Revenant vs Replicant - Life after death usually has images of clouds, wings, and harps, but when the freshly mechanized Brian Fury stumbles upon the restless spirit Scorpion, a peaceful forrest is turned into a brutal battleground filled with Hellfire and psychotic laughter. - created on 20:16:00 07/01/2016 by Bryan and last modified on 04:13:18 07/02/2016. Cast: Bryan and Scorpion.

Warehouse District Brawl, Claws Meet Steel - While looking for an opportunity to test her ninja skills in Southtown Harbor, Azumi stumbles upon a battle scene in the warehouse district where the only person left standing is a single shirtless man: Bryan Fury. Looking to put a stop to his warehouse rampage, Azumi takes it upon herself to try to put the replicant down, but soon finds out just what cybernetics and sadism can do. - created on 20:57:37 07/04/2016 by Bryan and last modified on 00:57:06 07/05/2016. Cast: Bryan and Azumi.

Bryan Fury is Cooperative - After the massacre at the Southtown Village Mall, the Akatsuki are desperate to secure justice for the dead. This quest has brought the Scarlet Dahlia out to the warehouses in Southtown Harbor to check in on a team that has failed to report in only to find the reason: Bryan Fury. With a minigun aimed at her and her team, the Dahlia has to find a way to try to get the information she needs without ending up a smattering of red paste. - created on 21:13:18 07/18/2016 by Bryan and last modified on 01:08:38 07/19/2016. Cast: Honoka and Bryan.

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