Monster: Butcher on the Docks - Baiken goes hunting for the Butcher and bites off a little more than she can chew. - created on 15:52:48 02/11/2015 by Baiken and last modified on 17:28:31 02/12/2015. Cast: Baiken and The Butcher.

Monster: Daisy Cutter - Spoiler: Baiken didn't die when the Butcher threw her off the docks, even hurt as she was. She's survived, she's mad - and this time she has to try to be polite to get information out of another survivor, Daisy. Some knowledge is shared, and a contact made. - created on 21:31:58 02/18/2015 by Baiken and last modified on 23:35:29 02/19/2015. Cast: Daisy and Baiken.

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