Brittle Red Chiding Wood. - The Full Moon Society comes in contact with one of the Hunters standing vigil and watching for any signs of aggression whilst all attention is turned to the west, the Metro City incident. The world is watching as Darkstalkers invade in a calamitous seeming fashion, the Guild instead divides its attention between other potential hotspots and preventing any additional problems. - created on 18:42:35 04/21/2015 by Akame and last modified on 03:56:40 04/24/2015. Cast: Nightwolf and Akame.

Those who cry Wolf - We cannot abide them. The human world is what it is - however impure and flawed; men who are become monsters, who've allow themselves to become true beasts, have no place left in it. Return to their shadows and hide in their castles and forests! Emerging only to go bump in the night and frighten children. However they try to take back their glory days; those are past! this is a human world now and we no longer their chattel and prey! Choose to help us protect your brothers and sisters, use your losses to harden your hearts. The field is finally ours, now we hunt them in return. [The Book of ALDEGUND, author unknown.] - created on 03:40:04 07/14/2016 by Akame and last modified on 20:37:37 07/14/2016. Cast: Azumi and Akame.

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