(last updated: 01/07/24)

Short: The 'short' command shows your character's stats. (See Stats).  A sample with made-up numbers is shown below.

=============================== Stats for Lucky ============================== Offense Defense Misc Physical: 30 Soak: 33 Reflex: 30 Throw: 30 Roll: 33 Luck: (None) Chi: 30 Aura: 30 Ratio: 2.0 Psi: 00 Will: 27 ==============================================================================

Health: The 'health' command shows your character's Health, Reserve, and Super. (If you have A-Rank Analysis you can use 'health < player >' to see the status of other players as well.)

============================== Health for Lucky ============================== Health: 100% Reserve: 100% Super: 0% DMs: 1 use of 1 remaining. ==============================================================================

Attacks: The 'attacks' command lists your character's attacks. The 'normals' command lists your character's normals, and 'globals' lists globals.

Costs: The 'costs' command lists your character's attacks and their respective Reserve costs. 'costs2' lists the costs for your character's normals, and 'costs3' lists the costs for globals.

Abilities: The 'abilities' command lists your character's Abilities and Ability Ranks, Dramatic Moments, and Traits.

Stats: The 'stats' command includes the information from the 'short', 'health', 'attacks', and 'abilities' commands.

AttackInfo: The 'attackinfo' command shows a list of your attacks, along with comments. Players can set these comments for their own reference by typing '@set me=attacks/<Name of Attack>:<Description Of Attack>'.

If you have the Style or Mindset ability, '/alt' can be added to the above commands (i.e. 'stats/alt') to show status for your alternate Mode.

Meters: The 'meters' command shows a visual representation of the status of fighters in the current room.  Most fighters will see the standard meters:

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Lucky            1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0            Brian

As shown here, Lucky looks like he's about halfway to getting knocked out: he has about half of his "life bar" full -- represented by the yellow slashes. Conversely, Brian is almost at full health: he's got almost all of his "life bar" full and it's in green. Here, you can also see that Lucky has a half-full Super bar -- with about 50% Super, he is able to use his Super attacks. Brian is not quite there yet. The number beside the super meter will either be 0, 1, or 2. And if it's all < or > signs, that shows the fighter is in TOP state.

When Lucky types 'meters' though, he will see this:

[...................\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Lucky            1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0            Brian

Fighters will see their own meters in detailed view, which splits the "life bar" into a top half (Health) and a bottom half (Reserve).  As depicted here, Lucky's got 100% of his Reserve and about 35% of his Health.  Lucky will only be able to see the details on his own half; as far as Brian knows, Lucky has 50% health as depicted in his 'meters' view. (Of course if Lucky needs accurate numbers he can also type 'health'.)  Fighters with the ANALYSIS ability are able to see detailed meters all the time.  To force display in standard meters, you can type 'meters2'.

As a note, players that prefer numbers for their meters, instead of a series of symbols, can toggle a more user-friendly view for their meters by typing 'meters/verbose'.

Check: The 'check' command can be used to show defense chances for all incoming Attacks.

Defense Queue
1) Hadouken - Energy - Projectile (Ryu) [D:30] [B:77] [E:60]
2) Hadouken - Energy - Projectile (Ken) [D:35] [B:80] [E:65]

The letter D represents the odds to dodge successfully. B represents the odds to block successfully, and E represents the odds to endure. In this example, Ryu's fireball may be a bit faster than Ken's.

Note: You can add a "default interrupt" which will show up next to the when you type check. To set this, type '&defaultint me= < name of attack > '.

'check 1' shows the chances for each Special to Interrupt the first incoming attack, 'check 2' the second, and so forth. 'check2 1' shows the Interrupt chances for normal attacks, and 'check3 1' shows the Interrupt chances for global attacks.

Meters/Last: The 'meters/last' command will show you a particular character's meters over the last turn. To use it, type:

  meters/last <character name>

Recap: The 'recap' command -- also available by typing 'review' -- allows you to review the combat events your character was able to detect throughout the fight. The recap log will record all COMBATSYS or CSYS messages broadcast to the room. Characters with the Analysis ability will also be able to see the detected combat events in their recap log. The recap log will begin once you enter the fight, and will be erased once you are knocked out or leave the fight.

- recap     -- will show the log for your last two combat actions.
- recap <n> -- will show the log for your last <n> combat actions.
- recap/all -- will show the entire recap log.

Mode: The 'mode' command shows which mode you're in. When not in combat, 'mode/switch' allows a style or mindset change.