(last updated: 07/13/21)

Some characters have an inner wellspring of energy they can tap beyond their normal reserves. Characters like Batsu and Dan are excellent examples of people who would get VIGOR, as they can simply keep going longer than normal.

It's suitable for people whose Reserve is too low for their attack costs. Since Reserve is based mostly on defense and attack costs mostly on offense, it is possible to have an imbalance. VIGOR helps offset this at the cost of an ability slot.

VIGOR increases the reserve gained for using normals. This can be useful for Extended normals sets or Imbued normals sets, which normally provide less reserve per normal or no reserve at all. Finally, VIGOR lowers the percentage of reserve one can get to before hitting Fatigue.

VIGOR will, simply put, make your attacks cheaper. Each attack costs a certain amount based on your offense stats, and your "Reserve Pool" is based on your defensive stats. C Rank and B rank will increase your Reserve Pool size, so that the percentage of reserve consumed by each special attack will be reduced. (Note: VIGOR -only- changes attack costs, it does not change the cost of passives or active ability uses.)

VIGOR is a character trait; if you have the STYLE ability, it must exist in both Styles.

Ability Summary

  In TOP: Threshold for hitting Fatigue is reduced even lower.

  D Rank: Increased reserve from normals. Normals used with Smash or Rush
          will never cost Reserve (unless using D/C rank Imbued normals)

  C Rank: Moderate reserve pool increase (Attacks cost less/return more).

  B Rank: Full reserve pool increase (Attacks cost less/return more).

  A Rank: Each consecutive normal done returns a stacking +[4]% more Reserve.

  S Rank: Receive [50]% refund on attacks that fail to connect,
          [25]% refund on attacks blocked, poked, or proj-interrupted.

SIG ABIL: The +innervate free action trades [1.0]x reserve for [1.2]x super.

TOP Mechanic

When in TOP, the threshold for hitting Fatigue is reduced even lower.

Ability Ranks

Rank D is where the fighter is better at pacing themselves, able to catch their breath while mixing in some normals between their more vigorous attacks.

Rank C is where the fighter has improved stamina, which means in addition to being better at pacing things, they can also last longer going all out than fighters without this ability. An attack that costs 15% without Rank C VIGOR might cost 14% with it; this may vary from one character to the next.

Rank B is where the fighter is fully comfortable with their attacks, able to hit as hard as they like without the additional effort. VIGOR provides its full reserve cost benefit at this rank. An attack that costs 15% without Rank C VIGOR might cost 13% with Rank B; this may vary from one character to the next.

Rank A (Renew) is all about a fighter able to "pace" the rhythm of a fight by throwing out multiple Normals in a row. The more you maintain this more reserved pacing, the faster you get your breath back. Great for digging yourself out of bad situations on terms of Reserve.

Rank S (Efficient) represents characters who are careful with their resources. They can detect a moment of inefficiency and correct for it almost instantly, resulting in them recovering from a possible error before it becomes too late. Maybe they are cautious with their techniques, or perhaps they have mastered control over their body to a degree that course corrections happen on reflex without need of conscious thought. When attacks fail to connect cleanly (i.e. dodged, countered, or reflected), [50]% of the Reserve spent on the attack will be refunded. When attacks are blocked, poked, or projectile interrupted, [25]% of the Reserve spent will be refunded.

Signature Ability -- INNERVATE

Fighters with VIGOR are already known for being being capable of fighting longer at full speed than those without. But some fighters transcend this mastery over their fighting reserves to be able to manage resources at a truly phenomenal level. These fighters can control the ebb and flow of their resources in such a way that they can shift their emphasize to what the fight needs most that instant. If they need to pace themselves and go for the long haul, they can continue to rely on the mechanics VIGOR already affords them. But if they need to go all out with bigger, more expensive attacks, they can, at great cost to their resources, experience a surge of adrenaline necessary to pull it off!

   - Access to the +innervate free action.

   - +innervate allows you to specify how much reserve you would like to
     convert into super, at a rate of [1.0] reserve per [1.2] super.

   - There is no limit to the number of times you can use +innervate.