Rival Schools

(last updated: 10/08/16)

While it is inevitable that many of the high schools across the world would be home to various young men and women interested in fighting, there are several high schools and universities in Southtown and Japan proper that have been well known for their particularly tough student bodies. The six schools--Gorin, Gedo, Taiyo, Seijyun, Pacific and Justice, do not always see eye to eye politically. Because of this and their students' high sense of school pride, clashes between the schools, friendly or otherwise, are commonplace but rarely seriously injure anyone.

However, a lot of that changed once a new student came to Justice High. One of the strongest students ever to be enrolled at even an academy billed as being exclusive to the 'super elite,' the icy Hyo Imawano changed much of the student body with his arrival. As President of the Student Council in Justice High, Hyo has begun to use his power and influence to control the school directly, and turn it to his vision of morality and justice. With the apparent consent of even the Principal, this has led the school down a dark path, and many have begun to whisper that it is only a matter of time before Hyo turns his attention from Justice High to the world.

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