(last updated: 05/02/21)

Secrets from all governments of the world lay bare to the pervasive influence of the Illuminati. The Illuminati has established shell corporations and false fronts to be their public eyes and ears -- and they have also established a division absent from any world map or external oversight.

Some of the brightest scientists on earth comprise the Illuminati's top-secret Archangel Division. From their headquarters, suspected by some to lie among the peaks of the Altai Mountains, the hidden organization carries out research to artificially advance the human genome to fantastical heights. The Archangel Division develops its proven research -- talents as levitation and nearly-instantaneous regeneration -- for the benefit of the Illuminati's core leadership.

The division's goals and power structure are kept opaque from its personnel. Some rumors speak of techniques such as teleportation, mass mind control, and the genesis of life itself. Others speak of an individual walking the halls with iron armor and a pair of angelic wings.

In order to conduct their forbidden research, however, the Archangel Division needs test subjects of the highest caliber. In the past, kidnapping may have sufficed. But for the boldest new innovations, it may be possible to attract a better class of talent. Such are the reasons for announcing a new underground tournament: the Battle Arena Toshinden.