Forge of the Dream Deferred - Homework, tests, training, fighting events, singing, and interacting with a growing fanbase on the internet... how can Athena possibly do all of that and succeed? According to her sifu, she can't. And she must make a choice. - created on 21:52:18 11/25/2014 by Athena and last modified on 04:20:01 12/02/2014. Cast: Chin and Athena.

On the Devil's Anvil - A brazen assault with zero fear of retribution is launched into the supposedly protected heart of Justice. Targeted is the Justice High sweetheart, Athena Asamiya as the NESTS Cartel identifies her as a person of interest with the upcoming tournament... - created on 00:34:11 12/18/2014 by Athena and last modified on 18:32:46 12/26/2014. Cast: Athena and Krizalid.

Fear Tempered by a Bunny - Neither will ever be able to forget the night the killer attempted to rob one girl of her chance at life at such a young age, but together they might be able to move on, perhaps with a little help from a fluffy friend. - created on 00:04:13 01/11/2015 by Athena and last modified on 13:50:27 01/11/2015. Cast: Momoko and Athena.

By the Blade of the Sword - What was supposed to be a student vs student match in private explodes into a huge event at the Parthenon in Greece. At the temple bearing her own name, Athena Asamiya faces off against Alma Towazu in a match that will only magnify the reputation they both have as fighters and forges a lasting friendship to stand against the growing tide of darkness. - created on 19:10:50 01/11/2015 by Athena and last modified on 04:47:01 01/12/2015. Cast: Chin, Alma, Athena, Rose, Chisaki, and Yuri.

Interlude Enhanced - After a harrowing match in KOF, Athena Asamiya uses some of her fledgling celebrity status and fight winnings to secure some peace in quiet. The time alone is only improved when the Psycho Soldier team captain drops by to check after her well being and search for answers of his own. - created on 17:31:12 06/11/2016 by Athena and last modified on 03:16:56 06/14/2016. Cast: Athena and Haru.

Perchance to Dream - When dealing with the trials and growth of psychics, dismissing sullen melancholy as 'just a phase' can be a very dangerous mistake. As the confusion and chaos of her life continues to escalate, Athena Asamiya finally takes time to confront Momoko over her troubled moods as of late. Doing so becomes the first steps of a journey of discovery - about herself, about her friend, and about the formidable, pint-sized Warden that has been there all along. - created on 01:02:43 07/16/2016 by Athena and last modified on 04:06:39 07/23/2016. Cast: Momoko and Athena.

Rainy Day Diversion - A quiet afternoon in the aftermath of King of Fighters finds Athena Asamiya with a lack of anything to do. Fortunately, a lost traveler happens by to solve that problem. A brief spar for an audience of one is the perfect change of pace. - created on 17:34:26 07/29/2016 by Athena and last modified on 16:53:03 07/30/2016. Cast: Athena and Zach Glenn.

Starting Somewhere - Have you ever talked to a sword? Or watched a blind man read your handwriting? Or watched an armed warrior stroll through a school library almost completely unnoticed? Athena hadn't until now as the first of what promises to be many meetings takes place on one rainy Saturday afternoon. - created on 00:21:36 08/10/2016 by Athena and last modified on 03:35:54 08/14/2016. Cast: Athena and Kenshi.

Emotions by Proxy - Missing since the end of her World Warrior Bout, celebrity fighter, Athena Asamiya, finds herself being interrogated by the enigmatic Command Gear, Ramlethal, about her curious powers. She's given her freedom in the end, but not without some strings attached... - created on 21:12:30 04/28/2018 by Athena and last modified on 23:20:21 05/20/2018. Cast: Athena and Ramlethal.

Patience in Control - Her record speaks for the potential potential of Asamiya's power, but what of her control? Left unchecked, the gift she and Kenshi Takahashi share can be the spark calamities are born from. With restraint, control, and patience, however, it can be a tool from which a better future is forged. - created on 21:51:42 06/09/2019 by Athena and last modified on 23:58:55 06/15/2019. Cast: Athena and Kenshi.

For a Good Cause - Psychic Idol vs the Demon of Judo on the streets of Southtown, Athena finds her technique critiqued, her physique appraised, and her patience tested by the eccentric grizzled veteran of battle. - created on 03:05:42 04/22/2021 by Athena and last modified on 04:27:16 10/23/2021. Cast: Athena and Jubei Yamada.

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