Saturday Night Slam Masters

(last updated: 10/08/16)

Also known as the alma mater of Mike Haggar, Saturday Night Slam Masters is one of the main events held by the Capcom Wrestling Association, a superorganization of 8 smaller wrestling federations. As a superorganization, the CWA was able to quell much of the interfactional infighting that occurred during wrestling's peak, and is a highly technically respected institution amongst other professional fighters. Saturday Night Slam Masters has been copied many times by many other professional fighting groups, Saturday Night Fight being the most successful of these, and the event is also referred to interchangeably as Muscle Bomber, its original name and also its popular name in Japanese territories.

The champion of the CWA, Victor Ortega, was considered by many to be one of the greatest wrestlers who has ever lived, but he became tired of having no one of sufficient wrestling power to challenge him, and disappeared shortly after winning the championship. The association, reeling from the loss of its major headliner, has held many smaller events to determine regional championships, but bureaucracy has tied up much of its decision-making process, and a new world champion has not yet been determined.

In the meantime, a new dark professional wrestling organization has risen, the Blood Wrestling Association, or BWA. Its leader, the Astro, seems to have designs on taking over the CWA, for purposes not yet known. Without a champion to defend the organization, the CWA's struggle against its dark counterpart will only get more intense over time.