A Misunderstood Medic - A injured Alba is travelling his way through the ruined streets of Southtown, making his way to the Dragon's Den. Unfortunately, he gets interrupted by another /ferocious/ Darkstalker, Lyraelle. And she seems hell-bent on... Healing.. his Injuries? - created on 08:34:35 04/07/2020 by Alba and last modified on 06:44:32 04/09/2020. Cast: Alba and Lyraelle.

A Study in Coincidence - Over the sound of bleeping arcade cabinets and street fighter knock-offs, Alba and Tairyu talk about their experiences- and the similarities across them. - created on 13:52:27 06/11/2020 by Alba and last modified on 09:11:38 06/13/2020. Cast: Alba and Tairyu.

False Foes - Yakuza-Leader of the Aizawa-Gumi Katashi Tairyu invites gang-leader Alba Meira to lunch, and leads with a most interesting proposition. - created on 08:51:47 07/27/2021 by Alba and last modified on 14:13:30 07/28/2021. Cast: Alba and Tairyu.

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