A Walk in the Park - Seeking out a fresh source of entertainment, vampire lord Demitri decides to enter the annual King of Fighter's tournament in disguise. But who would be willing to team up with an unknown fighter in such a prestigious event? - created on 21:17:04 05/23/2019 by Aurora and last modified on 22:33:40 05/23/2019. Cast: Demitri and Aurora.

Hunger Pains - It was a simple job. Case the joint while the owner was away, get in, get the goods, get out. What could be easier for an advanced creation such as Moondyne? Of course, there's always a few unexpected hitches in every heist and this one is no different. However, the bedraggled woman she encounters in the alley proves to be less of a hitch and more of a buried landmine. - created on 20:11:19 09/19/2019 by Aurora and last modified on 00:16:52 09/21/2019. Cast: Moondyne and Aurora.

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