"RP Simplified" is a philosophy that MotM has carried with it since its inception, and it's a great guideline for roleplayers both new and old. What this means is basically that you have almost complete carte blanche to ignore minor, random details that would otherwise prevent you from roleplaying with the people you want to roleplay with. "RP Simplified" basically means that two willing people who want to RP should be able to do so with a minimum of intervening factors. The guidelines are set up in several ways to achieve this.

The first guideline is the simplest: Travel times and fares on MotM are largely glossed over. What that means is that a 13 year old can be in France one hour having tea with a playmate and in Japan the next hour for his big fight in Howard Arena.

The second guideline is that characters should never have trouble communicating with eachother. No matter what country you're in, the default language is always at least marginally spoken. While this was specified to be 'English' in prior iterations of MotM, underneath the new policy, Russians still speak Russian, and Japanese still speak Japanese. It's just simply that unless it supports your RP in some way, characters should have little trouble speaking the local lingo, and that language barriers should and will only come up when it is specifically needed for a scene idea. What this means is that while your character might be having trouble talking to local NPCs to find out where the parlor is, it shouldn't be considered unusual at all if another PC then comes up and is able to hold an otherwise meaningful discussion with you.

The third guideline is that characters should never feel the need to not RP due to having some injury or debilitation that makes it difficult to act or fight. While many players enjoy having and RPing battle damage, it's less fun to spend all of your time in traction. Most characters can be considered to "more or less" recover from what would have normally been considered grievous or crippling damage in the real world in a matter of hours. This doesn't mean that lasting damage is to be ignored, but nobody's forcing anyone to enter a fight with less than 100% health for having a fight the day before, either.

The idiosyncrasy of the world is not something that has any definite IC reasoning, nor is it a hard and fast rule forbidding certain types of RP. Players are merely instructed to use difficult situations to their advantage, but to completely disregard them if they are otherwise inconvenient for the storyline. It's not worth missing out on a good fight because your character has some big scene scheduled in another city on the following day, and can't afford to go in with bones broken.