You Should Buy A Pot: Chatting at the Library! - Tiffany is doing research on NESTS in Pacific's library when she encounters Chisaki. They discuss fighting, but then Chisaki tries to sell her things... badly. - created on 19:36:20 01/01/2015 by Chisaki and last modified on 23:27:57 01/01/2015. Cast: Tiffany and Chisaki.

A Rainchecked Bout of Fisticuffs - Sada and Chisaki quarrel over a destroyed sunglasses hut. Then things get violent. - created on 20:43:53 01/07/2015 by Chisaki and last modified on 23:40:07 01/07/2015. Cast: Sada and Chisaki.

Not Quite Human - Testament finds Chisaki in the forest outside of Southtown. They talk about humans and monsters, but can't quite bring themselves to see eye-to-eye. - created on 20:29:53 01/16/2015 by Chisaki and last modified on 10:56:05 01/17/2015. Cast: Chisaki and Testament.

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