(last updated: 04/09/23)

There are various coded systems at MotM that may be new or unfamiliar to you. This section provides documentation on many of the unique systems available at MotM. As always, you can follow up with any questions with staff!

Advancement - Characters get stronger over time.

Autologger  - Create and edit logs of your scenes for publication on the MotM website.

Background  - Long-form background data on your character can also be provided for others to read.

Bio         - You can store biographical statistics on your character.

Channels    - Public and private channels can be created to aid in communication.

Colors      - ANSI colors can be adjusted to make things easier to read.

EX OCs      - Each player can have one character that starts at a higher ratio.

LsEdit      - The LsEdit text editor is used in backgrounds, @mail, bulletin boards, and more.

Maps        - Maps to find your way about the game world.

Messages    - Some COMBATSYS messages can be customized.

Minions     - Badass villains are bound to have hordes of faceless minions at their beck and call.

Outfitter   - Create multiple descriptions for your character.

Profiles    - Access IC and OOC information about a character here.

POT         - The POT (Pose Order Tracker) can help keep track of longer scenes.

Save States - If you can't finish your fight in one session, it can be saved for later.

Stages      - Temporary rooms can be created to meet any combat needs.

Temping FCs - Need another character to help you with a scene?  Get someone to temp it!