Uninvited Guests - Nightwolf and Benimaru are out on a date. Felicia interrupts, Ash interrupts. Hell, even Shen interrupts. They just can't seem to escape all of these uninvited guests. How will the two ever play kissy-face in the department store change room if they can't even take a step without everyone and their mother butting in?! (NOTE: This desc may be deliberately misleading.) - created on 18:52:18 12/03/2014 by Ash and last modified on 00:27:48 12/05/2014. Cast: Shenwoo, Ash, Benimaru, Nightwolf, and Felicia.

A Cat is Fine Too - After their planned bank heist goes south thanks to the betrayal of a key member, Miki and Ash are drawn into a run-and-gun battle with the police through the sewers of Southtown. They end up hiding in a collapsed tunnel, and as the cold of night sets in, turn to their only source of warmth... (NOTE: The summary is a lie.) - created on 17:11:52 01/12/2015 by Ash and last modified on 18:26:54 01/16/2015. Cast: Ash and Miki.

Still Not on Track - There's a crazy groper loose on the train. He has questionable LOCO-motives. Haaaaaaaaaa! - created on 20:00:23 10/05/2015 by Ash and last modified on 21:46:36 02/10/2017. Cast: Ash and Hitomi.

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