SNF: Night Train to Terror - Delta Red's own Cammy White boards Noro's Express, redecorated as the "Night Train to Terror" for a spine-tingling battle against the Gridiron Grinder, Brian Battler! Will this final girl manage to outmaneuver her brutal opponent in these claustrophobic confines, or will he pound her into hamburger? Wait, what's this about an escaped convict? This wasn't in the script _ what do you mean Battler's down for the count? Then who's on the train?! - created on 20:56:02 10/16/2018 by Cody and last modified on 01:08:49 10/18/2018. Cast: Cody and Cammy.

SNF: Wolfman vs Dracula - In the battle for the (horror movie) ages, Leo Whitefang plays the Wolfman engaged in mortal combat with a vampire, with only one monster left standing in this action-packed start to Universal's Dark Uni--what do mean that got cancelled? _ Heavy D! just called from traffic on the freeway? Then who just went on set?! Not this again!!! - created on 21:24:47 11/13/2018 by Cody and last modified on 00:48:33 11/14/2018. Cast: Cody and Leo Whitefang.

Visitation - Cody receives a visit from an old friend. - created on 20:28:54 01/02/2019 by Cody and last modified on 23:50:09 01/02/2019. Cast: Haggar and Cody.

Job Hunting - After released into the civilian world, Cody pays a visit to an old enemy...for a job. - created on 20:40:16 08/10/2019 by Cody and last modified on 22:22:02 08/10/2019. Cast: Cody and Abigail.

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