(last updated: 11/03/23)

Detailing a fighter's shift to a serious offensive, SMASH is the ability representing your skill to substantially increase the hitting power of one particular move. Whether this is done with a special technique, an added weapon or even just extra motivation, it all falls under SMASH. Yamazaki, Vega, and Birdie are good examples of characters who would have this ability.

An enhancement ability, SMASH is used immediately prior to your Action. In exchange for [4] to [6]% of your reserve (depending on your character's Ability Rank in SMASH), the +smash active ability will increase your attack's power level by [1.5]. That bonus is wasted if you don't attack with your next action.

The downside to +smash, aside from the reserve cost, is that any attacks will deal [0.6] additional power levels of damage until your next action.

At the earlier ranks of SMASH, using +smash and then attacking with a Normal will prevent you from regaining the Reserve normally associated with Normal attacks.

Like all Active Abilities, you cannot use +smash in the same turn as any other Active Ability such as +rush or +ex.

Ability Summary

  In TOP: +smash costs no reserve. SMASHED normals return standard reserve.

  D Rank: [1] use of +smash. Costs [4]% reserve.
          SMASHED normals do not return reserve.

  C Rank: [2] uses of +smash. Each use costs [4]% reserve.

  B Rank: Unlimited use of +smash. Each use costs [4]% reserve.

  A Rank: +smash can be used to increase damage from an interrupt.

  S Rank: [.6] PL damage boost on non-SMASHED attacks.
          +smash costs [2]% reserve.

SIG ABIL: DAZE effect applied to opponent when a SMASHED attack and one
          other attack connect consecutively with opponent.

TOP Mechanic

A character in TOP can use SMASH without spending reserve. In addition, they can use +smash, then attack with a normal, and gain the full reserve associated with the normal.

Ability Ranks

D Rank represents the character breaking new ground on how to apply their fundamental attributes (offense stats) in a more damaging way when striking. A one-time surge of extra power allows them to deal extra damage in a critical moment.

C Rank is the next step in improving in this situational burst in damage potential, now the fighter can manage this feat twice a fight.

B Rank, the adept level of SMASH, represents a fighter is used to the ebb and flow of their resources. Increasing damage is a regular part of their fights.

A Rank fighters have been Smashing attacks for so long they can manage to do so even while interrupting.

S Rank (Crunch) represents a flat-out damage increase across the board for this fighter. Their core offense stats are augmented by their exceptional focus and talent. This lets every attack do more damage than those of a non-SMASH fighter with identical stats. While not as strong as using the Active for direct attacks, the other advantage of this rank is that now your interrupts are augmented by [0.6] PLs of damage, as well! This bonus also stacks with all other mechanics, which makes it very powerful indeed.

Signature Ability -- DAZE

Some fighters are capable of more than simply dishing out big damage with their attacks. Their relentless strikes pack such a punch that they can completely daze their opponents, throwing their foes into a brief confused state from which their actions will be somewhat limited and their awareness of what is going on around them completely thrown off.

   - If you connect with [2] attacks in a row, and at least one of
     those attacks was SMASHED, you will DAZE your opponent for one of their

   - When a fighter is DAZED, they will not know how much damage was done to
     them by the attack that dazed them, their +check info will be mostly
     blank, their view of +meters will be reduced to the non-ANALYSIS
     version, and they will be unable to use any passive besides +pass.

   - While DAZED, fighters will be unable to use any DMs, active abilities,
     or active commands such as Signature Ability mechanics or +vary.

   - Individuals can only be dazed up to [2] times per fight.