The Heart and the Feather - The ritual was complete. Nightwolf assumes the guise of his spirit totem to dive deep within the Egyptian Underworld, known as Duat, to follow the trail of the lost Interpol Agent, Daniel Jack. As he reaches the detective, he finds that he is ready to face the final trial: to have his heart weighed against the feather of truth. Nightwolf can do many things as a shaman. But can he convince a god to stay his hand at the first soul he's tasted in centuries? - created on 20:28:50 11/11/2014 by Daniel and last modified on 01:31:41 11/12/2014. Cast: Daniel and Nightwolf.

Why Do You Fight, Daniel Jack? - In the wake of his Neo-League fight with Rainbow Mika, Daniel Jack has confronted unfortunate details about how he appeared to the world around him now. No longer in his flashy Zoot Suit with his swaggering presence, the detective was government dull. The detective was boring in his technique, and while effective, it didn't sell tickets. With his Chief furious and the detective being shunted to his next challenge, he briefly considers to drop everything... until a familiar young lady reenters his life... - created on 18:10:26 12/18/2014 by Daniel and last modified on 18:52:53 12/20/2014. Cast: Daniel and Hitomi.

A Kick To The Side - After his success, Daniel Jack was rewarded by his Chief with the greatest of White Elephants: A new sidekick. More importantly, the Chief's own daughter was now Daniel's partner in fighting crime. Maybe it wouldn't be bad. Maybe it wouldn't be horrible. But for people who knew how Interpol worked? Daniel was facing a punishment worse than death: Promotion. - created on 18:23:06 01/05/2015 by Daniel and last modified on 21:00:06 01/08/2015. Cast: Daniel and Daisy.

Monster: Second Helpings - Agent Daniel Little of Interpol has finally realized that The Butcher is more than just a murderer, at the cost of his own spiritual essence. Warding off the effects of the soul consumption, he reaches the Southtown General Hospital to interview Officer Louis, the only other surviving victim of the Butcher. But when Honoka comes to investigate as well, the pool of victims begins to grow as The Butcher pays a visit... - created on 14:36:52 01/31/2015 by Daniel and last modified on 02:51:50 02/05/2015. Cast: Honoka, Daniel, and The Butcher.

Monster: Read Your Rights - In the aftermath of The Butcher's attack on the Southtown General Hospital, his primary victim, Honoka, recovers in a room of her own. Ravaged not just physically, but spiritually as well, Daniel Jack watches over her, uncertain of her fate... and his own. - created on 16:12:11 02/04/2015 by Daniel and last modified on 00:26:34 02/06/2015. Cast: Honoka and Daniel.

Daniel Jack Investigates: Webs Of Insanity! - Agent Little has suddenly found himself in the greatest danger in his entire detective life! After being forced to mindmeld with a teenage girl to fight Darkstalkers, he wakes up after months in a coma, strapped to a medical table. How he got there, he does not know. But what he soon finds that he is helpless in the clutches of the insane Doctor Tessitore. The Agent of Interpol soon realizes that the only way he is going to escape is through his wit and unstoppable charm. Will Daniel Jack escape this evil dimension, or will he become entangled in... the Webs Of Insanity!?! (The interior is a dungeon. Daniel Jack himself is topless, his manly chest naked and exposed. He is restrained by wrist cuffs that chain him to the wall, but giving him enough slack to lunge at what must be his captor. Dr. Tess seems to have the top half of a woman, and the bottom half of a spider, and has red glowing eyes. She is dressed in a strapless red evening gown, and has several goblins nearby with doctor tools and one of them is handing her a scalpel.) (45 cents) - created on 12:21:11 06/15/2015 by Daniel and last modified on 16:14:48 09/12/2015. Cast: Daniel and Dr. Tessitore.

International Incidents - Already, Max's first mission, the recovery of the Spanish galleon San Jose and its billion British pounds of silver and gold, was a disaster. Ambushed by an unknown force on the train to Cartegena, Max had lost a key piece of his puzzle, Colombian Federal Intelligence operative Sophia Marcos. One MI6 analyst in Cartegena was dead, and one allied intelligence agent was missing and presumed captured. That leaves it up to Agent Max Evory to recover Agent Marcos and hunt down the force that stole her from the luxury train they were taking to the coast from Bogota. But Max isn't alone; Interpol has sent its finest Agents to assist him in saving the girl, getting the gold, and capturing the bad guy. Unfortunately for him, the finest seems to be the infamous Daniel Jack and the eccentric Daisy Mallone... - created on 21:59:43 12/15/2015 by Daniel and last modified on 13:04:23 12/17/2015. Cast: Daniel, Daisy, and Max.

Cartel Blanche - Max Evory and Daniel Little are finally making their move on the Shadaloo-backed drug cartel, conducting a raid with the help of Colombian Army Junglas against a coca farm. The goal? Capture a Shadaloo adviser, and uncover the truth of the missing gold! - created on 14:42:38 12/31/2015 by Daniel and last modified on 19:07:49 12/31/2015. Cast: Daniel and Max.

Daniel Jack Investigates: Come Into My Parlor! - After Agent Little was revived on the slab in the control of the insane Doctor Tessitore, our wily detective did the only thing he could do under such duress: The sweet sweet seduction of a true Interpol Agent. Now in the good standings of the one Dr. Fio Tessitore, the pair go to a fancy Majigen steakhouse to enjoy the finest delights in the twisted land... but what is our public dick really up to with the dangerous spider lady? Will he be able to resist the good doctor's wiles... or will he Come Into Her Parlour? (The cover art shows the interior of a western saloon. Daniel Jack is on top of a table, fighting off a hoard of rat sized goblin spider things. One is leaping at his neck, which he is grabbing, while several others are trying to pull him off his table. Doctor Tess has a lazy eye and is rubbing her hands together as she sits in a nearby chair. She is dressed in a strapless red evening gown. A single skeleton sits at the bar in the background, wearing a cowboy hat. A mop accompanies him.) (45 cents) - created on 12:45:21 01/07/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 00:21:15 01/09/2016. Cast: Daniel and Dr. Tessitore.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Vaults of Time! - When Arch-Rival Zach Glenn, the jaded Ex-Marine turned Monster Hunter, gets arrested for breaking up gang violence, Agent Daniel "Jack" Little of Interpol is quick to corner his rival at the police department. Trapped like a rat, Zach Glenn and Daniel Jack battle in an intense war of wits and fists as our stalwart detective investigates the TRUTH of not only Zach, but also his dangerous dame, Honoka Kawamoto. A dangerous dame they BOTH share. Will Daniel Jack uncover the secrets of Zach and Honoka or will they be lost in... The Vaults Of Time?! (The cover shows Daniel Jack fully amble and standing on both legs in a smokey interrogation room. Both him and Zach have seemed to have thrown over the table, and both have their fists up, ready to box. Hovering over both Daniel and Zach is a bubbly, hazy thought cloud, showing the imaginations of both. Within the cloud, a diabolical Honoka looms over them, clad in a strapless red gown, showing an ample bosom as she arcs her diablos over the heads of both men) (45 cents) - created on 15:00:51 03/18/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 17:18:56 03/20/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn and Daniel.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Trials Of the Dragon - After his successful investigation, our stalwart Daniel "Jack" Little, master investigator of Interpol, goes out into the Mountains of Fuji in order to seek out insight from a Japanese Hermit. After encountering the ancient ninja Ryu Hayabusa at his dojo, the old hermit chooses that, before he grants our ace detective the infinite knowledge of Great Nippon's wisdom, he must complete the ten tests of courage to prove his worth. Thus our master detective is set on a journey of danger, discovery, and daring. With Ryu's twin sister Kasumi conflicted by her duty to the trials and her budding feelings for the handsome detective, this truly is an adventure of love and lusts. With enemies and allies around every corner, will our brave detective be able to overcome... The Trials of The Dragon? (The cover art shows Daniel Jack dressed in a loin cloth and barbarian mail, a great horned helmet on his head and a claymore in his hands. He is surrounded by several mirrors in some kind of dungeon. In each mirror is an image of a long-nailed yellow-skinned ninja, who clearly must be Ryu Hayabusa. Clinging to his leg desperately is Kasumi the ninja, clad in a strapless red gown and looking in horror at the mirrors. Daniel stares intently on one of the reflections, a face of pure courage upon him) (45 cents) - created on 20:38:17 04/04/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 23:50:20 04/09/2016. Cast: Daniel and Ryu Hayabusa.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Chill Of Siberia! - After his stunning defeat of the Japanese Mafia, Agent Daniel 'Jack' Little returns back to Da Chief to lay down the law, and tell him what exactly he needs to protect the world. But in the midsts of the rivalries between America and Russia, Interpol has tasked Agent Little to team up with the White Angel of Death to investigate another international tournament. What is worse, is that the Russians are involved with his Fio Tessitore, and are likely holding her hostage to compel our red blooded hero's assistance. Daniel Jack has agreed to work with the Russians for now, but will he be able to control his Russian sidekick or will he fall victim to... The Chill Of Siberia?! (The cover shows Daniel Jack strapped to a wooden chair, his eyes forced open by a set of metal claws. Standing by his side, armed with a crop, is what must be the White Angel of Death herself. Dressed in a strapless red gown, the white-haired Russian woman is impossibly beautiful with a harsh but curved figure... with the exception of a carefully placed scar over her right eye. She looms over our detective as he stares into a television, his face twisted in absolute horror. On the table that the TV is on, there is a stack of VHS tapes. Their labels include 'Jezebel Failblesse's Hamlet', 'Cowgirls Vs Nazis,' and 'A Very Lightning Spangles Passover.') (45 cents) - created on 17:09:41 05/07/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 12:08:31 05/08/2016. Cast: Daniel and Sergei.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Spider's Gift! - With his new partner, The White Angel of Death, Agent Daniel 'Jack' Little has only one thing on his mind: training. Challenging his new teammate to a friendly spar, it soon becomes apparently that there was more than one reason why the White Angel of Death had become assigned to Daniel. The detective finds himself in a race against time as his opponent becomes more and more afflicted by the deadly injection given by the femme fatale scientist Fio Tessitore. Will he be able to save his new partner? Or will The White Angel of Death fall victim to... The Spider's Gift? (The cover shows a white-haired woman ensnared in thick webbing, covering all her skin but binding tight to her curves. Her scarred eyes are shut, and the Russian woman is passed out. Clutching her is Fio Tessitore, the black haired scientist doctor spider woman who is currently clad in a strapless red gown. She is toying with the Russian woman with her spider legs. Daniel Jack is somewhere towards the background coming out of a door, looking shocked at the lurid display happening.) (45 cents) - created on 12:22:49 05/08/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 23:47:43 05/08/2016. Cast: Daniel and Sergei.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Price of Purity! - With the White Angel of Death dying of the accursed chemical injected in her by the wicked and lustful Dr. Fio Tessitore, stalwart ace detective Daniel 'Jack' Little of Interpol is forced on a journey. Traveling to her castle in the depths of Translyvania, he allows himself to be captured in order to uncover the cure for his partner's affliction. Daniel Jack is willing to do anything for his partner, but is he willing to pay... The Price Of Purity? (The cover shows the beautiful and deadly White Angel of Death strapped to a slab, writhing in pain, in the midst of a mad scientist's lab. She is garbed in a strapless red dress. Strapped to another slab is Daniel Jack. Fio Tessitore, the diabolical spider scientist, is operating a panel while wearing a full lab coat. Daniel is writhing on the slab just like the White Angel of Death, but he seems to be caught in a kind of mid transformation; not only is he beginning to share some of the features of the dangerous Russian woman, but his detective suit seems to have the beginning transformations of a strapless red dress...) (45 cents) - created on 12:27:53 05/09/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 13:25:35 05/16/2016. Cast: Daniel and Dr. Tessitore.

Daniel Jack Investigates: Brutality And The Beast! - Ace Detective Daniel 'Jack' Little, having defeated the wily Doctor Tessitore, finds himself shunted swiftly back into Japan on the trail of a series of murders. Suspecting something more monster than man, he quickly finds himself facing a gorilla of a ninja, the dreaded ape Noboru. Having trained in the jungles of Morroco, the looming Noboru is swift to attack our stalwart detective. Can Daniel Jack defeat this dreaded beast of a ninja? Or will he fall victim to... Brutality and the Beast!? (The cover shows what is clearly a 50 foot tall gorilla in a black ninja outfit. The gorilla is wearing a black balaclavas, where you can see a white scar running across his one eye. He is currently on top of Geese Tower, clutching the top of the tower with one hand, and a shapely Nagase in a red strapless gown in the other. Daniel Jack, along with The White Angel of Death and Lieutenant Lita, are piloting three separate biplanes around the gorilla, firing their mounted machineguns at it. A fourth biplane, whose pilot is unknown, is currently burning and falling, as a giant shuriken has been driven deeply into it.) (45 cents) - created on 23:39:57 05/16/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 13:07:43 05/18/2016. Cast: Daniel and Noboru.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Ties That Bind! - Agent Daniel 'Jack' Little, returning from the distant land of Japan, soon returns to Interpol in time to bond with his partner on the Interpol team. However, as he seeks to meet the White Angel of Death in private, to treat her of her affliction, he soon finds himself in a trap set by the vile General Zima. Caught in the General's schemes, the detective finds himself battle not only the White Angel of Death, but the very Russian army itself. Will Daniel find his escape? Or will he forever be ensnared in... The Ties That Bind!? (The cover shows Daniel Jack in some kind of dungeon, poorly lit and with no windows. Our detective is tied to a chair, his naked muscled chest bulging against the hemp ropes. Several fresh lashes and wounds are seen on his body. The White Angel of Death, dressed in a strapless red dress, clutches a whip in one hand, and a bottle of vodka in the other. She is in mid cackle as she pours the bottle of liquor over our brave Agent of Interpol, as slowly you can see the ropes fraying from the effort. Behind them, the craven General Zima watches from the doorway, steepling his fingers wickedly.) (45 Cents) - created on 19:01:24 05/19/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 17:56:12 05/27/2016. Cast: Daniel and Sergei.

Daniel Jack Investigates: Trouble At Motel 666! - Ace Detective Daniel 'Jack' Little of Interpol returns back to his hotel room after his deadly encounter with the fierce ninja gorilla Noboru. Little does he know that, waiting for him, is his rival Zach Glenn. The ex-marine has a message for the detective, and it is none too good. Will Daniel Jack be able to handle this uninvited guest? Or will he find himself in... Trouble At Motel 666!? (The cover shows an elegant and high-class hotel room, filled with a kitchen, a giant foyer, and of course a queen sized bed. Standing by the bed, however, is Zach Glenn, dressed in the uniform of the US Marines. The man is enraged, and the brutish Zach Glenn is in midpunch. His fist is squarely on the lantern-jawed, topless and musclebound Daniel Jack, spittle and blood bursting from his face as the blow lands. Lying on the bed is Honoka in a strapless red gown, writhing and shutting her eyes tight as she clutches a bottle of whiskey in her hand.) (45 cents) - created on 12:37:45 05/20/2016 by AY4M3 and last modified on 22:40:13 05/21/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn and Daniel.

Daniel Jack Investigates: A Tower of Betrayal! - Ace Interpol Detective Daniel 'Jack' Little is fresh from his stunning victory over the mystery and manic Team Sunshine, and straight into a mystery. After two men were attacked during his tournament fight, Daniel Jack is hot on the trail. Little does he know, as he creeps up the belltower in pursuit of his quarry, is that their associations are past mere business folk. Will Daniel Jack escape the trap left for him? Or will he fall victim to... A Tower of Betrayal!? (The cover shows Daniel Jack halfway up a set of stairs, within a creepy clock tower. The interior is a cut-away, outside is the devious and alluring White Angel of Death, the beautiful, blonde scarred Russian woman in a strapless red dress. She is busy closing the door behind Daniel, and has a key in the keyhole to lock it from the outside. Daniel Jack is in the middle of turning around, reaching out and shouting towards the doorway. Behind him, two devious-looking vampires are lunging from the shadows, claws out to capture our stalwart detective.) (45 cents) - created on 22:19:11 06/24/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 11:54:05 06/30/2016. Cast: Daniel, Sergei, and Jedah.

Daniel Jack Investigates: At The Cemetary Gates! - After being rescued by his sidekick Lieutenant Lita, Ace Detective Daniel 'Jack' Little is quickly thrust into his next most dangerous mission. Lita, after taking Daniel to safety, soon falls into hysterics, her feminine mind afflicted by strange feelings and emotions. It is up to Daniel Jack to slap some sense to her, and find out the cause of her madness. Little does Daniel know that the answer to this riddle lies... At The Cemetary Gates? (The cover shows Lieutenant Lita Luwanda in a strapless red dress, unconscious in a gigantic palm of some grey-skinned human. In another giant palm next to the other, Daniel Jack is dressed in his Interpol greys, reaching out across the vast abyss of darkness between the two hands to Lita. Above both of them, a pair of eyes peer out, looking to just be pupils. The vague shape of the figure's face can be seen, with sharp angles that give it the impression of looking like a human face, with a texture of black leather) (45 cents) - created on 18:00:11 06/28/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 22:47:18 06/30/2016. Cast: Daniel and Lita.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Enduring Memories! - With the arrival of Zach Glenn, Ace Detective Daniel 'Jack' Little finally has what he needs to save Lieutenant Lita Luwanda. With the psionic assistance of Zach Glenn, the detective begins a journey into the depths of Lita's deepest subconscious. There, Daniel Jack battles the deepest visions and darkest desires of his partner. Will Daniel Jack succeed in rescuing his partner from herself? Or will he sink beneath into... The Enduring Memories?! (The cover shows Lita Luwanda asleep on an operating table, dressed in a strapless red dress. Above her, in a dream bubble, Zach Glenn is riding on top of a flying shark, mouth wide in shock, as he looks down at a jungle from above in a pink sky. Daniel Jack is currently topless, his shirts in tatters, as he fights barefisted with a tribe of angry, tattoed natives. He has one of them in a headlock, while he is punching another one in the jaw, knocking free a spear from its hand.) (45 cents) - created on 16:11:19 07/01/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 22:48:20 07/04/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn, Daniel, and Lita.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Prisoner of Ice! - After our stalwart Agent Daniel 'Jack' Little of Interpol narrowly conquered Charlie Nash and his henchmen in the King of Fighters, the detective found himself imprisoned by his former allies, the Russians. Enslaved to work the treachrous Ice Mines of Siberia, our ace detective found help in the most unlikely places. Maximilian 'Max' Evory, secret agent of MI6 and star of the hit comic series 'Agent Max,' has come to the heart of Russia to rescue the detective from the clutches. Will the master spy be able to seduce Daniel Jack out of his predicament? Or will Daniel forever be... a Prisoner of Ice?! (The cover shows the beautiful, scarred blonde-haired White Angel of Death dressed in a strapless red dress in a boudoir of some kind. She is reclined seductively on a red velvet couch. Joining her on the couch, the suave Max Evory in a white suit is pouring a glass of wine. Behind them, there are several windows showing the ice mines outside. Peering through the window is ace detective Daniel Jack, gawking in wide-eyed as he naked to the waist. Behind him, one of the minions of the White Angel of Death, a dark haired Russian woman, prepares to lash him across his back with a cat o' nine tails.) (45 cents) ***BANNED IN RUSSIA*** - created on 13:48:36 07/11/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 21:41:17 07/23/2016. Cast: Daniel, Sergei, and Max.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Shape Of Terror! - Still in the clutches of the Russians, Agent Daniel 'Jack' Little of Interpol has finally be 'cleared' for the kind of vile procedures. Gone is the ice mines of Siberia, and here is the foul medical experiments of true Russian madness. Fortunately, our brave detective has an ace up his sleeve: Major Charlie Nash of the US Military has come to the heart of Russia, to rescue Daniel from the horrific medical procedures that the Russians have plotted. Will Daniel Jack escape with his life? Or will he be force into the... Shape of Terror? (The cover shows the interior of a castle, within some mad scientist lab. Daniel Jack is strapped to a table, wearing a strange metal helmet as well as his detective outfit. Across from Daniel, using shaky blurring, it shows that Daniel seems to be in the midst into transforming into a beautiful dark-skinned woman in a strapless red gown, also wearing the strange metal helmet. General Zima, dressed in a lab coat, black gloves, and wild science hair, cackling as he pulls a switch. Off to the left side of the comic cover, Major Charlie Nash, dressed in WWII Army Fatigues and armed with a Thompson Machinegun, is leading an assault into the castle, busting down a wall and leading a troop of US Marines into the laboratory) (45 Cents) - created on 20:03:48 07/31/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 19:03:29 08/04/2016. Cast: Charlie and Daniel.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Bunker Of Secrets! - After his daring rescue from the diabolical Russian scientists, Ace Detective Agent Daniel 'Jack' Little now finds himself on the run with Major Charlie Nash, the greatest American Soldier. Escaping to the Ural Mountains, the pair have found shelter in a secret base, and quickly wisk away into a private bunker. Little do they know that within that bunker, they will soon find themselves with questions they did not think to face, and with answers too terrifying to comprehend. Will Charlie and Daniel survive their adventure into... The Bunker Of Secrets?! (The cover shows the interior of a nazi bunker, with several swastikas appearing throughout the bunker. Daniel Jack is currently entangled in the grips of several slimy slithering mauve tentacles. One is around each of his legs, spreading them apart, while Daniel himself is busy struggling with a tentacle attempting to wrap around his neck, gripping the limb with both hands. The source of these tentacles come from the body of a beautiful woman, dressed in a strapless red dress, several tentacles are erupting from underneath the skirt and from the arms. The woman has the face of Hitler, scowling like a sour puss at Agent Little. Major Charlie Nash is bursting into the open door of the bunker as well, armed with a Thompson Machinegun. The All-American hero is firing a spray of bullets around Daniel Jack at the Squid-Hitlerina.) (45 cents) - created on 19:15:53 08/30/2016 by Daniel and last modified on 18:15:33 09/01/2016. Cast: Charlie and Daniel.

Task Force International: After Actions - With that foul island tournament complete, Task Force International has returned back to their base, a man short, and a mission failure. With Agent Little gone rogue, the rest of the Task Force Internation is forced to recoup and return. With the combined efforts of General Zima and Chief Mallone, the Task Force Internation get the facts on what they must do to save the world now when they receive... After Actions! (The cover shows a circular war room, where the remaining members of the International Task Force stand. The White Angel Of Death, garbed in her White Spetznaz Uniform, stands with her arms crossed beside Major Nash, running a finger on her own scarred face as she warily stares at her. Both are holding cups of coffee. Agent Diez is busy with the high-quality HitSip, a fantastic new product created by Violet Systems, preparing himself a hot cup of coffee as he tries to flirt with Agent Lita. Agent Lita is not paying attention to him, instead holding her own cup of coffee as she looks at the screen. There, the cruel and callous frame of Daniel Jack, cast in shadows, clutches a helpless woman in a strapless red gown in with his yellow claws in some dark alleyway. Both are holding cups of coffee in their opposing hands.) (45 cents) - created on 11:41:25 06/03/2017 by Daniel and last modified on 18:12:13 06/04/2017. Cast: Daniel and Sergei.

Daniel Jack Investigated: Demon Dreaming Delights - When Daniel Jack, the masculine private dick, goes deep undercovers, he finds himself with more than he can chew when the star of Just My Twilight Life crashes in. When a meddling succubus starts interfering, however, Daniel finds himself with more dames than he can handle. Will be able to accept a little tag team help from his greatest enemy, the Ladykiller? Find out in this unlicensed doujinshi as Daniel Jack experiences... Demon Dreaming Delights. (The cover shows our ace detective topless, his rippled muscled abs exposed, as he stands in a red-roomed boudoir, pinned to a red leather couch. Clinging on to each of his arms, nearly climbed on top of his legs, is not only the hit star of Just My Twilight Life, Honoka, but also world championship fighter Ayame Ichijo. Both are dressed in strapless red gowns, though Ayame looks -badly- off model and seems to have the exact same body type as Honoka. Hanging over him, chest pressed against his back, is Morrigan, the bat-winged succubus with the green hair, garbed in a strapless red gown. The demoness is toying and pinching his cheek, as everyone looks far too sweaty and off perspective.) (75 cents) (R-18) - created on 14:19:55 10/20/2017 by Daniel and last modified on 00:14:47 10/25/2017. Cast: Daniel and Morrigan.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Butcher Returns! - Sealed away in the vaults for 80 years, the lost episode of Daniel Jack Investigates is finally released to the public. Banned by the Hays Code, the legendary return of The Butcher has finally been released in special edition. Daniel Jack finally confronts the dreaded Butcher, the cruel monster that had violated his allies. Staring down in the most incredible battle between good and evil, the question sits in the back of everyone's mind. Will Daniel survive this blood-chilling and epic confrontation? Or will he face a gory and gruesome demise when... The Butcher Returns? (The cover shows Daniel dressed in an orange Zoot Suit, outlined in a spotlight against a brick wall. In one hand, is a M3 Grease Gun, lovingly drawn. In the other? A beautiful woman in a strapless red gown, clinging to his arm. A hairy, long-fanged Butcher is leaping down towards the spotlight, dressed like a Hobo, with piercing red eyes and claw like hands. Daniel looks with disgust, as he readies the gun to perform some Sleuth Diplomacy) (45 cents) - created on 13:22:44 11/01/2017 by Daniel and last modified on 20:56:16 11/06/2017. Cast: Daniel and Masaru.

Crossing The Line - Caught between cordons on the border between the eastern and western armies, Daniel Jack finds himself hiding from MP patrols under the bed, praying for nightfall. But an individual with her own troubles, Clio St. Jeanne of the NOL, has snuck into the same house. And with Clio being trained to dispose of Darkstalkers like Daniel... tension brews as the front door opens. Will a monster emerge, or men. - created on 23:46:49 11/29/2017 by Daniel and last modified on 01:37:54 12/01/2017. Cast: Daniel and Clio.

Daniel Jack Investigates: Nun Too Holy - In a stunning, accurately researched revelation on the actual activities behind the Christian cult known as The Catholic Church, Daniel Jack's latest adventure unveals the dangerous and seedy life of the criminal sect. Lead by the sinister Pope, the secret society of religious fanatics targets our hero as he works to save some lost souls. Sending their insidiously alluring but deadly Bridget, the holy agent manages to track and trap our stalwart hero. Will Daniel Jack resist the wiles of the holy agent? Or will he discover Bridget is... Nun Too Holy?! (The cover shows Daniel Jack stripped to the waist, chained to a massive rack. The rack is positioned over a massive font filled with boiling sacrimental wine. The pope sits on his throne watching, as a pair of nubile nuns cling to his legs. Two hooded cardinals in red cloaks stand on each side of him. Bridget stands by him, and is clad in both a habit and a strapless red dress. Bridget is running a cruel finger on his chest, head thrown back in cackling laughter as Daniel is clearly slowly being lowered into the font) (45 cents) - created on 13:15:39 04/19/2018 by Daniel and last modified on 23:28:00 04/19/2018. Cast: Daniel and Bridget.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Devil's Hornpipe - Our ace detective has descended into the pits of hell itself, escaping the wicked clutches of the devouring femme fatale Morrigan Aensland. But no sooner as he plumbed the depths of the abyss, did he stumble upon the music of Old Nick himself: Heavy Metal. Trapped in the 'Satanpalooza' rock show in 'Underworld Woodstock', he must battle against the hippies and outcasts as he flees the wretched music of the damned. Can Daniel Jack escape Mephistopheles wretched grip upon his soul, or will he be damned into playing... The Devil's Hornpipe? (The cover shows Daniel Jack reaching out from the midst of a hellish mosh pit. The hordes of undead in quincy punk garb are clawing at him, ripping away his shirt as he writhes. The other half of the cover is the stage, where the hellish musicians are playing. Lord Raptor is playing bass; a stumpy short grey gargoyle is on the drums; a witchy woman in a red hat and a strapless red gown is on the keyboards; and Asmodeus himself playing lead guiter. The lead singer's mic is open, and waiting for Daniel to take point.) (45 cents) - created on 12:22:59 01/02/2019 by Daniel and last modified on 11:00:42 01/04/2019. Cast: Daniel and Zabel.

Daniel Jack Investigates: Grotto Of The Damned! - When Ace Detective turned Monster Daniel Jack follows the trail of his beloved Fio Tessitore, tensions build as he is forced to enlist the help of the trecheous Zach Glenn. The unstable ex-marine soon proves himself to be more trouble than he's worth, as the corruption from the seductive femme fatale Honoka has begun to work its magic. Can our trusty detective keep the deranged Zach Glenn focused on saving his love? Or will the lustful obsessions of a cruel mistress drive him to murder in... The Grottos of the Damned?! (The cover shows the shadowy form of Daniel Jack holding a torch in the depths of a corpse filled catacombs. He is gritting his teeth as he heroically puffs out his chest at a gaggle of moldy skeletons, who reach their bony fingers at him menancingly. Behind him is the wild-eyed Zach Glenn, whose visage is taking on a beastial, maniacal glare, as he raises a dagger over back, ready to stab the distracted Daniel. All over him are a number of strings, leading to a board where Honoka, garbed in a strapless red dress, stares with a seductive smile as she uses Zach like a puppet.) (45 cents) - created on 13:38:33 01/17/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 23:18:59 01/19/2020. Cast: Zach Glenn and Daniel.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Crucible Of Truth - After his death-defying duel in the depths of the Grottos left the city in shambles, Daniel Jack is forced to flee. But not everyone will let him turn his back from the past. The mysterious Whitney confronts him as the detective hides from the elite special forces of the NOL. There, the stranger challenges him to look upon the mirror of himself, and to truly gaze upon the matters of truth and life. When Whitney forces Daniel to confront his very soul, will our stalwart detective find himself free of the chains that bind him, or will he soon be consumed by... The Crucible Of Truth? (The cover shows Daniel in some strange attic, where old chests and boxes sit around. Daniel's shirtless back is to the audience, but he is looking into a tall, full-bodied mirror. Within the mirror, in the reflection, there is a beautiful blonde woman with tussled hair, wrapping her arms behind Daniel. She is wearing a strapless red dress. Daniel himself looks in shock not at the woman, who is unseen outside the reflection, but at his hands, whose palms are becoming hairy) (45 cents) - created on 10:43:54 01/20/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 15:19:08 01/23/2020. Cast: Daniel and Whitney.

Daniel Jack Investigates: The Clash Of Titans - Daniel Jack has arrived back in Southtown, with revenge on his mind against the vile Scarlet Dahlia. But when a beautiful dame is kidnapped by the cruel and barbaric giant Kongou, the ace detective is quick on the case. Seeking out the brute in a clearing in the forest, the shade swiftly moves to defeat the beast before he has his way with the precious maiden. Will Daniel Jack endure when he struggles in... the Clash of the Titans? (The cover shows Daniel Jack dressed in a pair of overalls, looking up the remains of a construction site for a skyscraper. At the very top is a towering Kongou, leering down as he clings to a poor innocent lady in a strapless red dress. He is hurling barrels down the girders leading up to the top. A barrel of oil sits beside him, and Daniel is reaching for a sledgehammer as a ball of fire is in mid-tumble his way.) (45 cents) - created on 15:34:57 04/03/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 19:52:47 04/04/2020. Cast: Daniel and Kongou.

Miserable Creatures - Daniel is caught by Juri doing unspeakable things to the undead. Daniel, in turn, thinks Juri is a Miko. Wacky hijinks ensue. - created on 14:57:58 07/16/2020 by Daniel and last modified on 10:04:46 07/17/2020. Cast: Daniel and Juri.

DJI: The Importance Of Being Frank - After Ace Detective Daniel Jack is beaten in a rigged match with Chinese Mafia Gangster Tairyu Katashi, he drags himself back to the hotel. On the way there, he encounters the Ladykillers, a rough and tumble gang of hardcore criminals. Luring him to a hotel room with the promise of an special one on one meeting, the detective is sent hurtling into a trap, with his very morality brought to the test. Can Daniel explain... the Important of Being Frank? (The cover shows Daniel Jack with his chin out, walking into a motel room. His shirt is off, revealing his oiled muscles and abs. Through the window, you can see a woman in a strapless red dress, motioning for him to come upon the bed where she is laying. Outside the room, in the shadows, several thugs are looking out at Daniel from hiding, smoking cigars and arms with revolvers, waiting to spring the trap) (45 cents) - created on 22:33:22 04/22/2021 by Daniel and last modified on 13:46:00 04/23/2021. Cast: Daniel.

Yonkoma 4/28/2022 - Daniel vs Akuma - Daniel Jack and Akuma battle it out in the frigid arctic. - created on 12:38:57 04/28/2022 by Daniel and last modified on 20:41:01 04/29/2022. Cast: Akuma and Daniel.

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