Street Fighter

(last updated: 10/08/16)

The "World Warrior" tournament is one of the most well known tournaments on the face of the earth. Though comparitively new in the grand scheme of history, World Warrior changed many things the standard person knew about fighting. Most tournaments in the history of fighting were local, secretive affairs. Many of the most famous tournaments before World Warrior were highly privatized and sponsored affairs. That was before Sagat, the then-Emperor of Muay Thai, hosted the multinational World Warrior tournament.

To prove that he, Sagat, was the strongest fighter of all time, he gathered all of the world's strongest to battle amongst eachother across the entire world, to bring the strongest of these people before him and then have the "world's greatest battle." However, when a young fighter named "Ryu" from Japan was able to defeat him, catching him by surprise with a sudden burst of power from a rising uppercut called the Shoryuken. Ripping a scar deep into his chest, the single move crippled both the man and his career.

Brought low in a fantastic battle that is still talked about to this day, the God of Muay Thai disappeared from the public eye shortly after that battle, leaving his disciple to become Emperor in his wake after a short and brutal fight that capitalized on Sagat's loss. Few have heard from the champion of Thailand since that dark day...