Q&A With CJ - It took some time, but it seems Abel has been ruffling enough feathers that his questioning throughout Thailand has at least caught the attention of one man. Cracker Jack found out someone was looking for him and is more than happy to be found. In the end though it seems neither man truely gets what they wanted. - created on 19:55:58 11/18/2016 by Abel and last modified on 22:30:46 11/18/2016. Cast: Cracker Jack and Abel.

One Night in Bangkok - With the trail growing cold Abel looks to leave Thailand, but lack of money has kept him in Bangkok a bit longer than anticipated. A short term job as a bouncer at a club leads to his first meeting with a Darkstalker and with it perhaps someone he can look at getting information from in the future. - created on 17:43:59 12/04/2016 by Abel and last modified on 21:40:22 12/04/2016. Cast: Abel and Felicia.

She Came from a Land Down Under - A few days past the defeat in the King of Fighter's qualifier Abel finds himself still in Sydney earning some money to travel elsewhere. That is where he runs into the fresh faced and exciteable Hayley who has her own aspirations of becoming a great fight and wishes to test her skill against the grappling Frenchman. - created on 11:05:41 08/16/2017 by Abel and last modified on 15:55:19 08/16/2017. Cast: Abel and Hayley.

Interior Decorating - Abel had been quiet since the first round exit of the King of Fighter's tournament. He left the land of the Aussies after the encounter of Hayley and before he knew he had become a wanted man in the country. For now he was quiet and biding his time while waiting for new information on Shadaloo to emerge. In this case a small lead fell into his hands. A mercenary named Leon apparently had some information. Now being able to get the information......that was an entirely different story. - created on 19:19:16 10/16/2017 by Abel and last modified on 22:05:17 10/16/2017. Cast: Abel and Leon.

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