Night Owls - This episode of Benimaru Nikaido's "Layover": having been put on the wrong plane and ending up in Romania, Benimaru uses the time to go clubbing. He meets a lovely lady with very strange colored eyes and a love for music. - created on 01:21:36 11/18/2014 by Benimaru and last modified on 06:47:34 11/18/2014. Cast: Benimaru and Marilda.

Moonlight Party - Johnny Cage is restless, and when Benimaru Nikaido walks into a beach bar the prizefighter happens to be at, the two end up in vicious HAM-TO-HAM COMBAT! - created on 14:58:58 12/10/2014 by Benimaru and last modified on 20:54:48 12/10/2014. Cast: Benimaru and Johnny Cage.

A Fight Fan's Fan - Gertrude's in a bad mood. But her bad mood evaporates when a famous fighter visits. Autographs are had, sparring is done... and hope is kindled in a girl's heart. - created on 11:17:01 12/21/2014 by Benimaru and last modified on 17:20:18 12/21/2014. Cast: Benimaru and Gertrude.

Man-to-Man Advice - Rock's having some woman trouble-- namely, they won't leave him alone! Benimaru has been around the block a time or two, and offers some advice. He DOES offer something useful... inamongst trying Rock's patience and embarrassing the hell out of him. - created on 17:53:43 01/12/2015 by Benimaru and last modified on 02:39:37 01/23/2015. Cast: Rock and Benimaru.

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