Dead or Alive

DOA R1 - Whitney vs Potemkin - The tournament listing is somewhat inocuous, the qualifier rounds being a matter of simple formality. However, the devil is in the details. A heartless man with many different shadow connections meets the massive Zepp soldier in South Asia, and neither are there for the reasons listed on the signup tally. There's a lot of backchannel interest in the region, due to most of the Dead or Alive qualifier events being held there, and more importantly, the huge amount of corporate and freelance contractors being called to the region. The Mishima Zaibatsu has heard word that G Corporation may be entertaining a US-based corporate buyout offer related to the tournament, and have sent representatives to DOA to find out. Interestingly, Whitney will find Potemkin at the US Embassy in New Delhi. What is the relationship between Zepp and the US right now to host a career Zepp soldier at the tournament? - created on 10:39:27 01/05/2022 by Whitney and last modified on 21:57:17 03/09/2022. Cast: Potemkin and Whitney.

DOA R1 - Jae Hoon vs Hayley - Jae Hoon and Hayley, two dedicated fighters coming together for a honourable tournament match. A fight that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. - created on 21:06:06 01/06/2022 by Jae Hoon and last modified on 21:52:33 03/09/2022. Cast: Jae Hoon and Hayley.

The Janus Project - Disappearances - On her way to collect information about students that have gone missing, Corporal Renka Kankeo stumbles into a break in at Pacific High with unexpectedly similar objectives. Of course, things can't just be talked out reasonably... - created on 18:44:26 01/09/2022 by Renka and last modified on 23:53:36 01/24/2022. Cast: Renka, Rafferty, and Raiza.

DOA R1 - Tsinghua vs Aeria Corday - Newcomer to the public scene faces a teenager. - created on 12:02:43 01/14/2022 by Aeria Corday and last modified on 21:58:36 03/09/2022. Cast: Tsinghua and Aeria Corday.

Supremacy of the Miltechs - Black Bag - After DOATEC consolidated much of its operations in the wake of its crisis, many facilities were abandoned and left to rot in the unseen corners of the world. However, these facilities were primarily insular warehousing, projects and inventory left abandoned, with very little in the way of sensitive data. Less so are the command centers, which were subject to much more rigorous housekeeping. It's not easy to find much in this burned out husk of a command post in a toxic zone at the outskirts of the Thar desert, but for sophisticated enough equipment, a lone [salvageable fragmented data module] may be of use, with information regarding the movements of one of the biggest miltechs in the world. However, to find one, there might be a fight. After all, the goals of a shinobi and a mercenary don't exactly go hand-in-hand.. - created on 13:40:11 01/18/2022 by Noboru and last modified on 21:59:03 03/09/2022. Cast: Noboru and Shina.

DOA R1 - Edenlith vs Maki - In the middle of a busy thoroughway in India, the mysterious Edenlith goes up against the Metro City kunoichi Maki as part of their battle in the Dead or Alive tournament. Who will come out on top? (WINNER: Edenlith) - created on 14:03:54 01/18/2022 by Maki and last modified on 22:00:16 03/09/2022. Cast: Maki and Edenlith.

The Janus Project - Dibs - The word out on the street is that major players are in the running to get a piece of DOATEC, and India is a hot commodity for major operators. The corporations are moving on something big in India, and it has something to do with a cure for Darkstalkers. Incidentally, many of the Dead or Alive qualifier matches are happening there -- for reasons that cannot be discerned. This is what draws Velvet Blue out. Unfortunately, he's going to have a hard time making it to the tournament to investigate just yet, as contracts have been taken out on just about every major Darkstalker known, public or even in some cases private. A lot of money is flowing, and now, the paranormalist has to find a way out of an explosive traffic jam after the capricious Bulleta and the deadly assassin Gregory descend upon the Mumbai-Pune expressway, as an armoured truckload of werewolves threatens to turn it into a concrete buffet! - created on 16:26:32 01/18/2022 by Bulleta and last modified on 21:55:28 03/09/2022. Cast: Gregory, Bulleta, and Velvet Blue.

Supremacy of the Miltechs - Mistakes Were Made - There's a lot going on in the world right now. Some people want a piece of the pie, and others want the whole thing. Lyraelle has amassed a huge following with her social media empire, but as her engagement rate falls, it's up to her to find out why. According to the information the NOL has provided, the best place to start would be following up on the scores of abduction contracts open on the black market. There are certain nightclubs deep in Old Delhi that cater to Darkstalkers, and it's around these parts that she'll find a hard drinking, hard fighting devil of a man. Unfortunately, she will not find him in good trust. The only problem with being strong enough to fight off headhunters is that you then need to be tough enough to fight them all off. - created on 18:52:25 01/20/2022 by Rae and last modified on 22:00:46 03/09/2022. Cast: Rae and Lyraelle.

DOA R1 - Ken Masters vs Chun-Li - Listen, some people get the short end of the stick, like Rock Howard. Other people don't, like Ken Masters. While Rock is off climbing the side of a mountain or something, Ken Masters got the match venue Rock was supposed to have: a cushy matchup right out in front of the shopping centers at Connaught Place in New Delhi. Fortunately, the strongest woman in the world has attracted the lion's share of the Dead or Alive spectating crowd, and has about a hundred reasons (to the face) for Ken to stay honest. - created on 15:31:08 01/22/2022 by Chun-Li and last modified on 22:03:29 03/09/2022. Cast: Ken Masters and Chun-Li.

The Vahana and the Parasite - Moondyne Mouse runs into Aeria Corday in India while snooping around in DoATech's activities. The mouse runs into a startling secret about the young psychic. - created on 18:43:26 01/22/2022 by Moondyne and last modified on 23:58:36 03/09/2022. Cast: Moondyne and Aeria Corday.

DOA R1 - Mila Rose vs Johnny Cage - It's a DOA fight between the Hollywood superstar Johnny Cage and the MMA prodigy Mila! Who's going to be the number one in this battle? (WINNER: Johnny Cage) - created on 15:20:12 01/23/2022 by Mila and last modified on 22:03:51 03/09/2022. Cast: Mila and Johnny Cage.

DOA R2 - Ken Masters vs Edenlith - Some parts of the tournament are relatively insulated from the rigors of the day to day drama going on behind the scenes. Once relatively assured of her friend's safety, Edenlith's success in the tournament has earned her a match with the genius, Ken Masters. The US Martial Arts champion may unabashedly enjoy quite a bit of privilege in whatever event he goes to, and there is probably more than a small fiscal interest in DOATEC fronting him with a proven performer in their very own coliseum for a little ratings grab of an exhibition. At least, that's what it looks like on the surface. It's a little hard not to feel like a rat on the maze, with the labyrinthine setup of tournament and promo matches. - created on 10:19:30 02/07/2022 by Edenlith and last modified on 23:14:02 03/09/2022. Cast: Ken Masters and Edenlith.

If You'd Like To Make A Call... - One meeting was planned. And yet... it's interesting, how quickly a plan can change.Now, the Pacific High student is meeting a whole new contact. And this one is only concerned with what a boy does when put between a rock and a hard place. - created on 15:01:50 02/10/2022 by Magi and last modified on 04:17:46 03/16/2022. Cast: Rafferty and Magi.

DOA R2 - Juri vs Jae Hoon - There is always a little bit of a problem with managing Juri. The taekwondo princess is known for doing what she wants, when she wants, and easily sports the power to back it up. She's tied up in this event in a strange way, because when Jae Hoon is flown all the way out to the luxurious new venue Zack Island for a match with the taekwondoka, it is immediately evident that someone has doctored the brackets to result in something that looks an awful lot like a death sentence instead of a nice relaxing gme of volleyball. Luckily, he's not alone, as someone else noticed the seed tampering. But Cage has a choice in front of him: Join in the fight and potentially disqualify himself from the tournament, or let Jae Hoon handle himself to keep his cover intact. - created on 19:06:19 02/10/2022 by Juri and last modified on 23:20:18 03/09/2022. Cast: Jae Hoon, Juri, and Johnny Cage.

DOA R2 - Aeria Corday vs Hayley - A few matches are being hosted on Zack Island this round as part of a cross-promotion for DOATEC's media dealings with the new owner of the illustrious island resort. Quite a pretty penny has been spent on an otherwise lower-seed match, but Zack Island has been host to hundreds of celebrities already since it first opened, and there's no better way to promote the otherwise grim brand of Dead or Alive to the investing public. However, the rough and tumble rumble roses brought out for the match today are no fading flowers, and there's already news of an exceedingly scary match going on elsewhere on the island. The only way for these two girls to match it is with a little blood on the sand! - created on 11:55:45 02/11/2022 by Hayley and last modified on 23:31:39 03/09/2022. Cast: Hayley and Aeria Corday.

The Janus Project - Company Policy - After a pair of competing contractors and their erstwhile comrades conspire to form an unlikely alliance around taking a guard from DOATEC captive, the co-conspirators have found shocking evidence of the company's collaborations with Ultratech. Unfortunately, they may not survive to get the information onto paper. Ultratech is a company that is known for keeping track of every percentage point, and the variance in their shipments did not go unnoticed. Not at all. And now, they've sent someone very familiar with contract work to deal with the unsavory evidence in a very, very plain way. - created on 19:17:10 02/13/2022 by Cinder and last modified on 23:55:34 03/09/2022. Cast: Gregory, Cinder, and Velvet Blue.

The Janus Project - Not Death But Life - The lord god of thunder Raiden normally has so little to do with the day-to-day affairs of mortals, a tournament like Dead or Alive would not raise his suspicion. However, the thunder god has sensed an imbalance in the energies of the world surrounding Ultratech's mysterious JANUS Project. Though Raiden's charge is to censure against the monstrous denizens behind the veil, humanity is not something so easily manipulated by science. The fomenting war has more sides to it than any one entity can see, and Raiden's journey will take him to the heart of the resistance: a diminutive trainee kunoichi, far out in the wilds. He must spread the warning about the forces at play in this tournament. - created on 16:26:15 02/15/2022 by Raiza and last modified on 23:39:34 03/09/2022. Cast: Raiden and Raiza.

Supremacy of the Miltechs - Mistaken Identity - When she loses the module to the shinobi, Noboru, it may have seemed that she reached a dead end for her ambitions. However, a single piece of data from the shinobi who fought her gives her thread of hope a tug, leading the mercenary to accept an Ultratech contract involving deadly werewolves in Mumbai. However, before she can track down the targets, her corporate benefactor sends their own team made up entirely of black bag technology to the rally point to help secure the targets. But how is she going to respond when the robotic soldiers -- known only as DTs -- immediately identify her as a lycanthropic threat? Will she be able to defeat them before they can uplink and report the deviance, destroying her cover? - created on 12:39:02 02/17/2022 by Shina and last modified on 23:48:25 03/09/2022. Cast: Tsinghua and Shina.

Supremacy of the Miltechs - National Sanctions - After obtaining the security codes to DOATEC's cache facilities with relatively little resistance, the warlord is now moving out to an undisclosed location in the middle east north of India on a flying dual-rotor military-grade cargo carrier. The weapons and advancements of DOATEC could be enough to shift the balance of power away from long-stagnant players and into new hands entirely. Unfortunately, Kira finds it won't be as easy as rolling up and knocking on a door, as the world governments have begun to mobilize their own forces into the tournament. When she sees the robotic Zepp flight exoskeleton airlifting a single massive soldier up to boarding altitude, she'll know that the worst case scenario is underway. - created on 07:59:30 02/18/2022 by Kira Volkov and last modified on 23:57:45 03/09/2022. Cast: Kira Volkov and Potemkin.

DOA R2 - Kasumi vs Chun-Li - With her mysterious qualifier round match disappearing, Kasumi of the Mugen Tenshin's advancing in the ranks brings her to DOATEC's Aerial Gardens in China, where a group of informants await. The Lin Kuei clan have too heard of the destruction of the hidden village in Japan and have been deploying their cybernetic ninja to the region, and have likely nearly killed Kasumi once or twice in the past week due to her perceived involvement. However, before she can finally clear everything up, she first has to deal with her tournament fight, Chun-Li, who has more than a few pieces of information and even more questions about DOATEC's dealings from her connections to Interpol. - created on 14:42:36 02/21/2022 by Kasumi and last modified on 10:15:12 05/06/2022. Cast: Chun-Li and Kasumi.

DOA R2 - Skleros - Lying in wait in hopes of making contact with a possible informant while also hiding out from the pursuing Lin Kuei, Kasumi of the Mugen Tenshin ninja clan finds herself ambushed by the Iron Mystic of the Miyama. Is he an adjudicator of vengeance motivated by the rumors of Mugen Tenshin hostilities among the clans? Or is his pursuit motivated by something else? - created on 19:09:36 02/21/2022 by Kasumi and last modified on 01:28:43 07/28/2023. Cast: Kasumi and Noboru.

DOA R2 - Sagat vs Terry - He is the only man to discard the title of Emperor only to vie for God. Sagat is not a man overly concerned with the affairs of Shadaloo, but he is not so solitary that he wouldn't be aware Shadaloo's deadly spider has gone rogue at about the same time that psychic emanations ripple all over the globe. Whether or not he cares is another matter entirely. The Dead or Alive World Combat Championship offers a chance to test his skills on the world stage against every manner of opponent. And among those is the Legendary Wolf, Terry Bogard. In the Aqua Palace, a reinforced underwater aquarium off the coat of Australia, two fighters meet in utter seclusion. - created on 19:46:54 02/22/2022 by Sagat and last modified on 23:29:02 03/09/2022. Cast: Terry and Sagat.

DOA R2 (Exhibition) - Mila vs Tsinghua - In this Dead or Alive matchup, Tsinghua takes on Mila in what should be an interesting case of truly mixed-up martial arts! (WINNER: Tsinghua) - created on 13:39:10 02/26/2022 by Mila and last modified on 23:26:25 03/09/2022. Cast: Mila and Tsinghua.

DOA R2 - Lyraelle vs Whitney - The internet superstar Lyraelle's engagement ratings have been soaring since her highly publicized entry into the Dead or Alive WCC. But the cunning darkstalker is forced to balance a number of agendas behind the scenes, between trying to get on top of whatever it is DOATEC is doing vs. actually advancing in the tournament itself. However, the tournament is constructed strangely, unlike any other before it, and she finds herself backstage at the Ultratech Exhibition Arena building trailing a very specific supernatural mark. It's there she meets her next matchup, as if she were expected. There's a lot of money still up in the air for contractors, and the otherwise nondescript man on the other side has come to investigate the youth's activities. You see, the Mishima syndicate has heard that Ultratech is planning to make a very big move, very soon, and this JANUS Project and its relation to Darkstalkers is number one on the list. - created on 12:27:03 03/05/2022 by Whitney and last modified on 23:24:11 03/09/2022. Cast: Whitney and Lyraelle.

Call Me Raiza! DOA OVA: Raiden's Angels - With a new mission from a mysterious benefactor, Raiza reaches out to her classmate for recruitment to the party. She and Daisuke soon find themselves joined by a third wheel... but maybe a tricycle is just what the doctor ordered? - created on 14:35:28 03/06/2022 by Raiza and last modified on 23:56:41 03/11/2022. Cast: Lucky Chloe, Daisuke, and Raiza.

Mirror Mirror - A chance beating from a mysterious stranger has left the Demon Queen in existential crisis. She retreats to a rarely-used sanctum to seek reassurances from a magic mirror. - created on 22:51:06 03/09/2022 by Lyraelle and last modified on 23:59:23 03/09/2022. Cast: Lyraelle.

The Road Less Travelled - While other nations have taken a more clandestine approach to the political stability surrounding the tournament, Zepp's efforts have been considerably more forthright. After seizing abandoned DOATEC assets from rebel militants in India, Zepp has not responded kindly to the sudden appearance of a huge flying fortress over the ocean. The security sanctions it imposes make it very hard for unauthorized personnel to sneak in. Unauthorized people like Lyraelle. She's finally pinned the tracking mark to its final resting place: the ominous Fatal Core. Of course, she'll have to get through the flying security blockade first, composed mostly of a man the size of a wall. And the war the muscle wall is currently having with Ultratech's security detail, a man who is apparently made entirely of plasma and witty comebacks. And she has to do it at a screaming 193 km/h. On stolen Ultratech hypercycles. On a road made entirely of forcefields. No problem. - created on 20:51:33 03/30/2022 by Cinder and last modified on 10:19:24 05/06/2022. Cast: Cinder, Potemkin, and Lyraelle.

DOA R3 - Renka/Shina vs Heidern: "Ikari Rising" - With the lockdowns occurring at JANUS sites all over the world, information is becoming harder to find surrounding the enigmatic and controversial process clearly at the heart of Darkstalker disappearances all over the globe. In this case, the only way to find out is directly from servers from the JANUS facilities. Infiltrating a facility in the middle of a massive protest is no easy task, but an NOL agent should have no problem with it. However, Renka will discover that the security's already been breached, and that Shina has been sent by Ultratech to address what was assumed to be a rioter breakin. Shina, working with Ultratech to pursue an agenda of her own in secret, will find out that the entire facility has been secretly taken over by a powerful covert military force. The Ikari Warriors have mobilized in response to the drama, and they will not abide by any interference. How far are Renka and Shina really willing to go to find out the truth? - created on 11:52:39 04/04/2022 by Shina and last modified on 19:46:40 06/10/2022. Cast: Heidern, Renka, and Shina.

Break-In - Daisuke and Edenlith (with Storm) save Rafferty. They are not super quiet about it. - created on 14:25:52 04/07/2022 by Edenlith and last modified on 10:20:11 05/06/2022. Cast: Edenlith, Rafferty, and Daisuke.

Crackdown, Vol 3 - "Furthermore, the Ultratech corporation would like you to know it is aware of the rumors surrounding potential mergers between Ultratech and some of its contemporaries. Currently, any speculation should be considered premature and ultimately irresponsible, as espionage, terrorism and unrest remain at all time highs. However, Ultratech is pleased to announce it has extended its collaborative partnership with China's infamous Gong Family. History and Ultratech have always gone hand in hand, and now Ultratech is excited to feature a storied, timeless expertise as the cutting edge solution to the problems of today. Specialists from the Gong Estate will be on call throughout medical facilities worldwide to offer their unique therapeutic abilities and martial prowess for the benefit of all patients." - created on 10:59:32 04/08/2022 by Raiza and last modified on 10:20:50 05/06/2022. Cast: Lucky Chloe, Tsinghua, and Raiza.

DOA R3 - Kasumi vs Whitney: "Information Control" - While some other groups need to manually make their way out, in the tournament semifinals, competitors found themselves with much easier disposal. Airlifted onto a massive floating battlestation that is DOATEC's secret Fatal Core facility, Kasumi meets her challenger in a massive arena on the facility's broadcast floor. Here, al the threads about the dangerous Dead or Alive tournament meet, along with the trail of an old ghost of the Mugen Tenshin -- but the company is still pulling all the strings. Her opponent today knows a thing or two about pulling strings: Representing Heihachi's eye in the tournament, Whitney has developed interesting details that suggest the corporate upheaval is not just localized to DOATEC. Together, they could access Fatal Core's advanced communications arrays. But first -- they have a battle to settle. - created on 12:05:55 04/11/2022 by Whitney and last modified on 18:09:05 05/23/2022. Cast: Kasumi and Whitney.

DOA R3 - Hayley vs Brandon - The Semi-Finals of the DoA between Brandon Malone and Hayley Bretherton takes place on an airship taking flight away from the riots below. There are so many questions to answer. Why is energy acting haywire? What's really going on behind the scenes of the DoA tournament? What is going on with the darkstalker cures? What is the deal behind the death of Fame Douglas? - created on 19:48:09 04/14/2022 by Brandon and last modified on 10:21:40 05/06/2022. Cast: Brandon and Hayley.

The Janus Project - Impact to the Oppressed (Pt 1) - The Darkstalker disappearances have contributed to noticeable unrest around the less-than-human community. Already, massive protests have started to rally around the so-called treatment centers surrounding Ultratech's lauded new reversal treatment for Darkstalkers. With the appearance of Fatal Core being subjected to a corporate military blockade right now, the JANUS facilities seem to be the only way to gain access to the powerful flying engineering station. Unfortunately, the protest outside is much more violent than most, sweeping up even unrelated people and causing the facility to go into lockdown. Now, it's up to a choice few to find the hand that seems to drive these beasts to ever escalating heights of rage before they tear the building down brick by brick. - created on 15:18:19 04/15/2022 by Velvet Blue and last modified on 10:23:34 05/06/2022. Cast: Masaru, Velvet Blue, and Aeria Corday.

The Janus Project - Impact to the Oppressed (Pt 2) - Gregory Holloway splits up with his ally of convenience, Velvet Blue, to deal with the darkstalker riot while said ally handles another problem. Will the assassin be overwhelmed by the numbers or will he manage to hold down the fort? - created on 16:35:33 04/15/2022 by Gregory and last modified on 10:25:01 05/06/2022. Cast: Gregory.

The Devil's Advocate - Having successfully infiltrated the FATAL CORE's labritory facilities, the Demon Queen finds her branded gambit still alive and angry. But every action has a cost, and the universe has a funny way of giving us exactly what we deserve. - created on 14:40:33 05/03/2022 by Rae and last modified on 13:14:53 05/23/2022. Cast: Rae and Lyraelle.

New Blade Gospel, pt. 2 - Deep in the bowels of the DOATEC HK headquarters, blasts rip through the complex. Somewhere above, shinobi from all corners of the world war with corporate agents and nightmarish cybernetic assets. Even further above, the sky falls. However, Daisuke still has a mission to accomplish. Somewhere in this facility Raiza has found her way into the middle of a war, and Hideo Shimazu is still lost somewhere within. The entire situation is incomprehensibly dangerous, with evacuation alarms and imminent impact alerts blaring throughout the facility. Searching for Raiza or the missing teacher, Daisuke runs across a mysterious man in the bowels of the corporate labyrinth, clearly injured, but carrying files taken from the holding cell areas. The thing is, Daisuke even seeing him here is a loose end. And Daisuke needs to get past him. - created on 12:00:14 07/18/2022 by Whitney and last modified on 11:36:17 10/16/2022. Cast: Whitney and Daisuke.

Final Performance: And Emancipation - Arriving at DOATEC HQ to find out the true extent of DOATEC and Ultratech's involvement in the corporate wars currently embroiling and threatening even G-Corporation they find a headquarters in shambles. The remnants of machines and downed corporate assassins of every color and stripe lay everywhere. Black soot and exposed metal is everywhere. And in the center, one last machine, half-mad with the truth, and the programming to capture all intruders. DOATEC's tower is doomed, with the final impact due in minutes. Will the machine overide all sense, or will the man prevail one last time? - created on 15:43:21 07/21/2022 by Rae and last modified on 05:16:58 03/10/2023. Cast: Brandon, Rae, and Lucky Chloe.

Invidia - Emboldened by an encrypted file given to them in secret during the tumult of the Darkstalker riots, Gregory and Velvet Blue have discovered that Ultratech's JANUS Project is hiding a secret -- that the process to separate the humanity from a Darkstalker is not always as clinical as its made out to be. Some, it works on, and the process is a success. Some are imprisoned forever as hosts for the very machines the company is fielding to capture them. And yet still others are somewhere in-between. Deep in the holds beneath the JANUS facility, the team and their erstwhile backup will find themselves face-to-face with the most devastating secrets yet. - created on 19:33:53 07/22/2022 by Lyraelle and last modified on 19:00:09 08/08/2022. Cast: Gregory, Velvet Blue, Lyraelle, and Aeria Corday.

New Blade Gospel - The shinobi villages have identified the co-conspirator behind the Mugen Tenshin attacks. In the cover of night, scores of special assassination teams from all over the world infiltrate DOATEC's Hong Kong headquarters, to end the organization from top to bottom and cut the feet out from underneath the real perpetrator. However, what the teams were not suspecting was the arrival of cybernetic and killing assets by the dozens. The DOATEC board has been executed, with extreme prejudice, felling several companies in one fell swoop. Victor Donovan is missing. There are rumors of this occurring all over the world. One man stands at the head of it all, a demon whose fist is stained with blood. The coup has begun. - created on 20:07:12 08/14/2022 by Raiza and last modified on 18:54:39 05/30/2023. Cast: Kazuya, Noboru, and Raiza.

Dominus - The roar is louder than anything has a right to be. The plan was to escape, to pull back, to finally enjoy some peace and quiet. Then apparently a tyrannosaur broke confinement. During a relatively uneventual checkout at one of the Dead or Alive Visitor's Centers watching the final matches and accompanying news from what one would imagine to be a safe distance, an entire wall caves in. Apparently, Darkstalker attacks have destabilized nearby JANUS facilities, and well, apparently there's some confusion about where the sophisticated ICE system is supposed to be. As well as where Rafferty is supposed to be. Oh dear. - created on 18:18:10 12/23/2022 by Edenlith and last modified on 11:34:15 01/08/2023. Cast: Edenlith, Nena, and Rafferty.

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