The Endless Fist - He saw something in that boy. Something worth blood and battle. But will Rock Howard rise to the challenge, or will he be cast into the endless darkness of Hell? - created on 01:06:20 12/02/2014 by Akuma and last modified on 06:40:49 07/21/2016. Cast: Rock and Akuma.

Monster Hunter - Akuma, still on the hunt for information about who created the Gears, runs into a vampire from another world. - created on 14:53:55 09/29/2018 by Akuma and last modified on 14:26:18 10/13/2018. Cast: Akuma and Naoto.

The Village At the End of the World - Compelled by the whispers of his patron, the punk icon Crock goes hunting for the Raging Demon and has the misfortune of finding him. - created on 12:08:40 03/23/2022 by Akuma and last modified on 21:03:31 03/24/2022. Cast: Akuma and Crock.

The Shuddering Heavens - Akuma summons a Titan from the Boundary as the venom of Orochi pumps through his spirit. Will the Demon be swept aside by the Mountain of Might, or will these two powerful forces find common ground in the heat of battle? - created on 21:10:54 04/06/2022 by Akuma and last modified on 11:39:20 04/19/2022. Cast: Akuma and Kongou.

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