A Couple Bad Eggs... - A bored tanuki researching humans is not very mindful of the target of his pranks... and it's pretty hard to escape when they got wings! And he might have inadvertently outed his existence to some groups in the city not keen on lawless prankers in Southtown's midst... - created on 20:32:33 06/11/2021 by Daichi and last modified on 00:15:46 06/12/2021. Cast: Echo and Daichi.

A Bloody Encounter - Careless criminal activity might work at first, but eventually it's going to draw unwanted attention. Katsuro takes advantage of complacent tanuki's to track them to their rooftop hideaway, and makes him remember just why humans terrify him! - created on 17:14:49 06/13/2021 by Daichi and last modified on 00:00:08 06/14/2021. Cast: Katsuro and Daichi.

A Tempting Offer? - Tracked down through the wonders of technology and human information networks after being tipped off overhearing a meeting with one of her plants, Sybil confronts the tanuki and tries to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement. One or both might end up drunk by the end. - created on 16:41:26 06/16/2021 by Daichi and last modified on 00:36:15 06/20/2021. Cast: Sybil and Daichi.

The Gift of Music - Having returned as promised, as a tanuki always keeps their word, Daichi and Tsinghua discuss the trade with the Spirit World's Ancient and what -- if anything -- a human has to offer... - created on 13:39:47 06/25/2021 by Daichi and last modified on 17:31:18 07/04/2021. Cast: Tsinghua and Daichi.

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