(last updated: 08/15/21)

When your super meter is 100% full, your character is in TOP mode, and is granted certain bonuses, depending on which abilities your character has. You will stay in TOP for 1 round after you drop down from 100% super. Some traits will let you get into TOP without being at 100% super, and the Signature Ability for RESOLVE also has a mechanic for getting into the TOP state.

The bonuses listed below apply as long as 100% super is maintained and for [1] round after you no longer have 100% super. Alternatively, TOP can be accessed via GROOVE from RESOLVE and ECLIPSE from PRESENCE. These bonuses do stack on top of other bonuses.

While in TOP, you gain +[6]% chance to hit, including interrupts, and +[6]% chance to dodge, block, and endure.

Analysis - 100% chance to detect CSYS actions.

Brace - Reserve cost of +brace is reduced to [0]%.

Burst - Reserve cost of +burst is reduced from [25]% to [20]%. +es and +shield each cost [0]% reserve. +infuse costs [6]% reserve.

Charging - +charge gains [16]% reserve instead of [8]%. Interrupt bonus becomes [16]% instead of [8]%. If super is at 100%, [4]% health instead of [25]% super.

Charisma - Gain [1]% bonus to dodge/block/endure for every [20]% super possessed by attacker.

Control -- +control provides a [2] Super discount.

Counter - Damage from failed Counter attempts is reduced by [1] PL.

Enhanced Moves - All attacks will cost [3]% less reserve.

Evade - Use of the +evade command does not cost any reserve at all.

Imbued - Improved reserve recovery or reduced costs from using imbued normals.

JD - Increased chance to trigger JD.

Manipulate - Correct predictions award [8]% reserve instead of [10]% Super.

Parry - Increased chance to Parry when dodging.

Presence - Allowed to use [2] DM charges in a single round.

Reflect - Damage from failed Reflect attempts is reduced by [1] PL.

Resolve - +resolve costs [20]% super instead of [30]%. +ex costs [0] super instead of [5]%.

Restore - Restore ticks grant +[1]% more health and cost no super.

Rush - The +rush active costs no reserve. RUSHED normals return standard reserve.

Second Wind - Higher chance to trigger SECOND_WIND

Smash - +smash costs no reserve. SMASHED normals return standard reserve.

Style - Style switches in TOP do not count as an Active Ability use.

Toughness - Higher chance to trigger a Tough Out when enduring.

Vigor - Threshold for hitting Fatigue is reduced even lower.