/2018 by Dizzy and last modified on 22:54:07 02/20/2018. Cast: Dizzy and Biyu.

Cats In The Cradle - Gateau, the strange anthropomorphic tomcat, escapes Rome to meet with a contact with the Kaka Clan, looking to share some invaluable information about what he discovered in the city. However, as he waits in Venice, he is surprised when the clan sends in the patriarch of the clan, Jubei himself. - created on 13:03:13 02/21/2018 by Dizzy and last modified on 22:35:19 02/23/2018. Cast: Dizzy and Jubei.

The Withering Light Of Truth - When Sophia tells Dizzy- I mean Edith about Darkstalkers in danger, Dizzy breaks her promise to the Sacred Order to find them and rescue them. When she encounters Hazama, however, she soon realizes she's in a trap.... and makes a decision to save the lives of her friends, no matter what - created on 22:47:53 02/23/2018 by Dizzy and last modified on 00:03:01 02/28/2018. Cast: Siren, Dizzy, and Susano'o.

Through the Woods - My Akuma, what big eyes you have. All the better to see you, Dizzy. My Akuma, what big teeth you have. All the better to smile at you, DIzzy. My Akuma, what big fists you have. All the better to fight you, Dizzy. But Dizzy is but a child, and while her power is immense, she is far from reaching her true challenge to AKuma... - created on 11:50:22 09/25/2018 by Dizzy and last modified on 10:50:20 09/27/2018. Cast: Akuma and Dizzy.

Dizzy Learns Not To Kill People! - Well she tries to. The Miseducation of Dizzy has begun, lead by Rosalind and the mysterious King Lion - created on 10:33:16 05/25/2021 by Dizzy and last modified on 15:58:17 06/07/2021. Cast: Dizzy, Leo Whitefang, and Rosalind.

Reconsider The Possibilities - After her training with Rosalind and Leo, and her experience with the young Tsinghua, Dizzy believes she is ready to not only leave to face Ramlethal and help her understand humanity, but explore the world. But before she can give Ky a little present before she leaves, King Leo intervenes, with news of the state of the world... and with a change of plans as well. - created on 16:07:14 04/04/2022 by Dizzy and last modified on 09:06:06 04/06/2022. Cast: Ky Kiske, Dizzy, and Leo Whitefang.

Marriage Disposal - Deep within Illyria, Dizzy and Elphelt discuss about the nature of humanity, love, and the seme and ukes between them. - created on 19:59:45 05/17/2022 by Dizzy and last modified on 23:31:28 05/18/2022. Cast: Dizzy and Elphelt.

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