(last updated: 08/23/16)

MotM's combat system is largely governed by a set of statistical values on each character; 'stats' for short, obviously. There are four ones related to dealing damage, four related to defending against damage, and a handful of others with a variety of purposes. Each stat's effects can be read up on in great detail, with a specific file devoted solely to that stat, noted at the end of each entry.

Except for Ratio, Reserve, and Luck, each stat is measured on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being the worst, 100 being the best.

Physical: Affects how powerful you are with normal strikes. Punches, kicks, swinging weapons around, these sort of things fall under Physical. It also, to a lesser extent, measures overall muscle-power. More detail can be found in physical

Throw: Measures how good you are with slams, grapples, throws, and the like. More detail can be found in throw

Chi: Indicates your proficency and talent with manipulating Chi energy. By far, Chi is the most common type of energy used of the two types shown here. Almost all attacks with energy fields or similar effects to them tie into this stat. More detail is in chi

Psi: Shows how much Psycho Power is within you, how well you can use it, and so forth. Everyone has trace amounts of it, but only a few rate well at it; most people's Psi stat is less than 10. More details can be found in psi

Soak: Shows how tough you are against Physical attacks. Where having a high Phys score results in doing more damage with Phys attacks, having a high Soak causes incoming Phys attacks to do less harm to you. More info in soak

Roll: This stat reduces damage against Throw attacks. More info in roll

Aura: Reduces damage from incoming Chi attacks. More details in aura

Will: Lowers the damage dealt to you by Psi attacks. More info in will

Reflex: How fast and agile you are, how quickly you notice something and decide what to do about it. This stat helps you Dodge incoming attacks; the higher it is, the more likely you are to get away from an attack without injury. It also factors into what your Block and Endure chances are, but to a lessor degree than dodge. More details can be found in reflex

Luck: Measures how good your luck will be in any one particular battle. Depending on your luck, things may be easier or more difficult for you than average. This is the only stat that is not an actual number. More info in luck

Reserve: Based on a cross section of your overall stats with an emphasis on defensive stats, this stat affects how many Special and Super attacks you can do in the course of a single fight. Extra details may be seen in reserve

Ratio: This is a gauge of how experienced, talented, and powerful a character is. Unlike the other stats, it runs on a 0 to 8 scale, instead of 0 to 100. Most FCs are Ratio 2 or 3. The major purpose of Ratio is to define your various combat parameters. Specifically, it indicates what the average score for most stats will be. As this is a detailed topic, you should consider reading ratio

For more expanded in-character analysis of these ratios, please read Fighting.