Reunions - Clio St. Jeanne has yet to reconnect with her friend and coworker in the Library, Makoto Nanaya. Finally agreeing to meet, to talk of the way life has happened to them, and to share information and opinions on the goings on in Southtown. Their conversation is a deep, thought provoking look into the minds of. . .Actually no, they end up brawling for fun. - created on 17:45:56 12/16/2017 by Clio and last modified on 22:52:36 12/16/2017. Cast: Clio and Makoto Nanaya.

Insight and Suspicions - With concerns over corruption and fears for her future and the future of the NOL, Lt. Clio St. Jeanne leaves her opinions in a report for Lord Kagura Mutsuki. He responds quickly in the way Kagura Mutsuki does, by inviting Clio on a romantic dinner. Of course, Romantic private dinners are a great place to discuss revolution and ideals. - created on 15:00:08 12/26/2017 by Clio and last modified on 17:58:16 12/26/2017. Cast: Kagura and Clio.

Down on the Boardwalk - In the aftermath of an eventful day of fun in the sun with the Golden Angel Tournament, Clio St. Jeanne decides to sneak a visit to the Boardwalk near the Dream Amusement Park. She intends to do a little exploring, but when her explorations are joined by local high school student, Miko Kobayashi, the explorations take a turn away from the physical to the emotional. - created on 15:08:46 01/14/2018 by Clio and last modified on 20:09:42 01/15/2018. Cast: Honoka and Clio.

Everyone Needs Their Rituals - After their Golden Angel tournament sanctioned water gun match, Clio St. Jeanne and Minal Paresh meet for some after conflict ice cream. Conversations happen and an agreement is made for a second, real, sparring match to occur between the two. With enough patience to finish some ice cream, the NOL and USMC collide in the ruins of the war over Southtown. - created on 10:00:27 02/21/2018 by Clio and last modified on 21:32:41 02/24/2018. Cast: Mint and Clio.

Lion and Hound - In the mountainous forests of Albania, where the NOL and SO are making inroads and discoveries, two members of the tenuous allies meet as the sun is setting. Conversation happens between Lieutenant Clio St. Jeanne, and the Great Knight of the Sacred Order, Leo Whitefang. One is a young woman raised on the stories of heroes and knights in shining armor, the other is a man who is living that ideal. But there is something to be said for the grass being greener on the other side. - created on 00:54:05 03/23/2018 by Clio and last modified on 21:05:07 03/24/2018. Cast: Leo Whitefang and Clio.

Desertion - While conflict rages around Illyria, the wandering samurai Jubei takes to assaulting and investigating the forces at work along the leyline. But while he is entering a fray, he comes across Clio St. Jeanne on her way out of one. The former NOL Lieutenant and the S-Rank bounty fend off some of Mab's forces and discuss the future and the myriad possibilities laid out before people like them. - created on 10:14:07 05/22/2018 by Clio and last modified on 13:06:13 05/26/2018. Cast: Clio and Jubei.

In The Wake of War - In the aftermath of war, there is a great deal of rebuilding for the new nation of Illyria. Dizzy, the Gear at the center of the conflict with the NOL looks toward being a key figure bearing the weight of the young country. Clio St. Jeanne, woman without a country looks forward to a future of uncertainty. The two share a moment, advice, and support on the walls of the Great Castle Illyria. - created on 19:46:25 06/04/2018 by Clio and last modified on 01:52:50 06/07/2018. Cast: Dizzy and Clio.

Leyline of the Land - Woman without a country, Clio St. Jeanne, continues to explore the lands of Illyria and especially the Castle at its heart. She comes across the Telluric Complex, under research by the forces that now control the young country. One of Illyria's leaders, and the man that 'killed' Clio, Leon Whitefang, is there to once more give advice and give of his resources in order to help a refugee. - created on 21:31:05 06/23/2018 by Clio and last modified on 01:47:39 06/24/2018. Cast: Leo Whitefang and Clio.

Constellations - In the dark of the night, somewhere in the rustic woodlands of Illyria, Clio St. Jeanne looks to the stars. There she is joined by one of the people most important to turning her life's Wheel of Fortune, the One Eyed Twin Lotus. Some time ago, their chances to look at the night sky were dashed by revelations and conflict. This time, purposes and duties are different. And in the night, friendships are forged between wanderers new and old. - created on 12:18:53 08/04/2018 by Clio and last modified on 10:53:58 08/10/2018. Cast: Clio and Jubei.

Promises and Purpose - Since her "death" at the hands of Leo Whitefang, former NOL Lieutenant Clio St. Jeanne has been hiding out in Illyria and working hard toward discovering who she is and what the world she lives in shall become. Not one to consider her friends lost so easily, Makoto Nanaya never loses hope in finding out the truth. When the Intelligence officer finds Clio alive and well, reasons and promises set the wheel of fate turning. Where it leads and what ramifications are yet to be discovered, but things for the two friends will never be the same. - created on 11:07:04 08/15/2018 by Clio and last modified on 22:36:31 08/17/2018. Cast: Clio and Makoto Nanaya.

A Wulf and Hound - Inside of the young nation of Illyria, Konrad von Sabrewulf seeks knowledge of the arcane that may be within. In order to keep to himself, he travels alone and by foot. However, within the forests of Illyria currently reside the former 'Hound of the NOL' Clio St. Jeanne. A lone traveler triggers the suspicions of the former Lieutenant. She takes to investigating his potential intent, and to leave him with a lasting message for what secrets and knowledge that Konrad von Sabrewulf may uncover in his travels. - created on 01:24:54 10/20/2018 by Clio and last modified on 03:02:26 10/21/2018. Cast: Sabrewulf and Clio.

Moving the Chains - A cold night in Illyria. Clio St. Jeanne and the One-Eyed Twin Lotus, Jubei, discuss the results of Clio's work in Illyria and where her future is going to take her. Together, they share stories of the past and know that ahead of them may very well be the things both of them have left behind in one way, shape or form. - created on 11:25:09 12/21/2018 by Clio and last modified on 15:15:24 01/05/2019. Cast: Clio and Jubei.

Meet Me In Metro City - Traveling to Metro City in search of a replacement chain, and in search of a fight she no longer can leave behind, Clio St. Jeanne finds herself on the streets of her old home town. But to her surprise, a different part of her recent past bumps right into her. Another woman on furlough from the organization that gave her purpose, Mint runs into an old competitor, and a former date-friend. You can't go home again, but you can't get away from the circles you've always traveled in. - created on 13:08:22 01/06/2019 by Clio and last modified on 12:22:11 01/10/2019. Cast: Mint and Clio.

Moving the Chains Part 2 - Abigail has a visitor to his workshop, Clio, in the dead of night. What brings this small visitor at such a strange hour? She needs a workshop and one at the heart of the harbor of her home is the perfect place for her to do what she needs to do to replace her sundered chain. - created on 00:51:22 01/15/2019 by Clio and last modified on 10:37:04 01/17/2019. Cast: Abigail and Clio.

Ice Cream and Catching Up - Wandering her old hometown brings back a number of memories for Clio St. Jeanne. Not expected is the reappearance of the very subject of one of her last assignments as a member of the NOL, the Lamia Sophia. With a sense of purpose, Clio seeks out the snake lady and gives her something promised what feels like a lifetime ago, a post fight ice cream. - created on 12:22:21 03/16/2019 by Clio and last modified on 18:40:04 03/16/2019. Cast: Sophia and Clio.

Foundations - Heroics in the Subways of Metro City and training between master and student lead to conversations about where to go from the shadows, and what the upcoming King of Fighters Tournament can mean to those who hide from the world. - created on 02:45:36 05/08/2019 by Clio and last modified on 11:23:26 05/18/2019. Cast: Clio and Jubei.

Under a Starless Sky - In Metro City's scar of a central park, Clio St. Jeanne meets with a lord of the Darkstalkers, Demitri Maximoff. Thought may be the two share mutual enemies in the NOL, but the reality is deeper and more complex. All the same, the vampiric lord shows an interest in the uninterested and knowledge is gained about the truth behind the facade of the Librarium. - created on 11:25:46 05/23/2019 by Clio and last modified on 12:06:49 05/24/2019. Cast: Demitri and Clio.

The Things We Do For Ice Cream - Minal Panesh and Clio St. Jeanne meet up in the distant harbor of Metro City. Both have tests they need to run on their weapons of choice. Both have words they want to say to one another. Both are in different places in their lives since the Golden Angel Tournament. Both of them want ice cream. But when ice cream is a post fight ritual, that of course means there must be a pre-ice cream throwdown. - created on 10:39:38 05/28/2019 by Clio and last modified on 14:23:36 06/01/2019. Cast: Mint and Clio.

Midnight Train - On a subway car beneath Metro City, a young witch, soldier, knight of the azure flame meets with one of the grand nobles of the Makai. Interests shared, attractions had, and potential deals are brokered in the underworld of a great city. - created on 12:01:04 06/27/2019 by Clio and last modified on 13:02:02 07/09/2019. Cast: Morrigan and Clio.

Wintertime in Metro - In the blighted landscape that is Metro City Park, the scars of the Majigen Incident remain. Two children of Metro, Brandon Malone and Clio St. Jeanne, meet in that blasted place. Where magic has burned, two schooled in the arcane seek answers for causes and for cures. - created on 10:59:54 12/26/2019 by Clio and last modified on 00:23:53 12/29/2019. Cast: Brandon and Clio.

Leaving on a Jet Plane - in the aftermath of the the King of Fighters Tournament, a student and master hold discussions with one another. The inklings of a reality once forgotten begin to come to light. As well as the growing arcane darkness on the horizon. Amid that, feelings of helplessness and a struggling fugitive has to learn from a more experienced wanderer. - created on 09:48:05 01/03/2020 by Clio and last modified on 10:29:42 01/16/2020. Cast: Clio and Jubei.

Arrival - From beyond the pale, a new challenger arrives within Metro City. From what timeline does he hail? What impact will this forgotten hero have upon the world he has found himself in? Will he find the answers he seeks? - created on 12:35:31 01/22/2020 by Clio and last modified on 16:19:40 01/26/2020. Cast: Hakumen and Clio.

Stray Cats - Abandoned in the middle of Southtown's business district and left bereft of a ride, Tairyu attracts the attention of a strange girl wearing a mask. - created on 11:47:54 06/13/2020 by Clio and last modified on 15:11:22 06/13/2020. Cast: Clio and Tairyu.

December in the Park - Investigations continue on the matter of restoring the blighted Metro City Park to its former splendor. Two young city natives with ties to the supernatural meet again to discus findings, identities, and potential futures for the sake of Metro's supernatural health. Brandon Malone finds out more about the background of the witch he's discovered, and in turn she finds out what power Malone keeps inside. - created on 14:19:39 12/08/2020 by Clio and last modified on 20:33:23 12/08/2020. Cast: Brandon and Clio.

Mother's Day - The Scar at Metro City Park is a long-standing problem with no clear and easy answer. As part of those with ties to magic, Clio St. Jeanne and her mentor, The Twin-Tailed Lotus, venture to one of the few contacts that Clio can think of that may help. Despite fears, great absences, and the fact that she hasn't informed her that Clio is in fact alive, Clio does what she must. She takes Jubei to visit her mother. In turn Jubei discovers there may be something cold and calculating behind a supportive parent's persona. - created on 19:07:18 05/08/2021 by Clio and last modified on 20:55:22 05/11/2021. Cast: Clio and Jubei.

Meet Again for the First Time - The Scarlet Dahlia explores the grounds of the Castle Alucard. A wyrd place that straddles the line between worlds. While exploring the grand, twisting halls and architecture, the Scarlet Dahlia chances upon another invitee the Castle; a former partner of exploration, Clio St. Jeanne. Much has changed in both women's lives to lead them to the same place, but while one can understand the tectonic differences, the other remains unaware of the realities of the situation. - created on 12:51:27 05/31/2021 by Clio and last modified on 11:46:47 06/01/2021. Cast: Honoka and Clio.

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