Serious Business - It's not too rare that an up-and-comer on the fighting circuit is... 'summoned', but usually the reason is more explicit than that stated by one Amy Johnson, Knight Templar. Fresh from a series of recent battles, including one against a twisted being more madness than man (and another with Urien that didn't involve Sada), Gertrude Verhangnis finds herself accosted by an odd woman who claims to have her best interests at heart. This goes about as well as expected. So much for a first impression. - created on 09:31:15 12/14/2014 by Amy and last modified on 14:10:52 12/14/2014. Cast: Amy and Gertrude.

Thrusting at Fate - The spirit of duty carries Amy Johnson close to cardinal sin, her way forced until - in striving for an end - she finds a new path opening before her. Evil burns at the heart of hope and beauty, and in forgiveness she finds opportunity. The question that remains; will others fight as she does, in the name of what's right? Sometimes, answers are found in the most unexpected places, amongst strange bedfriends... - created on 18:57:30 01/20/2015 by Amy and last modified on 03:20:57 01/24/2015. Cast: Alma, Mimiru, and Amy.

The Morning After - In the wake of revelation, Amy alternately strives to make amends and forge anew the fate she believes she's glimpsed. But this cannot be done alone... over a fried breakfast, can the course be found? Can the circle be made complete? - created on 22:44:09 01/23/2015 by Amy and last modified on 05:21:46 01/24/2015. Cast: Alma and Amy.

Show Me Your Bang - Amy meets Mimiru Kasagi at the point where the throe of nature's wrath laps at the fragile shore of man's dominion. She asks for a display of conviction, of power, and receives exactly that. From this unlikely origin, from an even more unlikely union, the ingredients come together. Light and dark, humility and pride, technique and power... in the balance of all these things may be found the power to change the world. - created on 16:11:21 01/27/2015 by Amy and last modified on 22:48:35 01/27/2015. Cast: Mimiru and Amy.

Damsel in Distress - Amy follows an intercepted distress call through the tundra of Norway, her strange and lonely quest carrying her to an isolated cave wherein lurks perhaps the least likely maiden a knight e'er had cause to liberate... - created on 17:29:35 02/12/2015 by Amy and last modified on 10:48:40 02/13/2015. Cast: Amy, Kiyomi, and Walter.

Crossed Paths - Travelling to the distant Fortress of Klis to acquire a questionable haven for her unlikely team of allies, Knight Officer Amy Johnson is starstruck to find herself in the presence of the Holy Order's poster boy... there for his own, unrelated purpose. A mere coincidence, or the hand of God once more interceding to bring the Templar together with another likeminded soul? Time will tell. - created on 14:43:33 02/13/2015 by Amy and last modified on 20:00:16 02/13/2015. Cast: Amy and Ky Kiske.

Waking the Wyrm - Following a liberation from the (perhaps desirable?) clutches of the kitsune Kiyomi, a few days into their voyage Amy and Walter finally find the time to test one another's abilities. What ensues is an awakening of several kinds, a vigorous and empassioned back-and-forth that ends in the only way it can: no winners, no losers, just a union of warrior spirits that may form the backbone of the world's most unlikely team... - created on 20:05:37 02/13/2015 by Amy and last modified on 23:47:30 02/16/2015. Cast: Amy and Walter.

Monster: Hunters' Meet - Darkness floods the world, spiralling from violent epicenters that call to the best and bravest for expurgation. Crisis after crisis must be averted, and no matter the pedigree - no matter the skill - those that repel evil cannot do it alone. Southtown's deadly Mist Stalker, devourer of souls, must be faced... perhaps where East meets West, in the union of knight-errant and guardian miko, the weapon shall be forged. - created on 16:21:16 02/21/2015 by Amy and last modified on 09:08:47 02/22/2015. Cast: Ayame and Amy.

Fear in the Heart of Avalon - With the ranks of her unlikely band swelling, Amy conspires to draw Gertrude Verhangnis into her net once more. In so doing, she issues an invitation to the demon within the German woman. Negotiations swiftly break down, and the Templar is introduced to another powerful and deadly foe - this one may even have her number, above and beyond the physical realm... has the lady knight met her match? - created on 13:30:51 02/27/2015 by Amy and last modified on 02:05:26 02/28/2015. Cast: Amy and Gertrude.

Doctor Doctor, Please - Oh, the mess I'm in! She walked up to me and stole my robo-clone's heart, and then he started to take my body apart. Livin', lovin', I'm on the run, far away from Tak. Livin', lovin', I'm on the run, now she'll bring me back. - created on 15:57:31 03/04/2015 by Amy and last modified on 14:21:31 03/05/2015. Cast: Tran and Amy.

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