Who's This Kid?! I'm Doin' Business Here!! - Carmine Kolodzik answers what seems to be a routine call, but it turns out a mysterious (and breathtakingly handsome) man has straight up killed a bunch of Mad Gears in their own drug warehouse. Who is he? Who does he work for? Does he have any manners at all? Only the last of these questions are answered (no). - created on 00:58:35 10/30/2014 by Alan and last modified on 04:16:34 10/30/2014. Cast: Alan and Carmine.

I Gotta Get My Fortune Told?! Screw You!! - Rose, fortune teller to the stars, has set up shop in Southtown. More curiously, she is moving her shop from day to day, appearing in random locations and charging nothing for her work. This has piqued the interest of the Illuminati's Paranormal Acquisitions and Manipulation division of the shadowy Illuminati, and have contacted their most subtle agent to investigate. Unfortunately, as he turned out to have been dead for weeks without anyone noticing, they are forced under protest to turn to Alan R.B.. - created on 01:42:02 11/08/2014 by Alan and last modified on 05:30:48 11/08/2014. Cast: Alan and Rose.

A Sacrifice Bunt!! I Have To Wear It?! - I-No: A mysterious woman with great power and a remarkable ability to move untrackably. Only the Illuminati, with their gaze fixed on all the stars in the sky, can see her passage as a mote of darkness via the lights she obscures. Having tracked her down to the legendary AirBnB location LUXURY MODERN SUPER BOWL PARTY HOUSE,POOL,hot tub, they send one of the few agents they have capable of surviving an encounter with someone of her threat level on a fact-finding mission - as a bonus, they get to watch him get punted around an entire LMSBPH,P,ht, and he deserves it on a cosmic level. - created on 20:26:39 10/10/2018 by Alan and last modified on 14:43:00 10/11/2018. Cast: Alan and I-No.

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