(last updated: 10/08/16)

Formerly referred to as the Tekken Corporation, the weathered Mishima Zaibatsu has in many ways set the stage for commercial fighting at its core. Founded by Jinpachi Mishima, the corporation's King of Iron Fist tournaments have been almost as big a draw in professional fighting as World Warrior was for the rest of the world. However, the corporation's history has been tumultuous, changing hands in violent coup d'etat several times over the course of the company's lifespan.

Over time, the group began to eclipse other compants until it was renamed the Mishima Zaibatsu shortly after Heihachi Mishima, the leader with the longest reign over the company, assumed control. It became very ruthless at this point, and would go further downward over time. The company's history was brought to a crescendo shortly after the second King of Iron Fist tournament, where it was discovered that the then-owner, the evil Kazuya Mishima, bore an affliction called the Devil's Gene in his body's cellular structure. In the midst of an internal struggle between his darkness and the light brought on by the woman he cared for, Kazuya was thrown into a volcano by his father, Heihachi.

It has been many years since that day. Since then, the Mishima Zaibatsu has been on and off the news, under the control of Heihachi once again. The Zaibatsu does nothing in half measures, vacillating between the ruthless all-consuming nature of its early history and the stranger, bizarre antics of its peaceful present. The dark reign of Kazuya Mishima would seem to be nothing but a distant memory. But great change looms on the horizon for the company once more. Who ever would have suspected the devil of having a son?