Circuit of Champions

PFW: Eastern Pro - Dan vs Mimiru - Mimiru "Stray Dog" Kasagi challenges the Saikyo-ryuu master, Dan Hibiki! Who wins? EVERYONE WINS. <winner: Mimiru> - created on 19:31:14 12/09/2014 by Dan and last modified on 20:39:07 12/10/2014. Cast: Mimiru, Himeko, and Dan.

PFW: Western Pro - Widow vs Gertrude - On her quest for fame, glory and money (mostly money, if we're honest) Gertrude challenges Widow to defend the Western Pro Belt. With high dramatic stakes set at the start by both fighters, the battle does not disappoint! Thrills, spills and explosions rock the ring, and in the end... nobody is left standing! <Result: DRAW - Widow keeps the belt> - created on 12:12:25 12/16/2014 by Gertrude and last modified on 00:02:33 12/17/2014. Cast: Widow and Gertrude.

PFW: Western Master - Ken Masters vs Urien - Urien challenges Ken Masters for the Western belt, and gets a much harder fight than he bargained for. << Winner: Urien >> - created on 23:10:58 12/24/2014 by Urien and last modified on 12:09:47 12/25/2014. Cast: Urien and Ken Masters.

PFW: Eastern Master - Baiken vs Kanda - Baiken decides to spice up her fighting career by challenging for one of the biggest belts around - the Eastern Circuit of Champions Master Belt, against the Iron Dragon of Muay Thai, Olan Kanda. An extremely close battle results. (Winner: Baiken) - created on 18:02:29 01/01/2015 by Baiken and last modified on 01:53:49 01/02/2015. Cast: Baiken and Kanda.

PFW: Western Rookie - Jack Sanders vs Sven - The unremarkable Sven Maesters was looking for credibility, was looking for a prize. What better prize than being the holder of the Western Rookie belt? All that stands in his way is the too cool, too collected Jack Sanders... (Winner: Jack Sanders) - created on 23:38:51 01/01/2015 by Sven and last modified on 03:59:48 01/02/2015. Cast: Sven and Jack Sanders.

PFW: Eastern Champion - Zach Glenn vs Joe Higashi - Zach Glenn clashes with Joe Higashi for the Eastern Champion's Belt! - created on 14:35:51 01/02/2015 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 18:33:32 01/02/2015. Cast: Joe and Zach Glenn.

PFW: Eastern Pro - Mimiru vs Rainbow Mika - Rainbow Mika issues a challenge to the belt holder, the Stray Dog of Southtown, Mimiru Kasagi. The belt holder decides to show the wrestling gal how hard it is to fight in her element, right in the street. Be prepared for a street brawl! <Winner : Mimiru> - created on 14:08:03 01/05/2015 by Mimiru and last modified on 13:30:42 01/08/2015. Cast: Mimiru and Rainbow Mika.

PFW: Western Pro - Widow vs Tiffany Lords - In Tiffany's home town, she challenges the current holder of the Western Pro Belt. Can she stand up to the mysterious Widow, or has she fallen right into the wrestler's web?! (Winner: Widow) - created on 18:48:07 01/07/2015 by Tiffany and last modified on 13:33:38 01/08/2015. Cast: Tiffany and Widow.

PFW: Western Pro - Widow vs Lightning Spangles - Fuelled by a desire to prove herself, Lightning Spangles has come to claim the Black Widow's belt. This time, it's not only one young woman's hopes and aspirations on the line against the Western Professional champion's belt, but those of children all over the world. Will the All-American cowgirl put an end to the Widow's title reign, or will yet another fighter fall prey to the Widow's bite? - created on 14:48:06 01/14/2015 by Widow and last modified on 03:15:05 01/16/2015. Cast: Widow and Jezebel.

PWF: Worldwide Master - Ken Masters vs King - Taking over the popular tourist attraction, Freemont Street, Las Vegas, Ken Masters and King battle it out for the Worldwide Masters Tier belt. Given the young woman secured the belt only because Kanda would not fight a woman for it, her reign as champion has been shrouded in doubt by fans and fight analysts alike. This battle is more than just a Title Defense... it's a chance to prove that she even belongs here in the first place. And for Ken, rising up from his time as Regional Champion, it's his chance to secure that Worldwide Masters title that his name suggests already belongs to him! - created on 23:46:41 01/14/2015 by King and last modified on 14:37:53 02/08/2015. Cast: King and Ken Masters.

PFW: Eastern Master - Baiken vs Lee Chaolan - In which Lee Chaolan discovers that you cannot win Baiken's heart, but you can try to win her belt. - created on 17:15:55 01/16/2015 by Baiken and last modified on 15:24:28 01/18/2015. Cast: Lee Chaolan and Baiken.

PFW: Western Champion - Nightwolf vs Johnny Cage - Continuing his quest to recruit more warriors for the defense of Earthrealm, Nightwolf challenges Western Champion; Johnny Cage to do kombat for his belt. A hard fight ensues that tests the mettle of both fighters, ending with Johnny Cage receiving a special surprise visit from someone. <Winner: Nightwolf> - created on 20:04:04 01/20/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 00:36:00 01/21/2015. Cast: Nightwolf and Johnny Cage.

PFW: Western Rookie - Jack Sanders vs Scratch - The Western Rookie belt finds another challenger, as relative newcomer 'Scratch' takes aim at Jack Sanders' championship in the Circuit of Champions. Will the skater manage to fly to victory, or will Jack be too hardboiled for her? (Winner: Jack Sanders) - created on 14:13:47 01/31/2015 by Scratch and last modified on 04:25:52 02/01/2015. Cast: Scratch and Jack Sanders.

PFW : Eastern Pro belt - Mimiru vs Kazuki - Mimiru faces off with a student of Gedo High, Kazuki, for the belt of the pro champion! - created on 10:04:04 02/17/2015 by Mimiru and last modified on 13:07:02 02/22/2015. Cast: Mimiru and Kazuki.

PFW: Western Rookie Belt - Tabitha vs Sven - With Jack Sanders retiring from his position holding the Western Rookie belt, two prominent challengers have at it. Will boxing or wrestling seize the belt? - created on 19:55:11 02/26/2015 by Tabitha and last modified on 09:35:24 02/27/2015. Cast: Tabitha and Sven.

PFW: Western Champion - Aranha vs Nightwolf - The Dancing Spider and the Sin Eating Wolf have their rematch as Aranha challenges Nightwolf for the Western Champion Belt! Although it seems like a regular professional fighting match, there may be more hidden intrigue than there initially appears. <Winner: Nightwolf> - created on 12:10:54 03/10/2015 by Nightwolf and last modified on 18:58:12 03/10/2015. Cast: Aranha and Nightwolf.

PFW: Eastern Pro - Mimiru vs Chloe - Chloe challenge Mimiru for the Eastern Pro belt and is taken up on it in a Southtown park. - created on 19:06:42 05/09/2015 by Chloe and last modified on 20:44:54 05/10/2015. Cast: Mimiru and Chloe.

PFW: Western Pro - C. Jack vs L. Spangles - Cracker Jack wins the Western Pro Belt from Jezebel. Jezebel gets fired from Lightning Spangles. Glory to Lord Vega! - created on 12:49:54 08/31/2015 by Cracker Jack and last modified on 19:53:57 09/01/2015. Cast: Cracker Jack and Jezebel.

PFW: Western Pro: Cracker Jack vs Lita - On the surface this seems to be a standard challenge for the Western Pro Belt. However there's more to this challenge than meets the eye and it's clear to viewers at home due to Jack's choice in weapon selection and Lita's departure from her usual fight tactics. What will be the repercussions of these two fighters squaring off? [Winner: Lita] - created on 15:27:19 11/20/2015 by Lita and last modified on 10:06:00 11/21/2015. Cast: Cracker Jack and Lita.

PCS: Worldwide Pro - C.Jack vs R.Mika - In the third part of their rivalry, Cracker Jack and Rainbow Mika face down to determine who will earn the right to hold the Worldwide Pro Title in downtown Metro City. After a brutal, bloody battle, who will be left holding the belt between these two titans of fight entertainment? - created on 21:06:40 01/08/2016 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 21:34:00 01/09/2016. Cast: Cracker Jack and Rainbow Mika.

PCS: Worldwide Champion - Armor King v Zach v Rust - It's a three-way rumble for the Champion Tier belts. Defending Champion Armor King displays the strength of a champion against challengers Zach Glenn and Rust Howard, Jr. (Champion: Rust, Red: Armor King, Blue: Zach Glenn) - created on 13:57:20 01/09/2016 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 21:35:33 01/09/2016. Cast: Zach Glenn, Rust, and Armor King.

PCS: Blue Master - Ryu vs Baiken - The Phoenix Championship belt series continues with a match between Baiken and Ryu. The loser becomes the Red belt's holder; the winner goes on to fight Lee Chaolan. - created on 13:22:41 01/10/2016 by Baiken and last modified on 18:55:12 01/11/2016. Cast: Ryu and Baiken.

PCS: Red Rookie - Pepper vs Yuri vs Alexis - A three-way match amongst contenders for the Red and Blue Rookie belts (along with a shot at Sven Maesters for the World Rookie Title belt) features the surprise debut of the new Lightning Spangles (tm). - created on 20:52:29 01/11/2016 by Alexis and last modified on 23:03:56 01/13/2016. Cast: Alexis, Pepper, and Yuri.

PCS: Worldwide Master - Baiken vs Lee Chaolan - Baiken and Lee Chaolan have their long-awaited rematch for the belt. (OOC note: some gore at the end) - created on 13:38:44 01/16/2016 by Baiken and last modified on 11:19:17 01/17/2016. Cast: Lee Chaolan and Baiken.

PCS: Worldwide Rookie - Sven vs Pepper - This was it. The World Championship for the Rookie Belt. Lightning Spangles was nearly at the top, a classic role from a fresh hot star in the world of fighting. All that stood in her way was the one Sven Maesters, a D-List wrestler with a Warwolf gimmick. The trouble was? Sven was tough, and he was mad, and he was just as sick of Spanglesmania as he was with Rainbowmania. (Winner: Sven) - created on 13:39:13 01/16/2016 by Sven and last modified on 11:20:00 01/17/2016. Cast: Sven and Pepper.

PCS: Red Pro - Kazuki vs Alice Nakata - Kazuki Kirigana vs Alice Nakata for the Red Pro Belt! (Winner: Alice) - created on 12:04:53 01/17/2016 by Kazuki and last modified on 16:04:01 01/17/2016. Cast: Kazuki and Alice Nakata.

PCS: Blue Pro Lita vs MURDERHOUSE - When Lita received a challenge from MURDERHOUSE, she wanted to use this match as a vehicle to prove that she was more than swordswoman and that she can wield anything that was put in her hand. However between the weapons made available via venue and ones brought in by her opponent, the two will find that there will be plenty of options to use in this showdown. (Winner: MURDERHOUSE) - created on 20:06:49 06/12/2016 by Lita and last modified on 14:05:59 06/13/2016. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Lita.

PCS: Red Champion Armor King vs MURDERHOUSE - With Marduk in the hospital, Armor King has finally decided to answer a challenge... from the Blue Pro Belt holder, MURDERHOUSE. And where else should this challenge take place than at the very hospital that Marduk is being held, right in the lobby? MURDERHOUSE is giving up his claim to the Blue Pro Belt for the Red Champion Belt. Who will win between Armor King and MURDERHOUSE? Well the gates of hell are open, and it's time to fight in the name of the King! (Winner: Armor King) - created on 21:33:45 07/23/2016 by Armor King and last modified on 17:57:13 07/24/2016. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Armor King.

GAUNTLET: Blue Pro Belt #2 - ERIKA and KAZUKI face off in BELT MASSACRE '17, the beginning of the marathon for the Blue Pro belt! - created on 17:01:45 04/02/2017 by Erika and last modified on 21:06:22 04/02/2017. Cast: Kazuki and Erika.

GAUNTLET: Blue Pro Belt #1 - The Griffon Mask, aka Tizoc, is returning to the public stage after taking a terrible defeat. In contrast, his opponent, challenging for the Blue Pro Belt, is Sumire Wakatsuki, a newcomer that no one's heard of. Who will win, in this clash of old vs. new? - created on 19:13:53 04/03/2017 by Mimi and last modified on 14:49:32 04/04/2017. Cast: Tizoc and Mimi.

GAUNTLET: Blue Pro Belt #4 - Having escaped from Shang Tsung's island, Mila returns to the adoration of her fans. Fans like the ones that Jezebel once had. Once craved. Still craved. No longer Lightning Spangles, but now Nightmare Spangles, the washed up actress faces down against Mila in a belt match at the Southtown Harbor. Will talent beat dedication, or will Mila find herself having to fight off the crazy? - created on 19:07:17 04/05/2017 by Jezebel and last modified on 12:24:55 04/07/2017. Cast: Jezebel and Mila.

GAUNTLET: Blue Pro Belt #3 - Facing off for control over the right to claim one of the world reknowned pro belts, two challengers step forward to do honorable combat. The young but skilled fighter and owner of the Rindokan dojo, Makoto Kato goes head to head with a new face in the professional fighting circuit, the mercenary known as Argent. Which will triumph? Stay tuned to find out! (Winner: Makoto) - created on 13:07:22 04/07/2017 by Makoto Kato and last modified on 20:54:45 04/26/2017. Cast: Makoto Kato and Argent.

GAUNTLET: WW Champion Belt - Rust vs Zach - In an effort to reinvigorate public and competitor interest in the Circuit of Champions, almost all the promotional effort went to the gauntlet matches for the Blue Pro Belt. One would think it's odd, then, that the higher-tier World Champion title would seem like it's been left in a lurch in terms of venue and production values. Zach Glenn, the Blue Champion Belt holder, goes to challenge one Howard Rust, Jr., for the right to hold the title of World Champion. A glimpse is thus given into how both men are holding up after their escapes from a long, harrowing trial as witnessed by those ignorant and/or uncaring of the specifics leading up to now. - created on 18:04:48 04/08/2017 by Rust and last modified on 02:30:25 04/09/2017. Cast: Zach Glenn and Rust.

GAUNTLET: Blue Pro Belt #6 - Kazuki vs Jezebel - Kazuki Kirigana and Jezebel duke it out in the PFW Blue Gauntlet! - created on 13:07:24 05/10/2017 by Kazuki and last modified on 14:41:50 05/31/2017. Cast: Kazuki and Jezebel.

GAUNTLET: Blue Legendary Belt - Sagat vs Duke - Sagat, having left Shadaloo behind, has chosen to take his place at the world stage by claiming the legendary belt. It's owner, Duke, has thrown around his own power and arrogance, and eagerly accepts the challenge. The duo battle outside the Live House in the Second South, ready to find who truly is the strongest. (Winner: DKO) - created on 23:33:38 01/02/2018 by Duke and last modified on 14:06:26 01/04/2018. Cast: Duke and Sagat.

SNF: RED MASTER BELT FIGHT - Two-time KOF Contender, Lightning Spangles Co-Star, and Twilight Star Circus juggler Honoka Kawamoto makes her move for the open Master slot, bringing her diabolos to bear at Neo*Geo Land once again. The master fighter has earned her credibility. But what about her opponent, top-tier ninja Andy Bogard? Honoka's team, the Heirs to Legend, managed to tear down Andy's brother, but the performer herself had remained clear of the battle. Moving forward to make a claim for the Master Belt, will Andy bring more accolades to his family name? Or will it be Honoka who adds another accreditation to her growing portfolio? - created on 09:35:19 04/09/2018 by Honoka and last modified on 00:24:34 04/12/2018. Cast: Andy and Honoka.

SNF: RED CHAMPION BELT FIGHT - BRUTE FORCE WRESTLING is one of the CWA's biggest rivals. Reaching out to the raw crowd at Nashville, the Canadian Outlaw Maxima brings the heavy metal to the ring. But the crowd will be buffered and blocked, as his arrival only means one thing: He wants the Red Championship Belt. Such arrogance draws the attention of the ARMOR KING, who bring the belt. And Maxima can just take it, if he thinks he can take down one of the world's strongest wrestling champions. - created on 11:26:40 04/11/2018 by Armor King and last modified on 23:19:21 04/11/2018. Cast: Maxima and Armor King.

SNF: ROOKIE RED BELT - Lightning Spangles vs Quon - Lightning Spangles (the one people like) has held the Rookie Red Belt far longer than the other Lightning Spangles, acting as a bulwark against all up and comers from making it big. With the Rookie Riot wreaking havoc in the underbelts, she faces a challenger from out of the blue. The Chongquan student Quon Chen brings his dynamic flair right to the footsteps of the Spangles Fast Food Restaurant. Can the littlest Spangles defend her title in front of her all her adoring fans? - created on 19:46:44 04/12/2018 by Pepper and last modified on 22:11:46 04/15/2018. Cast: Quon and Pepper.

SNF - RED PRO BELT FIGHT - With Alice Nakata being 'okay' and 'partying', the Terry fangirl has left the red pro belt open for all challengers. Hosting this Red Pro Belt match? Is world famous rock star Justin Bieber, laying down the harsh sludge metal to a full house. Right between the fans and the stage, Jacky Bryant makes his stand, the fresh face to the fighting world virtually being a fighter unlike anything anybody has seen. His opponent? Voted one of the sexiest men in Canada, Bob. The unstoppable combination of speed and weight moves to intercept The Blue Flash for the right of the Red Pro Belt. Will Lightning Strike for the Bryant family? Or will Bob truffle shuffle the hell out of Jacky's prospects? - created on 14:51:12 04/13/2018 by Bob and last modified on 00:01:10 04/16/2018. Cast: Bob and Jacky.

ROOKIE RIOT BLUE BELT - Yuri vs Hotaru - Dojo busting is practically Asia's longest-standing tradition. You go in. You punch a bunch of dojo students. And you leave a cliffhanger at the start or end of some character's storyline. For the ROOKIE RIOT, it's all 100% bringing the pain straight to the footsteps of the Kyokugen Dojo. Hot dog eating champion Hotaru Futaba challenges the Queen of the Kyokugen Dojo, with a full on dojo-busting challenge. The Kyokugen maiden will have to defend not only her dojo, however: she will also have to defend her belt in an OFFICIAL BELT MATCH! - created on 21:48:11 04/13/2018 by Hotaru and last modified on 01:03:27 04/22/2018. Cast: Hotaru and Yuri.

SNF: ROOKIE RIOT WORLDWIDE BELT - Sven Maesters, the War wolf of Sweden, takes on Justice High's own Haru Sakuraba on the latter's home turf. The winner takes home the Worldwide Rookie Belt! Prepare for a saga of heels, faces, and the most Disney film-approved cursing ever to appear on international television. - created on 16:22:57 04/14/2018 by Haru and last modified on 16:09:04 04/15/2018. Cast: Haru and Sven.

SNF: WORLDWIDE MASTER BELT MATCH - Ken Masters, the world famous martial artist, has made countless KOF appearances. And yet, there is one thing that eludes him: A master belt. Naturally, following the rules, he brings his challenge to Honoka, the current holder of the Blue Master Belt. The bankrupt Lee Chaolan, however, moves to defend Honoka's honor. Offering the Worldwide Master Belt, he accepts Ken Masters challenge in her stead. The venue? Masters Cruises, the internationally famous cruise liner. Will Ken finally reclaim his title of master? Or will Lee Chaolan manage to cling on to the last vestiges of his dignity? - created on 17:34:23 05/14/2018 by Lee Chaolan and last modified on 23:45:51 05/18/2018. Cast: Ken Masters and Lee Chaolan.

SNF: BLUE LEGENDARY BELT MATCH - ROSE v. MORRIGAN - SATURDAY NIGHT FIGHT hosts the Blue Legendary Belt contention. Dark revelations and surreality abound. Also, the editor of the match is clearly auditioning for a position on an HBO prestige drama about dragons. (WINNER: Rose) - created on 19:25:37 05/15/2018 by Rose and last modified on 18:25:22 05/22/2018. Cast: Rose and Morrigan.

RED CHAMPION BELT MATCH - Armor King vs Kasumi - Another face from the King of Fighters, Kasumi comes forward to challenge Armor King for his Champion Belt. Kasumi is of Team Ninja, the championship team of the last King of Fighters tournament, and is more than accredited to challenge the wrestler. But after his near win against Maxima, the old cat is beginning to slow down. Fighting in a serene bell tower, the rumors rise that this is the lucha's last stand. Will he triumph again? Or will Kasumi add another prize to her collection? - created on 17:27:09 05/20/2018 by Armor King and last modified on 03:34:57 05/26/2018. Cast: Kasumi and Armor King.

SNF: WORLDWIDE LEGENDARY BELT FIGHT - With Heihachi still missing in the wake of the King Of Fighters, the Worldwide Legendary Fighter belt remains unclaimed. And in defiance to his rival belt holder, Rose, Duke Burkoff has stepped forward to claim it. Yet the disgraced fighter has lost in the face of the World Warrior, and has lost in the face of the King Of Fighters. We believe he has no right to the belt without a fight, and the thundering legitimate businessman must face another face of the World Warrior tournament, Demitri. The winner will be able to hold on to the Legendary Worldwide belt. The loser? Damned to the Red Legendary Belt. - created on 16:48:12 05/21/2018 by Demitri and last modified on 18:37:01 05/22/2018. Cast: Duke and Demitri.

SNF: BLUE CHAMPION BELT MATCH - Maxima vs Abigail - Maxima returns for another belt challenge, though the fighter has less to worry now than ever before. While the belt brings him fame and face, the protective actions of the fighting circuit staves away both NOL and NESTS. Free from the pressure of staying on the run, and given the promise for a full recovery, he almost seems steady for anything as he arrives in London... until he faces his opponent for the open belt slot: Abigail. The gearhead is ready to pop open Maxima's hood, and start pulling him apart. Will the big lug take Maxima for a ride? Or will Maxima topple the titan right into the Thames? - created on 20:36:19 05/21/2018 by Maxima and last modified on 18:25:36 05/22/2018. Cast: Maxima and Abigail.

Blue Pro Belt Match: Lightning Spangles vs BB Hood - IN the wake of her Terry Rogers interview, and her bounty attack after the show, Jezebel is paranoid. Terrified. And still required to defend her belt, as well as her life. After she gets a tear-filled letter from a one true fan, however, she is challenged for her belt. Encountering the poor young girl, Jezebel is unaware that she is stumbling into the trap set by the one and only Bulleta, hungry for her bounty... - created on 14:09:59 05/22/2018 by Jezebel and last modified on 17:54:58 05/23/2018. Cast: Jezebel and Bulleta.

SNF: Master Blue Belt Defense - Truly Baiken has proven herself a master amongst masters with her long standing title defense of the Blue Master Belt. For too long has she held onto the belt, and who better then to challenge her for it then the legendary second fiddle Andy Bogard. His brother Terry may be more famous, and have more accomplishments, but that isn't to say Andy is a slouch! The two will duke it out above the River Thames upon the famed London Bridge. Who will walk away with the belt? Who will be left floating away in the waters below?! (Air Force personnel receive half off tickets for a walkway side view!) - created on 17:32:34 05/30/2018 by Baiken and last modified on 10:20:16 06/04/2018. Cast: Andy and Baiken.

Worldwide Pro Belt Match - Rainbow Mika vs Jacky - With the pro belts in lockdown, Rainbow Mika is one of the last holdouts of the pro wrestlers. And finally, she has her challenger. Not Lightning Spangles. But Jacky, the hottest new face in the fighting scene. And he wants her belt! Hosting the defense will be both Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, as the clown show wrestling federation comes down hard to keep the belt in wrestling's hands! Jacky and Rainbow Mania has to battle it out with a crowd of Juggalos rooting them on. Will Mika defend her belt? Or will Jacky be down to clown, and able to make the play for the worldwide champion? - created on 22:55:12 06/15/2018 by Rainbow Mika and last modified on 12:18:58 06/22/2018. Cast: Rainbow Mika and Jacky.

Pro Red Belt Match - B. B. Hood vs Cassie - The last trails of Lightning Spangles lead to the Drive-In Theater at Sunshine City. There, B. B. Hood can find the abandoned SUV, and the mysterious, red-hooded doll. She was here. But why? And she is quickly joined by another. Cassie, the Special Forces, has her own leads down at the Drive-In, following the trail of kidnappings around Southtown. Conveniently, it is where both will find their next challenge for the open Pro Belt, as the crew arrives just in time. It might be enough to keep them from sharing too many of their secrets. - created on 22:01:51 06/27/2018 by Bulleta and last modified on 23:57:24 07/03/2018. Cast: Bulleta and Cassie.

Legendary Red Belt Match - Chun-Li vs Duke - Interpol has a lot of questions for Duke Burkoff. An international art dealer with shady connections to the Southtown underworld, Chun-Li is sent to challenge him for one of his most public ventures: One of the prestigious belt titles. But to Chun-Li's surprise, Duke answers her challenge not in Southtown, but across the ocean to Sunshine City. As to why Duke is at the Trainyard of Sunshine City, well, that's none of Chun-Li's business. She should just learn to keep her head down, her mouth shut, and focus on just fighting. Too many questions, and she might find herself and Interpol caught within a war spanning the Pacific. - created on 15:29:44 06/29/2018 by Duke and last modified on 14:15:06 07/02/2018. Cast: Duke and Chun-Li.

Worldwide Master Belt Riot: Honoka vs Baiken - The plan was simple: Have a Master Belt Riot, with all the slots open for challenges. And the simplest of plans fall apart, when it turns out Lee Chaolan is missing for the Master Belt Riot! But where there is weakness, comes new strength: the spot is ripe for the pickings. Honoka and Baiken come to the Hokkaido grove for a desperate battle for Lee Chaolan's open slot: the loser keeps their current standing. But the winner? The Worldwide Championship Master! - created on 20:25:41 09/04/2018 by Honoka and last modified on 17:48:08 09/08/2018. Cast: Honoka and Baiken.

SNF: Firestarter (Blue Master Belt Match) - Ky Kiske faces off against a different badguy, who's also a goodguy. Dash's Kusanagi flames prove formidable indeed. (Winner: K') - created on 20:02:24 10/15/2018 by K' and last modified on 20:32:50 10/16/2018. Cast: K' and Ky Kiske.

SNF: Legendary Blue Belt Defense - The spiritualist Rose ventures into the frozen mountains and valleys of Japan, to see if her Soul Power can overcome Akuma's fists. - created on 18:14:12 12/10/2018 by Akuma and last modified on 16:28:37 12/28/2018. Cast: Rose and Akuma.

Red Rookie - BELT RIOT - Xolo vs Lilith - Lilith faces down the terrifying Xolotl for the Belt Riot match in Louisiana's Lafayette Cemetery! - created on 19:53:31 03/14/2020 by Lilith and last modified on 03:03:08 03/15/2020. Cast: Lilith and Xolo.

Worldwide Rookie - Koto vs Fumiko - In the Rookie bracket, it takes two renowned fighters in the tier to cut in. Being the best of the amateur tier tends to be arbitrary, but the two top contenders that have come forward are Mega Dragon Fighter J-Dragon, the ultimate tokusatsu, and Abe Fumiko, the face of iaido. The artistic Iaijutsu Practitioner will face off against the J-Dragon, in a frantic fight for the worldwide Rookie belt. - created on 13:27:06 03/31/2020 by Fumiko and last modified on 15:45:00 03/31/2020. Cast: Fumiko and Koto.

Blue Pro Belt Lita Luwanda vs Velvet Blue - Lita Luwanda is challenged for her championship by the Velvet Blue. The fight was brutal but in the end only one can wear the belt in the end. (Winner: Velvet Blue) - created on 15:59:36 08/14/2020 by Lita and last modified on 08:15:36 08/19/2020. Cast: Lita and Velvet Blue.

Rookie Belt: Honoka Inoue vs Lilith! - Honoka Inoue challenges Lilith for the red rookie belt! A battle ensues. - created on 18:18:54 01/28/2021 by Honoka Inoue and last modified on 17:04:19 02/12/2021. Cast: Lilith and Honoka Inoue.

Blue Champion Belt - Leroy Smith vs Lyraelle - Lyraelle's hungry for a belt, so she targets the Blue Champion Belt holder Leroy Smith for the title. But will she able to handle the real dogchamp of the Circuit of Champions, Leroy's dog Sugar? (Winner: Lyraelle) - created on 12:31:07 03/19/2021 by Leroy Smith and last modified on 11:57:03 03/21/2021. Cast: Leroy Smith and Lyraelle.

Worldwide Master Belt - Abigail vs Honoka - After waiving her Red Master Belt, Honoka sets her sights on challenging Abigail for his Worldwide Master Belt in the G-King Arena. Things get wrecked! - created on 19:37:15 08/31/2021 by Abigail and last modified on 06:47:02 09/02/2021. Cast: Honoka and Abigail.

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