Detectives and Drivetrains - Someone's stolen one of Abigail's prized trucks! Having gone legitimate, Abigail decides to hire a private detective to help him return it. But is this man really cut out for the job...? - created on 23:34:38 12/22/2017 by Bob and last modified on 18:14:13 12/25/2017. Cast: Bob and Abigail.

The Trail of Tokugawa, Part 1 - Mitsuru Tokugawa is missing. Fortunately, Robert "Bob" Richards is on the case. The last person to see Mitsuru was Steve Fox, but will he have any answers for Bob? Even if he does, will they come easily? - created on 14:32:04 12/26/2019 by Bob and last modified on 13:36:00 12/30/2019. Cast: Steve and Bob.

Harborside Heroics - Taking a lead from Malin, Daisuke investigates some shady business in Southtown Harbor. This of course leads to trouble, but the arrival of a local super...hero...only complicates matters further. - created on 19:01:07 06/19/2021 by Bob and last modified on 15:35:56 07/03/2021. Cast: Bob and Daisuke.

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